Loogimon is a game made by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Pigware games. The game itself introduces some new game mechanics, Pokemon, Moves, Areas, Enemy teams, Bosses, and items. 

The game will be in 3D, and have similar shaders from Twilight Princess.

People working on it

Ask first before joining and adding yourself here. Once you do, you too can work on this Galaxy sized Project.


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The gameplay is similar to that of Pokemon Sun and Moon, along with it's predecessors where the player roams around a wide open environment and uses Pokeballs to catch Pokemon. The caught Pokemon can be then be used to fight other pokemon, Spar with an allied Pokemon(Which is totally harmless), Enter contests, or just as a virtual pet.

Returning mechanics

Mario mechanics

The player can Jump from one platform to another, like Super Mario 3D Land. This, along with the fact that the map itself is a gigantic Mario level made for exploration, allows for expansive run and jump tactics.

Fighting wild Pokemon with Luigi(or Mario, which is player 2) returns from other RPG games. However, the Pokemon will act more aggressively towards the plumber duo, and will actually hurt them. This means the player is treated like a "Last stand Pokemon", and when defeated, is granted with a game over. The catch is that this mechanic won't be used in trainer or gym battles.

Power-ups return as items, which replace Evolution shards. These items can improve the Pokemon if the power-up's type matches one of the pokemon's types, or give it a secondary type if it doesn't already. The latter will effect some evolutions, or speed it up.

Pokemon mechanics

Poffins don't return from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but a similar item called "Poke-treats" is introduced instead. These act similarly to Poffins, but sound less weird and can be bought at select shops in the game. Certain treats, like Sour mushrooms or spicy peppers, can effect the pokemon's traits(Smart, tough, cool, cute, beauty, and stupidity)

Evolution returns from all other Pokemon games, and it works the same way as before: Once a Pokemon reaches a certain level, it evolves to a more mature version(Goomba -> Bloomba -> Shroomitizer). Some Pokemon evolve to one of many types of meeting a certain condition(Dino rhino + Reznor tusk = Dino Reznor, Sherm + Bullet bill husk = Churganaught, ETC.), Very few can mega evolve via Mega shard(Lugia + Lugium = Mega Lugia), and only two can Ultra evolve(Arceus + Time shard = GodMode Arceus, and Dark star + Bowser's DNA = Dark Bowser).

Shadow pokemon return from Pokemon XD. Unlike their previous incarnations, they have a more evil look to them, such as dark grey replacing their normal colors, red eyes, and fangs(on some of them). Just like the older ones, they can either be cured, defeated, or in rare cases, be caught after it begs for mercy. They normally appear after King boo's gang is defeated.

All other Pokemon mechanics return, because it's a Pokemon game.

New mechanics

To make up with the absence of Gyms and Gym leaders, Gang badges and Gang leaders are introduced, and because of this, Multiple enemy gangs are in the game. All of them are leaded by a villain from the Mario franchise, and three commanders(With the exception of bowser's gang, which has two leaders and about 7 commanders). Gang badges act like gym badges, but they show off what gang you eradicated.

Pokemon will now randomly pop out of the grass instead of waiting patiently, meaning that they'll use one of their attacks on the player to perform a first strike. This is similar to Paper Mario, but with the variety of Pokemon, it's going to get crazy! For example, on the field, Bergmites will act like Freezies, Goombas will act like... Goombas, Mimichus will act like Stretches, Zubats will act like Swoopers, and so on





Like it's predecessors, Pokemon are the backbone of the game. Unlike previous games, most Mario enemies become Pokemon, and are able to be found and caught in their preferred environment, or even caves.

Wild pokemon can be found in tall grass, oceans, Gardens, Caves, Dungeons, Ruins, and Ghost towns.


Pokemon and Move types
Type name Type Strengths Type weaknesses Type immunities Status Resistances Status Weaknesses Status immunities Type color Hidden move Chapter first found
Grass/Ghost ×2 Water ÷5, Earth ÷2 Fire Poison, slowness Drenched Burn Red Fire blast

Burns a 3 × 3 area of cuttable bushes infront of the user.

Unlocked at start
ElectricIC VII
Metal/Water ×2, Flying ×3 Rock/Earth ÷2.5, Dragon ÷4 Electric, Sound Confused, Blindness Flattened Paralyzed Yellow Flash

Lights up caves

Unlocked at start


Move name Move type Move style Damage Effect Description Initial PP Charge? Move number
NormalIC VII
Melee 30 N/A Just rams into the enemy. 20/20 No 1
Melee 50 May cause poison if the user is a Bloomba or a Bloomitizer. Exclusive to Goombas and their evolutions. The goomba bites the opponent with it's fangs. May cause poison if the user is a poison type. 15/15 no 2
Bullet blast Tech Ranged 75 Will cause knockback on the field. May make the victim paralyzed, and insta-KOs Rattata. The Pokemon unleashes a blast on the enemy, which is enough to eliminate a Rattata. May paralyze the foe, and can cause knockback! 5/5 2 turn charge 3
Gun show
FightingIC VII
Status N/A Boosts attack power on the user, but enrages the foe if it's the same Gender. However, The opposite gender would be less likely to attack if used. The user flexes their muscles, which not only boosts strength, but makes the opposite gender less likely to attack. The same gender, on the other hand, would become furious! 25/25 N/A 4
PsychicIC VII
Special 20 Does moderate damage on the enemy team. May inflict confusion Uses Psychic powers to damage the enemy. May confuse whatever it lands on. 15/15 N/A 5
PsychicIC VII
Special Depends on the environment Throws a rock, and does damage dependant on the environment. Can also be used to move heavy objects. Grabs a rock and throws it at the enemy using the awesome power of IT'S OWN MIND! Can also push heavy objects on the field that strength cannot handle 30/30 N/A 6
Shadow telekinesis
Special Depends on the environment and grabbed object Grabs a random nearby object and slams it on the enemy. Can also be used to move heavy objects. Exclusive to Darkie The Pokemon will search the environment, and grab any object it finds. Afterwards, it slams the enemy with it, all with the AWESOME POWER OF IT'S MIND! 25/25 N/A 7


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  • This is the first game that Yoshipea made on Fantendo.
    • In fact, he also made a comic series that's under the same name!
  • Unlike other Pokemon games, the player can understand what the Pokemon are saying without need of translation.
    • It's because Mario and Luigi are simply used to them. Luigi was bitten by a Raichu, while Mario uses Tech to his advantage.
  • The art style is just like Dream Team's art style.
  • The story has a lot of sad and memorable moments in it. Examples include:
    • When Various Pokemon and people running for cover when Bowser unleashes his wrath.
    • When Mesprit and the other two Lake guardians see eachother after a long time.
    • When Luigi sings a portion of "I don't wanna miss a thing" to Mesprit, before the Bed incident.
      • The credits, when Luigi sings the same song from before, but it's the whole thing.
    • When Luigi decides to not enter the Pokemon League, because he views pokemon differently than others, and doesn't want his to be hurt. (Just sad to see him cry over this)
  • Some tears were shed in the making of the game.
  • There will be a New game +, which continues from the the main storyline's 8th chapter.
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