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Mario! That ghost guy...I just know I have seen that guy before...but the ghost I saw had a blue tongue.
Luigi, Super Mario Bros. 2010.

ルイージ Ruīji
MPSS Luigi.png
Luigi, the Eternal Understudy.
BIRTHDAY 10.3.1983
ZODIAC ♏ Scorpio
HEIGHT 165 cm
WEIGHT 55 kg lbs
BIRTHPLACE Brooklyn, New York
Mushroom Kingdom
Boo Woods
Mario (older twin brother)
Luise (cousin)
Maria (cousin)
Wario (friend)
Waluigi (rival)
Waria (cousin)
Walice (cousin)
Raphael (lost brother)
Ma (Mother) Naluigi (lost brother)
Luigi Rhodes (Luigi's cousin's brother-in-law)
King Boo (archenemy)
CLASS Plumber
WEAPONS Green Fireball
Poltergust 3000
Poltergust 5000 poltergustgoo
Charles Martinet (current; Mario Kart 64 (only in international version)-present) (games)
Julien Bardakoff (previous; Mario Kart 64 (only Japanese version)-Mario Kart: Super Circuit) (games)
Yu Mizushima (games, anime and tv commercials)
Marc Graue (games; Hotel Mario)
David Spade (The legend of Mushroom Kingdom
Danny Wells (other media)
Tony Rosato a.k.a. The Voice of Mama Luigi (cartoons)

Luigi is Mario's younger, taller, and thinner brother. He is the deuteragonist of the Mario series. Luigi has helped and fought alongside his brother on many occasions. Throughout his life, he has lived in Mario's shadow, developing both cowardly and heroic tendencies. Mario Bros. marks his first appearance in the Mario series and his debut in general. Originally a palette swap of Mario, Luigi was created to facilitate a second player option. Since the two-player mode was dropped from most main Super Mario games beginning with Super Mario Land, Luigi has gained his own identity and personality. This is especially noticeable in installments for the Luigi's Mansion series of games, as well as the Mario & Luigi series.


Compared to Mario, Luigi is slimmer and taller. His face is noticeably thinner, his eyes are slightly more bluish, and his hair is the same style as Mario's, but more of an auburn or dark maroon. Luigi's mustache is dark brown, sometimes black, and smooth, unlike Mario's ragged mustache.

Luigi also wears clothes similar to Mario, but his shirt and hat are green instead of red. Layered over the shirt is blue overalls, which are a darker blue than Mario's. He also has brown work shoes, again darker than Mario's, with tan bottoms that reach above his ankles. Artwork however sometimes shows Luigi with the same color of blue overalls and brown shoes as Mario. In Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's shoes have Velcro on them, which is not present in any other game. Luigi's Cap is similar to Mario's Cap, being green instead of red and having an "L" replace Mario's signature "M"; the "L" was in italic from Mario Kart 64 to Luigi's Mansion for a few years. Artwork for the Mario & Luigi series has consistently depicted Luigi as wearing red and white striped socks; this trait is not present in any other game.


Luigi is portrayed as timid and a bit of a coward. However, he overcomes his fears and acts like a hero when necessary, such as when someone he knows is in danger. On the New Super Mario Bros. Wii website, it describes Luigi as "Mario's fearless brother". In keeping with his personality-based Power Flower, a sign in Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64 DS describes Luigi as "wispy."

In the manual for the Mario Party, it is stated that Luigi likes skeleton key

Arguably, Luigi's most apparent trait is his seeming cowardice. Though he showed several instances of cowardice in early non-game media such as The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, his cowardly nature was not shown in-game until Luigi's Mansion (aside from a few hints in Paper Mario) and has carried over to almost all of Luigi's subsequent appearances. Although Luigi's phasmophobia is his most overbearing fear, he usually reconsiders at the mere thought of any monsters or trials, especially in the Mario & Luigi series. However, Luigi can be quite brave and has saved the Mushroom Kingdom alongside his brother multiple times. Super Paper Mario especially glimpses into Luigi's more courageous side, showing him boldly rushing into dangerous situations and rarely even implicating his cowardice. Also, the ending for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon also hinted that he got over his phasmophobia, or at the very least takes exception to Polterpups and makes friends with the ghosts of Evershade Valley.

