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Lost Koopaling
Lost Koopaling.png
The sprite of the Lost Koopaling
SPECIES Koopaling
RESIDING AT Dinosaur Land
The other Koopalings (likely)
Dragging Mario or Luigi into levels

The Lost Koopaling (unofficial name) is a character that was originally set to appear in Super Mario World. The identity of the Lost Koopaling is unknown, as only their appearance on the overworld can be found within the game's data. It is possible that the Lost Koopaling was intended to be a redesign for one of the other seven Koopalings (Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Lemmy Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Roy Koopa, and Ludwig von Koopa) already present in the game or a prototypical Bowser Jr., who would later make his debut in Super Mario Sunshine roughly 12 years following the release of Super Mario World.

Similar to the Hand Traps that appear in the Dark Land of Super Mario Bros. 3, the Lost Koopaling would pull Mario or Luigi into a nearby level against their whims should they be successfully ambushed on the overworld map.

Despite being cut from Super Mario World, three copies of the Lost Koopaling's sprite actually are loaded properly in the game when on the overworld, though they can not be seen during normal gameplay: one sprite loads beneath the pipe that leads Mario from the Vanilla Dome's interior out next to the Cheese Bridge Area; one sprite loads in Chocolate Island, on the secret path leading from Chocolate Island 2 to Chocolate Secret; and the third sprite loads in the ocean, in-between the two pillars to the left of Chocolate Island 1. If hacked into the game, the Lost Koopaling corrupts the placement of Mario or Luigi on the overworld, and renders all levels unplayable as they are forced into a never-ending Bonus Game.

Physical Appearance

Though the Lost Koopaling does not directly resemble any of the other Koopalings, it does appear to share some traits with the members of that group; in particular, the Lost Koopaling seems to draw elements from the sprites of Lemmy Koopa and Larry Koopa used in Super Mario World. Like all other Koopalings, they are a stout creature that vaguely resembles Bowser, and possesses orange skin with a white stomach. The Lost Koopaling possesses a rounded muzzle of the same skin tone as their torso, while the area around their eyes is green (a trait he shares with Larry Koopa). Unlike Larry Koopa however, the Lost Koopaling has smaller eyes with a single black pixel representing their pupils surrounded by white sclera; the Lost Koopaling lacks irises, just as Lemmy Koopa does.

SMW Unused Koopaling.gif

Perhaps the most notable traits of the Lost Koopaling's appearance are a large goofy grin, which shows that they possess four spiked teeth, as well as what appears to be either a tuft of hair protruding from the top of his head. This tuft of hair resembles a Warp Pipe to a minor extent (likely a reference to the Lost Koopaling's job of forcing the Mario Bros. into levels), though more interestingly bears resemblance to the hairstyle that Iggy Koopa would be given starting with his appearance in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, 29 years after the release of Super Mario World. It is also possible that the green skin surrounding the Lost Koopaling's eyes was intended to be a sort of mask, with the object protruding from the top of his head being a knot holding said mask to his face.

Fanon Appearances

Super Mario Maker Cloud

The Lost Koopaling appears as a possible boss for levels in this game. He primarily attacks by spitting balls of tar and tossing fireballs in a similar manner to a Fire Bro.; the tar balls will form small pools that will be lit aflame when a fireball comes into contact with them. He takes three stomps to defeat, and can also be taken down with ten elemental projectiles (five waterballs) and most heavy objects.

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