SSB Pokémon Series
Lopunny's placeholder art, from Pokédex for iOS.
Series Pokémon
Debut Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (2006)
Weight Mid-Light
Size Medium
Smash Status Newcomer
Availability Default
Final Smash (default) Mega Lopunny
Final Smash (custom) Giga Impact
This feminine Rabbit Pokémon is also a newcomer in Smash. While Lopunny isn't very defensive, it can still pack a punch.
Description for Lopunny

Lopunny is one of the default characters in Super Smash Bros. Zenith. Lopunny is a feminine rabbit Pokémon that evolved from Buneary via strong friendship. Lopunny is not one of the most well-known Pokémon, but has appeared in a slew of sidegames, and recently received a Mega Evolution alongside some of the more classic Pokémon.

Lopunny is new in the Smash game. In Zenith, Lopunny possesses quite a few strong moves and his a high jumper, yet is quite light and doesn't recover from powerful attacks that much in comparison to others.


Lopunny debuts in the fourth Generation of Pokémon, in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS. Lopunny is the evolved form of Buneary, a small Normal-type rabbit Pokémon that can be found in the Eterna Forest. Despite Lopunny's appearance, it can be equally male as female.

Lopunny has appeared in a few more Pokémon spinoffs, including Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, in which it led an exploration team with two other feminine Pokémon, and PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, in which it appears as a dance instructor in a minigame.

Most notably, Lopunny's most recent appearance in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire gave this Pokémon a Mega Evolution. The required Mega Stone could be obtained in Mauville City.

Lopunny's moves appear to be inspired by Lopunny's learnset in the main Pokémon games as of Generation 6. Its leitmotif appears from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, however. Lopunny also gets to Mega Evolve in this game.


Standard/Tilted Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Attack Lopunny, does a jab, then another one, and lastly an upwards kick.
Side Attack Lopunny twirls, doing damage with its ears.
Up Attack Lopunny backflips, doing damage with its legs
Down Attack Lopunny does a Low Kick, which would sometimes let opponents trip.
Dash Attack Lopunny jumps head-straight into its opponents.

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Side Smash Attack Lopunny bashes into its opponent by using Strength.
Up Smash Attack Lopunny slams its ears upwards.
Down Smash Attack Lopunny executes a Low Sweep.

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Aerial Attack Punches in both directions
Front Aerial Attack Does the supposedly dubbed "sex kick"
Back Aerial Attack Claps with its ears right behind it.
Up Aerial Attack Lopunny kicks upwards
Down Aerial Attack Lopunny drills downwards with its legs.

Floor/Edge Attack

Move Description
Floor Attack (Front)
Floor Attack (Back)
Floor Attack (Trip)
Edge Attack Lopunny attacks with its ears as it has climbed up.


Move Description
Grab Lopunny grabs with its arms, and has an average grab.
Pummel Lopunny slaps its opponent.
Frontward Throw Lopunny kicks its opponent right in the gut.
Backward Throw Lopunny performs a Circle Throw with its ears.
Upward Throw Lopunny uppercuts the opponent.
Downward Throw Lopunny kicks its opponent right downwards.