Another strong element of Luigi's personality is his apparent complex of being overlooked. He is very optimistic like his brother, but a bit most goofy, silly and clumsy than Mario. Although his Superstar status has earned him many fans, including an entire fan club led by Toadia and multiple supporting Toads (one of which claims to be his biggest fan in Super Mario 64 DS), even Bowser and the Koopa Troop have occasional trouble with remembering his name (as seen in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga), and he appears to be almost unknown in the Beanbean Kingdom. Although Luigi's biggest reactions to his frequent overlooking in the Mario & Luigi series are a few "…"s and face-faults, his inattention was played up for comic relief in Paper Mario, with the snarky man in green complaining about being left behind and perpetually training for that elusive next adventure. Luigi's bio in Mario Party 5 states that he has been gaining popularity in recent years.


Super Mario series

Super Mario Legends: Saga of Evil

Luigi's artwork for the game.

Luigi is confirmed to be a starter playable character in Super Mario Legends: Saga of Evil. He will go with Mario to Peach's castle at the beginning of the game.

Super Mario Destiny

In Super Mario Destiny, Luigi gets transported into the future along with Mario and Peach. At first, he is reluctant of joining Mario in his quest of finding the Rainbow Spheres, but saves Mario when he is captured by Hammer Bros., and helps him after that. He has a higher jump and speed but is harder to control.

Super Mario Bros. V

Luigi appears in Super Mario Bros. V as the 3rd main protagonist. Bowser is more important in the story than him this time around.

Super Mario Bros.: Plumbers Unite

Before the beginning of the Wii U and 3DS title, Luigi finally sees Mario return home after his actions in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and the two decide to take it easy for a while, especially with no Bowser to worry about. However, one day while the brothers are relaxing, they are suddenly arrested, under the allegation that they were not there to stop the Wario Bros. (who had also been framed) from robbing the royal treasury. After a few days in jail alongside their rivals, Luigi and the others are tasked with recovering the stolen treasure. While Wario and Waluigi set off in their directions, Luigi chooses to follow his brother towards Toad Town, where they find that it had been ransacked. He and Mario would soon notice Mecha-Mario and Mecha-Wario entering the woods with sacks full of money, before being spotted and almost captured again. However, the two decide to run off, giving chase to the döppelgangers. During the chase, not only does Luigi lose sight of the robots, but Mario as well. As such, he ends up lost in Grassland Getaway and is cornered by some Venus Fire Traps in an underground cavern, and only with the help of Mario does he manage to escape. Together, they track down the Wario Bros. and in addition to overcoming their differences, ultimately reclaim the treasure and defeat Bowser once more. Thanks to their heroic deeds, both Luigi and Mario have the allegations wiped clean from their criminal records. In terms of stats, Luigi has the highest jump of the four characters, and his running speed is second only to Waluigi's. However, he is also the weakest in terms of both power and defense.

Super Mario 64 1/2

At the beginning of the game, Luigi is seen relaxing with Mario in their house when the Mailtoad arrives on their doorstep and delivers a letter inviting the brothers to Peach's Castle. After arriving at the palace, Luigi notices a Power Star lying off to the side of the doorstep and doesn't hesitate to grab it. Heading inside, Luigi expresses his usual cowardice as the two brothers make their way through the dark halls and to the dining room, where they would be surprised by Peach and several guests, who had all thrown a party to celebrate the brothers' 40th birthday. Digging into the cake, Luigi notices that it was spiked with a large amount of cayenne-pepper and (as does Mario) falls unconscious. A while later, it is revealed that Luigi had made his way to Sarasaland and had entered a painting of a haunted graveyard that was located in Daisy's castle in an attempt to prove his courage. He is then rescued by Mario, and the two finish their quest. Luigi is not playable during the final level but can be used thereafter the game is beaten. Luigi jumps higher than Mario can but runs more slowly. He also has access to a large number of power-ups; some of which are exclusive to him.

