Louis Scott Murphy Male
167 lbs
24 years old Human
FULL NAME Louis Scott Murphy
POWERS Can move faster by basically fast forwarding himself
Blinding his opponents
BIRTHDAY April 6th
OCCUPATION(S) Cashier of a non-specific grocery store/Mashup Artist

Neil Quantum - Cousin

BIRTH LOCATION Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
CURRENT LOCATION An apartment in Seattle

Making Mashups, fighting games, dancing, the Standing Ripple users he encounters who are friendly


Fighting people in real life, Soundcloud Copyright rules, coffee, the Standing Ripple users he encounters who aren't friendly


Louis S. Murphy is a young male mashup artist living in Seattle, Washington who utilizes a Standing Ripple called Tally Hall. Louis gained his Standing Ripple after finding a shard of Ripplite on the ground while walking to his job. He fashioned it into a necklace, and then after an attack from the mysterious Standing Ripple user Gordon Niccals, the sun hit the metal just right that it was destroyed and in its absence, Tally Hall was formed. This character was created by Homder as his first contribution to the New Fantendoverse and as a way to try and make up for the fact that some of his other projects had not been updated that much

Louis is a carefree, kinda dumb 20-something trying to get by in the world while trying to avoid getting in any trouble. However, this is hard for him as he's crossed paths with multiple Standing Ripple users, both friendly and hostile. Although being oblivious to groups like Ocean 11, Tally Hall is aware of their danger and tries to keep Louis safe.


Louis Murphy Description

Louis is a lanky young man with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. He has light freckles and a scar on his neck from where he wore the Ripplite Necklace. He wears this specific MvC2 shirt underneath a large navy blue jacket covered in patches featuring a lot of references to different fighting games. He also wears a pair of grey jeans and checkered fuchsia vans.

Tally Hall Description

Tally Hall is a grey-skinned humanoid in suit with a multi-colored red, blue, yellow, green and grey tie. His "face" is completely black with small white, blue and purple speckles resembling a galaxy and he wears a bony crown atop his messy "hair" which seems to be a similar color to his face.


Louis is quite the carefree individual. When not at work, he's often seen goofing off at the nearby convenience store or browsing the records in a music store. However, he is also someone who could be considered a "dumb of ass". He does not make great decisions and Tally Hall has too often to help him not fuck up. He also really doesn't like fighting people, but when he has to he is a pretty good one at that. I mean, he's not a Bruce Lee level fighter, but he's decent.

Tally Hall is very intelligent and cunning strategist. They are not only a representation of Louis's fighting spirit, but also a bit of his conscious. They are also aware of Ocean 11 and try to keep Louis safe from their members.




Louis Murphy's powers and abilities come mostly from his Standing Ripple, Tally Hall. Tally Hall's main ability is allowing Louis to make himself and others move faster be speeding them up as if they were being fast forwarded on a TV. Tally Hall can only fast forward other people that are within 6 meters of Louis. Anyone who is being speed up views the world as moving incredibly slowly which for pretty much everyone except Louis, is very disorienting. This means that people often feel very sick after being sped up. Louis does not feel sick as long as he does it for less than 20 seconds in his time.

Tally Hall's secondary ability allows Louis to blind others by placing a dark starry cloud around their eyes. Louis can blind up to 6 people but the more people are blinded, the easier it is to see through the cloud.

  • Ruler of Everything - Tally Hall's primary ability. Allows Louis and other to move incredibly fast by "fast forwarding" their movement. The fast forwarded movement lasts 20 seconds, and Tally Hall can only grant this speed to other who are in a 6 meter radius to Louis. People have also said that they've felt very sick after being sped up, excluding Louis.
  • Turn The Lights Off - Tally Hall's secondary ability. Allows Louis to blind up to 6 people via a starry cloud covering their eyes. However, the more people blinded, the easier it is to see through the cloud.




  • Although not inspired by anyone specifically, Louis has a lot of little references to different things.
    • Louis shares a middle name with Leon Kennedy from the Resident Evil series.
    • Louis's overall design is a redo of a JoJo's Bizarre Adventures OC Homder had named Sirius O'Connor.
    • Louis's love of Marvel vs. Capcom is based off the fact that Homder has been getting really into Capcom games recently.
  • Tally Hall is of course based of the band of the same name, with their abilities being based off of their songs Ruler of Everything and Turn The Lights Off.
  • Louis is Homder's first contribution to the New Fantendoverse.
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