Special Moves

Move Name Description
Neutral Special Move Default Return Lopunny charges, then unleashes a punch with hearts coming out. The move will be more powerful the longer the move hasn't been used yet.
Custom 1 Frustration Lopunny charges, then unleashes a punch with broken heats coming out. The move will be more powerful the more damage Lopunny has.
Custom 2 Power-Up Punch Lopunny charges, and then punches. The move will be more powerful when used in succession.
Custom 3 Drain Punch Lopunny charges, and the punches. When it hits, Lopunny can gain health by pressing B repeatedly.
Side Special Move Default Jump Kick Lopunny leaps diagonally, then dropkicks straight down.
Custom 1 High Jump Kick Lopunny leaps diagonally while kicking its opponent with its knee. Then it drops down without doing more damage.
Custom 2 Tilted Jump Kick Lopunny jumps upwards, then kicks down diagonally.
Custom 3 Long Jump Kick Lopunny leaps in a horizontal arc while kicking. This move has more horizontal recovery.
Up Special Move Default Bounce Lopunny jumps high in an arc. When Lopunny hits an opponent, it'll do a Footstool Jump and a little damage, sending Lopunny higher in the air. Attacking at this moment may cause a Meteor Smash.
Custom 1 Splash Lopunny can jump multiple times in the air, but won't do any damage or Footstool Jumps at all.
Custom 2 Sky Uppercut While jumping in an arc, Lopunny will uppercut any opponents in its way (hitting multiple times). Lopunny can't Footstool Jump this way.
Custom 3 Homing Bounce Lopunny jumps high in the air like normal, but then does a dropkick that homes on the nearest target.
Down Special Move Default Mirror Coat Lopunny cloaks itself in a purple light that reflects ranged attacks and sends them back with double the damage.
Custom 1 Magic Coat Lopunny cloaks itself in a pink light that protects itself from ranged attacks and attracts items close by.
Custom 2 Endure Lopunny cloaks itself. When an opponent attacks at this precise moment, Lopunny counterattacks.
Custom 3 Fake Out Lopunny cloaks itself. When an opponent attacks at this moment, Lopunny makes the opponent dizzy.
Final Smash Default Mega Lopunny Lopunny Mega Evolves. Mega Lopunny is very fast and hits like a truck. Lopunny doesn't flinch from attacks, but the transformation will be over sooner that way.
Custom Giga Impact Lopunny Mega Evolves, but will charge into its opponents instead. If it doesn't hit any opponent, though, it'll fly off the stage.


Subject Description
On-screen Appearance A Poké Ball will be thrown as Lopunny pops out of it.
Taunts Up Taunt Flips its ears like it's hair.
Side Taunt Dances a little by shaking its arms up and down.
Down Taunt Puts its right arm on its hip and its left arm on it cheek while making a satisfied sound.
Victory Poses Pose #1 Lopunny does some backflips in the air and ends with a pose (with its left arm on its hip and its right one in the air).
Pose #2 Lopunny does some cartwheels and then ends with a pose (both arms in the air while looking upwards).
Pose #3 Lopunny does multiple punches and then ends with a pose.
Boxing Ring Title (US) Cute & Calamitous
Boxing Ring Title (UK) The Charming Rabbit Pokémon
Victory Fanfare Victory! Lopunny Remix of an excerpt from Team Charm's theme from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (specifically, from a fanfare called Here Comes Team Charm).
Credits Theme in All-Star Team Charm's Theme
Home Stage Contest Hall


Smash Trophies

Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Lopunny A cute rabbit Pokémon that can be quite vain, caring about its ears (which it always grooms in a perfect state!) so much that you should beware when you accidentally touch them too roughly. Because then Lopunny's ready to send you flying far! Lopunny's also extremely cautious, bounding off quickly when it senses danger around. But Lopunny can put up a fight - especially when it Mega Evolves... DS Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (2007) Clear Straight Classic as Lopunny
3DS Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (2014)
Lopunny (Alt) Lopunny has quite an array of moves you should watch out for: a well timed attack during its Bounce might end up in a Meteor Smash instead of a Footstool Jump, and that's not pretty. Lopunny's Return becomes stronger the longer Lopunny hasn't used it yet, and Jump Kick can cause some serious damage too. And to top it all off, Magic Coat not only reflects all projectiles, but also doubles the power of said projectile! DS Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (2007) Clear Multipath Classic as Lopunny
3DS Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (2014)
Mega Lopunny Perhaps you are unaware that Lopunny's got a Mega Evolution. But now you should know, because it's its Final Smash. Mega Lopunny's inner fighting skills awaken during the transformation, and as a result, it becomes twice as powerful AND speedy (faster than Sonic, man might say)! One more thing: Mega Lopunny has surprisingly become just as aggressive as a Primeape, and becomes more easily agitated. So mocking it... is a seriously bad idea. 3DS Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (2014) Clear Regular All-Star as Lopunny
Wii U Super Smash Bros. Zenith (-)
Giga Impact Lopunny's custom Final Smash. In the Pokémon games, Giga Impact is basically a Tackle with the same power as a Hyper Beam (as a result, you still have to recharge). In Zenith, Lopunny first Mega Evolves before doing the actual attack, which is charging at its opponents! A powerful Giga Impact executed by the already powerful Mega Lopunny obviously hits like a truck, but can be avoided. If Lopunny hits nothing, it flies off the stage. Wii U Super Smash Bros. Zenith (-) Clear Random All-Star as Lopunny