Super Mario Moose

Luigi appears in Super Mario Moose as a playable character, in which he once again helps his brother rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

Super Mario Moose Deluxe

Luigi once again appears in the deluxe version of Super Mario Moose. Like in the previous game, Luigi is a playable character.

Super Mario Quartz

Luigi appears as a playable character in the postgame of Super Mario Quartz, becoming available after the player revives Cappy in the Space Kingdom. He doesn't offer much to the gameplay, other than having higher, longer jumps but poor traction.

Super Mario's Split Kingdoms

Luigi is an unlockable playable character. He is unlocked after being released from Peach's Castle. He is unlocked alongside Peach. He will slightly break his fall in the air, if the jump button is held, by slightly hovering.

Paper Mario series

Paper Mario Instrumental

Luigi is kidnapped by Bowser in the prologue. He escapes Bowser's Airship and lands in Cocoa Jungle. He becomes playable in chapter 5. His moves can be switched around with the use of badges. He has the same default moves as Mario.

Super Paper Bros.

Rawk Hawk, Listen up, you can never do that again!
Luigi, Super Paper Bros.

During the events of Super Paper Bros. Luigi's love, Princess Daisy is captured and imprisoned. He recruited a young Goomba named Gaz to help him. The two traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom to contact Mario. Luigi has had his share of fights in Super Paper Bros. In the end Daisy and Luigi and reunited.

Paper Bleck

Luigi is also an optional playable character in Paper Bleck. He can just join after Chapter 7 and he can join in Pianta Beach.

Super Mario Moose

Luigi appears in Super Mario Moose as a playable character, in which he once again helps his brother rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

Super Mario Moose Deluxe

Luigi once again appears in the deluxe version of Super Mario Moose. Like in the previous game, Luigi is a playable character.

Mario & Luigi series

Mario & Luigi: Yoshi's Story

Luigi is one of the four main protagonists. He is also an optional boss in Chapter 7, depending on which team the player chose.

Luigi Stats (M&L:YS)
Luigi MLYS.png
HP 1970
POW 81
DEF 62
Speed 111
LVL 36
Fire? normal
Burn? normal
Dizzy? normal
Stat Down? normal
Sudden KO? immune
EXP 1000
Coins 500
Drops 1-Up Super x 3, TNT Drumstick x 1
Location Glory Pit

Mario & Luigi: All-Stars

Luigi appears as one of the main protagonists. He is controlled by the B button. He is Mario's cowardly brother that follows him around on his adventures. He and Mario team up with Wario and Waluigi to stop Chancellor Hedron and the Ztars. When it comes to his base stats, he excels in Speed, though it is suggested that he also has a minor advantage in Stache above the group.

Mario Sports titles

Mario Rugby League

Luigi is the captain of the Luigi Sidekicks team on the Wii multiplayer sports game Mario Rugby League. His team is very balanced in skills and he can shoot thunder for long-distance tackling.

Super Mario Rocket Baseball

Luigi appears in Super Mario Rocket Baseball. He is a captain and a starter character.

Luigi's Mansion series

Luigi's Mansion: Lost in The Dark

Luigi is the main protagonist of the Wii game Luigi's Mansion: Lost in The Dark. In the game, King Boo has created a new mansion. His minions have captured Mario (again), and Luigi must save him (again). Not much else is known about the game at the moment.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. World Tour

He makes a fighting appearance. He has a special power for a death challenge.

