Long Story
Developer(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Platform(s) PC, Xbox 360, Xbox 720, Nintendo Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Smartphone Devices
Genre(s) Turn-Based RPG
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player, 16-player server multiplayer

Long Story is a game announced by Lunatic Entertainment in May 2015. It is stated to be of an incredible size and scope, involving some 700+ characters total, including numerous playable, NPC, and boss characters. The game utilizes the Monster Space engine converted into a turn-based RPG. The game's name stems from taking 200+ hours to complete.

The game allows the option to let friends on your contact list to drop in and out of your game at will. These other players can choose to set up their own party to complete quests on their own, or they can, if close enough to another player, allow themselves to be counted as that party and battle together; they will still act on their own outside of battle, unlike early Tales games. However, players cannot choose the same party members as those that have already been selected by other users, providing an interesting balance, forcing players to try out a number of the available characters and keep more than just their preferred party leveled up.

Story Synopsis

Chapter 1: Denkigama

The game opens up in a small, quaint village specializing both in agriculture and subsistence fishing, nestled between the Vista Foothills mountain range and the Bubbly Expanse ocean. Splashing fish and mewing chyka are the most common sights and sounds. The party are locals here, having been all born here and lived here their entire lives. The game's initial 7 tasks consist of various manual labor tasks expected of such a settlement. However, this does not remain true for long.

Initial Task 1: Till Fields

Woody Treefern MS Sprite Idle

Woody Treefern dancing (idle animation)

Woody Treefern MS Sprite Talk

Woody Treefern boastfully chatting.

The first task involves planting the season's harvest. This is relatively nonchalant, and involves first tilling the fields, then planting the seeds into the ground. Afterwards, they must go fetch water buckets and water the rows. Throughout this first task, the player is able to converse with an intelligent, perpetually pleased plant named Woody Treefern. Treefern will remind them of what tasks still need to be done, and can also be asked for hints.

Initial Task 2: Fish & Game

With the fields properly tilled, the small group are informed that the fish are running, and therefore it is time to catch this season's slippery harvest. They are also given their first opportunity to hunt, and are tasked to boat out to Hunter's Cove, where the town of Denkigama catches their meat. In order to accomplish this task, they are sent with allowances to first purchase equipment to use for the hunt.

Cupsnout Thirsty MS Sprite

A Cupsnout.

With that, they can go climb into the rowboat to move out to the island. The seas are calm and there are no incidents along the way, making for an easy ride. After arriving at the island and mooring the boat, the party are tasked with finding their prey items, a few local species of deer- (Cupsnout) and bird-equivalents (Whifflebird) to sustain the town. The deer is a simple task of locating the meadow in the middle of the forest and getting into the game's first battle sequence, which is very simple. Once the deer has been slain, the player then must travel back to the boat to put the animal in it before hunting the more elusive Whifflebird.
Whifflebird Squawk

A Whifflebird.

To find it, the player must first check every screen of the island, at which point the bird will reveal itself. A goofy-looking creature, this ratite proves significantly more difficult to catch, and it will appear on every screen from then on out, either dashing back and forth or performing some sort of silly action like hiding in the bushes or dancing and squawking in the middle of the screen. To initiate battle with the Whifflebird, the party must make physical contact with the creature. However, it has a high tendency to flee battles, usually after the first strike is made upon it. Luckily, the more damage done to it the slower it gets due to becoming dazed and thus making it easier to catch. Also, if the player is unable to catch the bird within 5 minutes it will accidentally run into a tree and knock itself out, to cut down on frustration factor; however failing to catch the bird yourself will result in losing out on an Achievement.
Retari MS Sprite

Retari, the fisherman

With both the deer-creature and the Whifflebird back at the boat, the party loads up and heads back to town. There isn't much time to waste however, and they are immediately asked to obtain the fishing net from the hut of Retari, the local fishing expert. Although the party tries to just take the net, he bursts out of his home and startles them. Apologizing, he informs them that today would be a good day for crabs, as well, and tells them to grab some traps while they are at it. He then proceeds to instruct the party on how to fish and set traps, and shoos them on their way back to the shoreline.

However, once they reach the shore they are surprised to see Retari waiting for them. He informs them that he has changed his mind and thinks he should probably go with them on this endeavor, as the sea was looking "extra frothy today"; this gives the party their very first Guest, which will become a common feature throughout the rest of the game. First, the party must set out the fishing net. It is large and so they must attach one end to the shoreline's pulley system and the other to the aft of their rowboat before rowing a distance out and setting the line. Once the line is pulled taught, they then drop an anchor for it and Retari instructs them to continue on back to the waters of Hunter's Cove. Here they travel to specific spots, where Retari then has the boys toss out the crab traps. Once all traps are set out, he tells them that it is time to check the net. Fish have already filled the net, and so the party returns to shore and, with the rest of the townsfolk, haul in the net. At this point they have to catch the fish as they flop about randomly on the beach (making contact with the fish is enough to catch them) and then head back out to check the traps. The traps, too, are full already! Retari comments on how interesting this turn of events have been, as it usually takes longer to catch something. With the traps set back out, Retari notes incoming inclement weather and informs the party that they better head back home for now.