Pokémon Attacks

Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Return Return is a move with a power that varies with friendship: it becomes more powerful the stronger the bond is between the Pokémon and its Trainer. In a way, the Pokémon returns its favor in a powerful attack. Despite marking its debut in Gold and Silver, Lopunny is the only Pokémon to learn it naturally. In Smash, it is Lopunny's regular Special Move, and it becomes more powerful when time passes. GBC Pokémon Gold/Silver (2000) Random Trophy
DS Pokémon Black/White (2011)
Bounce The Pokémon jumps in the air for one turn, then jumps on the opponent on the next. In Smash, though, Lopunny executes its bounce a little differently. For one, it doesn't take a whole turn to fall down. And hitting an opponent while doing do causes a Footstool Jump that sends Lopunny even higher. But, attack at the right time and Lopunny Meteor Smashes its opponents. By the way, Bounce is also Greninja's Down Aerial, which works even more differently! GBA Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire (2003) Random Trophy
DS Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (2007)


Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Team Charm Team Charm is an expert exploration team, with three charming amazons of Pokémon as its members. There's the intelligent Gardevoir, who always plans ahead. Then there's Medicham, who is the strong brawn of the group. And then there's Lopunny, the team leader that likes to see things on the beautiful side. As they are a Master Rank team, it would be an honor to work alongside them... even if it were a challenge. DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (2009) Random Trophy
Buneary The unevolved form of Lopunny, who even then looks as cute as ever! And you, as a trainer, can find this rabbit in several locations: the Eterna Forest, Kanto's Route 25, Castelia City, and most recently, Hoenn's Safari Zone. However, when you catch this Pokémon, you might notice that it despises you just as much as a Mewtwo would! And you need to evolve it by friendship... that's gonna take a while. DS Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (2007) Random Trophy
DS Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (2012)

Alternate Costumes

Color Image Description Notes
SSBZLopunnyAltBrown Chocolate brown fur, cream puffs of fluff, light red eyes and black markings beside the eye. Lopunny's default colorscheme.
Pink SSBZLopunnyAltPink Pale brown fur, pink puffs of fluff, bright red eyes and black markings beside the eye. Lopunny's Shiny colorscheme.
Green SSBZLopunnyAltGreen Forest green fur, khaki puffs of fluff, purple eyes and black markings beside the eye.
Cyan SSBZLopunnyAltCyan Cyan fur, navy puffs of fluff, dark red eyes and navy markings beside the eye. Based on Nidorina's coloration.
Yellow SSBZLopunnyAltYellow Light yellow fur, orange puffs of fluff, orange eyes and black markings beside the eye. Based on Braixen's coloration.
Red SSBZLopunnyAltRed Light red fur, orange puffs of fluff, chartreuse eyes and black markings beside the eye.
White SSBZLopunnyAltWhite White fur, green puffs of fluff, light red eyes and black markings beside the eye. Based on Gardevoir's coloration.
Black SSBZLopunnyAltBlack Black fur, lilac puffs of fluff, sky blue eyes and gray markings beside the eye. Based on Gothitelle's coloration.
Purple SSBZLopunnyAltPurple Indigo fur, violet puffs of fluff, yellow eyes and black markings beside the eye.
Chartreuse SSBZLopunnyAltChartreuse Chartreuse fur, forest green puffs of fluff, orange eyes and black markings beside the eye. Based on Lilligant's coloration.

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