String Puppet Arising

Main article: Luigi (SSB8)
Luigi once again appears in the eight SSB installment, Super Smash Bros. Endgame. He retains some of his Kombat moves and skills, but he changes most of his special moves and his Final Smash. His Final Smash consist of him sleeping on Pi'illo and a Dream Portal appears and starts sucking in the opponents. After sucking them in, some Luiginoids and the Zeekeeper appear on the screen and do the Zee Egg special move, with the energy blast blowing away the players from the portal and the stage. Luigi then wakes up and starts fighting normally.

Super Smash Bros. Calamity

Main article: Luigi (Calamity)

Luigi makes a reappearance in Super Smash Bros. Calamity as a starter playable character. His design is changed to be more like his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 and his move set has been changed for the most part, with his neutral special is the Thunderhand ability from. He also has an alt based on his appearance in NES Open Tournament Golf.

Jake's Super Smash Bros.

Luigi makes an appearance in Jake's Super Smash Bros. as a default playable character. Compared to his appearance in previous Super Smash Bros. titles, Luigi's move set has been entirely reworked to be primarily based around his starring roles in the Luigi's Mansion and Mario & Luigi series and as such can no longer be compared to his older brother. Luigi's moveset includes the Thunderhand and Hammer Slam attacks from the Mario & Luigi series as his neutral and down special moves respectively, as well as using the Poltergust 5000 like how Professor E. Gadd used the Poltergust 3001 in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for his side special move.

Trophy Descriptions
Luigi 2 - RabbidsKingdomBattle.png
Throughout the Mushroom Kingdom no name is more forgotten than Luigi's. When you live in the shadow of the man who has saved the princess multiple times, it's no wonder Luigi will be remembered as Number 2. Granted, Luigi has gone on a number of his own adventures, and has made a title for himself as the Mushroom Kingdom's top vacuum-er of ghosts... even if he may be terrified of them. With the Poltergust devices developed by Professor E. Gadd, he's managed to seal away hundreds of ghosts into portraits, and become King Boo's greatest enemy.

Luigi (alt.)
Though the Mario Brothers are most-known to use Fireballs to defeat Bowser's minions, in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Luigi gains a new signature technique: to create lightning in his hands. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga also gave Luigi a giant mallet to use in battle, which has become a staple for both him and his brother for their RPG outings. Both of these techniques serve to differentiate the Player 2 from his Player 1, even though Luigi's jumping prowess already sets them apart a fair bit.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters

Luigi is a returning veteran in SSBUF. He confirmed to appear on May 29, 2018, alongside the rest of the original 4 Unlockables.

Type Name Type Name
Universe Super Mario Full Name Luigi Mario
Home Stage Luigi's Mansion Main Track Luigi's Mansion Theme
Alt. Track Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Theme Neutral Special Fireball
Side Special Green Missile UP Special Super Jump Punch
Down Special Itchy Feet Final Smash Portergust 5000
On-Screen Appearance Warp Pipe Boxing Ring Name The Eternal Understudy
Number of Palettes 16 Availability Starter

TPXZF1997's Super Smash Bros.

Luigi is one of the playable characters.

Other Mario Appearances

Mario Guitar World

In Mario Guitar World Luigi is the 1st Boss in Story Mode on Amateur if beaten you unlock the character Luigi as well as other features

Luigi's Quest

During the events of Luigi's Quest, Luigi gets washed up into the Bright Star Kingdom while plumbing, He gets help from Fillip and other Pharies he meets. He even gets new transformations; Fish Luigi, Bird Luigi, and Tree Luigi.

Mario Singalong! Series

Luigi appeared as one of the selectable avatars in every game in the Mario Singalong! Series. He was in Mario Singalong Superstar!, Mario Singalong Country! (in full country attire), Mario Singalong Boys vs Girls! in Mario Singalong Disney! where he struck up a good friendship with Goofy.

In Mario Singalong Rocks! he was one of the two playable characters in Story Mode having to assist his brother to rescue Princess Peach and Princess Daisy from Bowser. He returns in Mario Singalong Down Under! and Mario Singalong Legends! as an avatar.

