Lord Dark Matter
Lord Dark Matter's Appearance
GENDER Unkown (possibly Male)
SPECIES Dark Matter
AGE Unkown
WEAPONS Shooting Lasers and shooting cannonballs out of eye
Lord Dark Matter is a Dark Matter who rules all of Dark Matters. there is no difference on him as he looks like an ordinary Dark Matter. He first appears in Mario Country where he was responsible for Clashing The Mushroom Kingdom and Donkey Kong Island. He only appears in games without Zero-Two. He is Zero-Two's commander.

Mario Country

Lord Dark Matter makes his debut in this game.Mario sees a black dot (Lord Dark Matter). He soon clashes Donkey Kong Island and Mushroom Kingdom. Before anyone trys to stop him. He swapped the heroes with mario on Donkey Kong's Island and Donkey Kong in the Mushroom Kingdom, he appears in the Dark Ruins.He is the final boss of this game.He attacks mario/Donkey kong by ramming into Him. his eye is the only weakness. As he starts to get weaker, his speed goes faster, and he starts to turn more red. if hes fully red, he will initiate his ability : growing large, thus destroying the temple (leaving the remains in space).in his giant form.Mario/Donkey Kong are on a centered Top with left and right rooftop platform. he attacks Mario/Donkey Kong by shooting cannonballs from left to right. If hit 5 times, he will initiate his 2nd phase.He will shoot a Giant Podoboo that flys from left to right/right to left.If he fully turns red he will be defeated as he goes down slowly as he explodes rapidly.unclashing Donkey Kong Island and the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Kart Crossover

He appears as a unlockable character. He is unlocked by completing 50cc Special Cup. he is Medium Weighted, good acceleration.But poor handling and poor speed. His favorite items are : Mushrooms, Mega Mushrooms, and a Leaf.He appears to drive with no arms.

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