Super Princess Peach: Mushroom Kingdom's Drought

In Super Princess Peach: Mushroom Kingdom's Drought, Luigi is found in World 4 - Luigi's Haunted Mansion. He is a playable character and you can switch between him and Peach. While using Peach, Luigi will help with his hammer attack only, so that CPU doesn't use up the flashlight batteries when you are already scaring the boos

Luigi in Super Princess Peach: Mushroom Kingdom's Drought.

away yourself. Luigi fights alongside Peach for most of the game. Luigi, Peach, and Perry (Peach's talking Parasol) are the three main characters of the game. Luigi has an anti-boo flashlight and also a hammer. This is one of the few Mario games that Luigi and Peach together are playable characters.

Extreme Mario World

Luigi appears in Extreme Mario World again as a playable character.

The Stories of New Tendo City

Luigi is set to appear in the upcoming reimagined Nintendo television series. In the series, he has gained the surname Rosato, much like Mario, and is married to Daisy Flora. Luigi is also the co-owner of the Rosato Brother's Italian Cafe, and is also the co-star of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!! alongside the rest of the Mario cast. The series mentions that he has gained a spin-off in which he hunts down ghosts, recently. He is described as always being overshadowed by his brother but does love Mario as he always has when they were kids.

Other Appearances

Animal Crossing: Hotel Life

Since the game comes out during the Year of Luigi, he makes a cameo on the loading screen. You can also buy the Luigi Jr. outfit and the Mario Jr. outfit at Mable Sisters.

Super Mario Adventures (2020 TV Series)

Luigi is the main deuteragonist of the series. He's still the scared younger brother, but he knows how to stand up to Mario when he's giving him a hard time.

Pikachu's Final Destiny

Luigi appears in Pikachu's Final Destiny where he explores the Tropical Rain forest. One cutscene shows him hiding in a dark shelter with some characters, to avoid Mewtwo's evil stars.

Pikachu's Final Destiny 2

Mario and Luigi will both appear in Pikachu's Final Destiny 2 as allies to Pikachu and his company.

RenarioExtreme series

Luigi appears in the Renan! Chinese anime. He is one of the helpers of Renan in his adventures.

Smash Tactics

In Smash Tactics, Luigi appears only in the story mode and is of the Plumber class; and therefore has the same attacks as Mario.

Neverworld The First

Luigi makes an appearance in Neverworld The First under the name of Pied Piper.

Luigi & Waluigi

In Luigi & Waluigi, Luigi, along with Waluigi, must rescue Daisy from Rui. Throughout the adventure, Luigi gains the ability to teleport and Waluigi learns to glide.

Mario & Kirby Baseball

Luigi appears as Mario's sub captain. He has fair pitching, but only average batting and speed. His team name in Exhibition mode is the Luigi Mansioneers.

Captain Toad: Pokémon Trainer

Luigi appears in this crossover game as the 6th Gym Leader and specializes in Electric-type Pokémon. After being defeated, he'll give the Energy Badge, $5,000.00 and TM24 (Thunderbadge) as prizes. If the player uses one of certain amiibo, he will give $6,000.00 instead of the usual $5,000.00.

Super Mario Battle (Hoola)

Luigi appears as one of the 12 starting fighters in Super Mario Battle. For his moveset see here.

Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains

Luigi appears as a playable character in Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains. Luigi is once again an all-around character type and has mostly even stats. Luigi’s zone shots are Luigi Cyclone (performs his Luigi Cyclone move from the Super Smash Bros. series while moving either forwards or backward) and Slide (slides across the field left or right in a similar manner to his Slide in Mario Tennis Aces). Luigi’s Special Shot is Super Balloon float in which he puts on his balloon machine from Super Mario Odyssey to float himself in the air so he can hit the ball from up high. Luigi’s villain is King Boo and his Hero Special Shot is Poltergust Launch, Luigi pulls out the Poltergust 5000 and sucks up King Boo he then switches it to launch launching King Boo far back. If King Boo uses his Hero Special Shot Cancel, Luigi will try to use the Poltergust but it ends up not working ending the cutscene. Smash Bros x Avengers: Recharged  Luigi is one of the playable characters in Smash Bros x Avengers: Recharged.

Nintendo Emoji Match

Luigi appears as a playable emoji in Nintendo Emoji Match. Luigi is a common emoji and can be unlocked after battling Luigi in Battle Mode, found in a ? Block, or found in a Hyrulian Chest. For his power, he puts on his Poltergust and sucks in emojis clearing them. Luigi has two different alternate costumes; Tennis Outfit (Added during the Mario Tennis Aces Anniversary Event) and Builder Outfit (Added during the Mario Maker 2 Launch Event). At level 20 he will turn to Ice Luigi if the player wishes.

Nintendo's War of The Worlds

Luigi appears in arriving Earth with other heroes after meeting Ferriery Family.

Super Mario: Emoji Battle

Luigi appears inSuper Mario: Emoji Battle as a playable emoji. Luigi is one of four starter characters the player can choose from alongside Mario , Peach, and Toad. Luigi's Special is: Luigi sucks up random emojis using his Polterust G-00. Mario's Attack Special is: Luigi uses Thunder Hand to leave Thunder Ball hazards. Luigi is a common emoji that can be unlocked by opening a ? Block, opening a Brick Block, or battling Luigi in Character Battles. Luigi's favorite item is the Poltergust G-00. If Luigi has the SMB2 Mushroom Item equipped his Special will change to: Luigi picks up and throws a Banzai Bill which clears emojis in its path. Luigi's emoji can be fought in the following Character Battles: Mario and Luigi. Luigi's Badge can be unlocked by unlocking Luigi, Battle Mario as Luigi in an online match, and Play a match on any Luigi's Mansion Board.

Super Mario RPG: The Dark Star

Luigi appears as the second character to be unlocked in the game with Mario being the first.

TPXZF1997's Super Smash Bros.

Mario is one of the playable characters in the game.

Luigi's Mansion: Witching Hour

Luigi reappears as the main protagonist, this time exploring the decrepit Berken Township in search of Daisy and Mario, both of whom have been captured by a cult trying to revive an ancient deity. He once again wields a brand new Poltergust and is joined by Gooigi and Polterpup.



Luigi is Mario's brother and sidekick in various adventures, Luigi and Mario are loyal to each other and is highly on friendly terms, Luigi often saves Mario in the Luigi's Mansion series, however in some Mario games, Luigi is absent and Mario has to do his adventure all alone.


As explained in some games, Luigi and Waluigi are rivals, similar to the rivalry of Mario and Wario. But sometimes it can be on friendly terms in some games like Mario Party.


It has been hinted in some games that Luigi has a crush on Princess Daisy, like in a course of Mario Kart Wii where there is a statue of Luigi and Daisy dancing with each other.

King Boo

Luigi and King Boo hate each other and the latter is Luigi's arch-enemy because King Boo always scares Luigi.


Luigi and Wario lack interaction with each other due to Luigi's rivalry with Waluigi, however in Super Mario 64 DS, Luigi has jumped on Wario and Wario tried to attack Luigi, meaning they are also enemies sometimes.


Bowser and Luigi sightly interact with each other since Luigi fights Bowser just to help Mario.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach and Luigi sightly interact with each other in some games, but they seem to be on friendly terms. Princess Peach sometimes kisses him in the cheek when Luigi saves Peach instead, which doesn't seem to bother Mario.


  • I will not enter Bowser Castle! I know something bad can happen if I enter Bowser's castle!
  • I swear I'll do anything to help my brother Mario, but I know I won't like it when there's a bad surprise!
  • It's me, Luigi!
  • Are you crazy, Mario?! We can't risk our lives when there's a lot of danger is in large number!
  • It's gone, guys! We won't be able to save Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches when danger sends us down the pipe!
  • If you want someone who specializes in bird watching, you can talk to Luigi! I was a member of the Brooklyn Bird Watchers Club when Mario and me lived in Brooklyn!
  • Mamma mia! Now we have no way out of this risky situation!
  • Watch out Mario! Behind you!
  • The reason my brother Mario has an underdeveloped personality is that Mario's brain is located in a certain place: in the pasta!
  • Oh! Now there is no way! We won't be able to get into Bowser Castle with those guards guarding the gate!
  • Mario! Wait for me!
  • I hate it when Mario says we stay to fight rather than run away to retreat!
  • Mario! I hope your plan is not risky like your previous plans!


An amiibo figure of Luigi exists! For more info about these amiibo, see this page.
Amiibo Luigi.png




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SSB Sin and Punishment Series.png Saki Amamiya

SSB F-Zero Series.png Samurai Goroh

SSB Splatoon Series.png Inkling

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series.png Glee Club

SSB Yoshi Series.png Toady

SSB Xenoblade Series.png Riki

SSB Sonic Series.png Shadow the Hedgehog

3DS   Assist Trophies

SSB R.O.B. Series.png Balloon Fighter · Helirin · Devil · Color TV Game 15 · Muddy Mole

SSB Special Symbol.png Dr. Wright · Captain Rainbow · Barbara the Bat · Zip

SSB Kirby Series.png Magolor · Gooey · Adeleine

SSB Mario Series.png Lakitu · Hammer Bro.

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Cranky Kong · Klaptrap · Rambi

SSB Metroid Series.png Metroid · Dark Samus

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Eggplant Wizard · Mimicutie

SSB Wario Series.png Kat & Ana · 9-Volt

SSB DS Series.png Elite Beat Agents · Rusty

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Skull Kid · Alfonzo

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png Isabelle

SSB Golden Sun Series.png Isaac

SSB Sin and Punishment Series.png Saki Amamiya

SSB F-Zero Series.png Samurai Goroh

SSB EarthBound Series.png Jeff

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series.png Glee Club

SSB Yoshi Series.png Toady

SSB Xenoblade Series.png Riki

SSB Sonic Series.png Shadow the Hedgehog

Wii U   PokéBall Pokémon

SSB Pokémon Series.png Staryu · Snover · Meowth · Scraggy · Snorlax · Magikarp · Unown · Bonsly · Lopunny · Gulpin · Weavile · Wobbuffet · Mawile · Cacturne · Lapras · Qwilfish · Delibird · Dodrio

SSB Legendary Pokémon Series.png Entei · Palkia

3DS   PokéBall Pokémon

SSB Pokémon Series.png Staryu · Snover · Meowth · Scraggy · Snorlax · Magikarp · Unown · Bonsly · Lopunny · Gulpin · Weavile · Wobbuffet · Mawile · Cacturne · Lapras · Qwilfish · Delibird · Dodrio · Entei · Palkia

Wii U   Stage Bosses

SSB Metroid Series.png Gandrayda · Ridley

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Phantom Ganon

SSB Mario Series.png Bouldergeist

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Hades

SSB Sonic Series.png Knuckles the Echidna

3DS   Stage Bosses

SSB Metroid Series.png Fire Spawn

SSB Kirby Series.png Marx

SSB Big Brain Series.png Dr. Lobe

SSB Pokémon Series.png Giratina

SSB Sonic Series.png Metal Sonic

SSB Mega Man series.png Wily Machine 1

Wii U   Adventure Bosses

SSB Mario Series.png Bowser · King Boo*

SSB Pokémon Series.png Cyrus · Mewtwo*

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Ganondorf · Majora*

SSB Metroid Series.png Ridley

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png King K. Rool

SSB EarthBound Series.png Porky Minch

SSB Wario Series.png Shake King*

3DS   Adventure Bosses

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png Master Hand

Wii U   Trophies

SSB Mario Series.png Mario · Luigi · Bowser · Princess Peach · Toad · Rosalina · Bowser Jr. · King Boo · Koopa Troopa · Goomba · Princess Daisy · Bouldergeist · Waluigi

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong · Pauline

SSB Yoshi Series.png Yoshi · Kamek

3DS   Trophies

SSB Mario Series.png Mario · Luigi · Bowser · Princess Peach · Toad · Rosalina · Bowser Jr. · King Boo · Koopa Troopa · Goomba · Princess Daisy · Bouldergeist · Waluigi

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong · Pauline

SSB Yoshi Series.png Yoshi · Kamek

Smash Run Enemies
SSB Mario Series.png Koopa Troopa · Koopa Paratroopa · Goomba · Wiggler · Boo · Nabbit · Bullet Bill

SSB Yoshi Series.png Shy Guy · Birdo · Big Beanie · Nep-Enut · Lantern Ghost

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Kritter · Tiki Goon · Tiki Buzz · Pointy Tuck · Fish Poker Pops

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Bokoblin · Cursed Bokoblin · Technoblin · Octorok · ReDead · Dodongo

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Monoeye · Reaper · Syren · Clubberskull · Cellular Shildeen · Tribyte

SSB Metroid Series.png Metroid · Zebesian · Polyp · Gunzoo · Omega Metroid

SSB Kirby Series.png Bronto Burt · Broom Hatter · Waddle Dee · Waddle Doo · Poppy Bros. Jr. · TAC

SSB EarthBound Series.png Spiteful Crow · Pigmask Soldier · Starman · Hippie

SSB Wario 'Stache Series.png Bandinero · Shortfuse · Magon · Spear-Mask

SSB Star Fox Series.png SharpClaw · RedEye · Wolfen

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series.png Sneaky Spirit · Monkey · Barista

SSB R.O.B. Series.png Polar Bear · Gang · Wild Gunman

SSB Wrecking Crew Series.png Eggplant Man · Gotcha Wrench

SSB Pikmin Series.png Bulborb · Fiery Blowhog

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png Jack · Katrina

SSB Special Symbol.png Infantry & Tanks · Mii

Mario Kart Silver

Playable Characters

Default Characters
ToadToadetteBaby MarioBaby LuigiKoopa TroopaLakituMarioLuigiPrincess PeachYoshiBirdoDiddy KongBowserDonkey KongWarioWaluigiKing BooWigglerMii

Unlockable Characters
Baby PeachBaby DaisyShy GuyKoopa ParatroopaDry BonesBooGoombaToadsworthPrincess DaisyBowser Jr.NabbitNokiMonaDixie KongKamekProfessor E. GaddRosalinaPetey PiranhaDry BowserKing Bob-OmbPiantaCranky KongBoom BoomPom Pom

Downloadable Characters
Surprise Pack MIPSWhittleAshleyHammer Bro.KritterPauline
Heroes Pack Baby WarioBaby Donkey KongTimer the TigerNeilRobotic Operating BuddyMr. Game & Watch
Villains Pack ShroobKoopa KidDimentioMouserMetal MarioAntasma
Koopalings Pack Ludwig von KoopaRoy KoopaWendy O. KoopaMorton Koopa Jr.Iggy KoopaLemmy KoopaLarry Koopa


Red ShellRed Shell TrioGreen ShellGreen Shell TrioBanana PeelBanana Peel TrioBlooperBob-OmbFire FlowerStarLightning BoltBullet BillBlue Spiny ShellMushroomMushroom TrioGolden MushroomPOW BlockRed BooWhimpFreezieBowser's ShellMega MushroomMini MushroomDash PepperPropeller MushroomYoshi EggFake Item BoxOil BarrelHeartSuper LeafTweesterBumperPotted Piranha PlantBoomerang Flower

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Super Smash Bros. Zenith
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