On the way, the sea gets steadily more frothy, until the entire sea around the boat looks like a bubble bath. Retari acts cautiously and suspicious, and sure enough a massive crustacean emerges from the water, which the old fisherman refers to as his nemesis, his "Frothy Foe". This initiates the game's first boss battle, against the creature that is simply referred to as Frothy Foe. Luckily the party has Retari as their guest member, and thus it is quite a bit easier, as the boss can knock the party out. Eventually Frothy Foe is defeated and slips back beneath the waves and the party boat back to shore, no worse for wear. They then return the rest of the catches to the beach and decide to go inside to sleep off the incoming thunderstorm, as well as all the cuts and bruises they had obtained that day.

Initial Task 3: Obligatory Dream Sequence

Initial Task 4: Missing Child

Initial Task 5: There's Been a Murder

The fifth task played out in the game begins when the player(s) discover a lady lamenting at the town square's fountain. Investigating the situation reveals that she is the local bunny farm matron, and she has become very distraught as her flock has been mysteriously dying off—rather gruesomely, in fact—each night for the past few weeks.
47 MS Sprite

The guilty party, #47.

She feels that she has nowhere left to turn, but the party volunteer to help her catch the culprit. After collecting several clues and encountering a number of close calls, the team discover that the culprit is none other than one of the matron's bunnies, an albino runt wearing socks on his ears and wielding a kitchen knife. Although he tries to attack the party, he is defeated and the proof is shown to the matron. She expresses shock and anguish to discover it was her once-beloved #47 that had committed these atrocious acts. Deeply troubled, she thanks the party and hands them a Lucky Rabbits Foot before sending them on their way.

Initial Task 6: Weed the Field

Eloise the Druid MS Sprite

Eloise the Druid.

The sixth task begins automatically the next morning, with the main character's father bursting into his bedroom, waking him up from a dead sleep. Groggy and confused, he listens to his father hurriedly explain away how the harvest has been infested with weeds and they must act immediately. Although he does not initially understand why this needs to occur immediately, he travels back to the garden anyhow and soon discovers that these are very aggressive weeds that he and his friends. Seeing their friend Woody Treefern greatly weakened, they learn that the weeds are leeching all of the nutrients out of the soil for themselves and that in order to not only save him but also save this year's harvest someone must fight to subdue the weeds.

Overripe Gargleberry MS Sprite

The Overripe Gargleberry.

In the end they fight the Overripe Gargleberry, a monstrous, severely overgrown berry bush that has gained an insatiable voracity for humanoid flesh. During combat, it has a weak spot, consisting of a uvula-like seed attached to the back of its throat that can be targeted separately from the main body. It is able to swallow a party member whole, giving them a timer similar to Death Status as it digests them. They can still attack and defend and will always hit the boss while swallowed, but the amount of damage they will do is minimal, as is the amount of damage that defense would otherwise mitigate being dealt to them. Critical hits while swallowed are rare, and will only happen at a base of 5% chance. When a character is swallowed, the Overripe Gargleberry's weak point is also unavailable to strike. The character will remain in the boss' mouth until either they run out of HP and faint, they deal a critical hit to the enemy, or enough damage is dealt to it on the outside, causing it to spit the character back out.

Once the Overripe Gargleberry is slain the farm will be free from its tyranny, and the land will begin to return to its normal state. If Woody Treefern is spoken to again, he will reveal that it will still take some time for the land to return to normal, and he will remain wilted for the rest of the chapter, too weak still to stand tall.

Initial Task 7: War on Bugs

The final task starts at the tail end of the next day, with the community noting the huge number of insects that have begun running amok through town, however as it is getting dark the town choose to rest up first before the endeavor. To investigate the party must shrink themselves down to insect size, but in order to do so they must first seek out a local hermetic witch and insult her so that she will place a shrinking curse upon them. Once minuscule, they can snoop into the arthropod agenda.

Before long -- in fact, while still in the witch's cabin itself -- the group are captured by a group of insect soldiers and are forced to board a fly bomber which then escorts back to their base, a sealed ant nest. While they are held captive for a short amount of time under guard, they are soon discovered to not be members of the enemy forces and are therefore released. However they are requested in to the tactical war room to meet with this nest's leader. They meet resistance leader Cicada who tells them that there is an ongoing war between the various insect species, a war instigated when a group of devious raiders led by the insane and energetic click beetle, Snapper, attacked the Ant Nest and sold its myriad of inhabitants into slavery; at this juncture, only 3 members of the hive are still free: Anty, Aunty, and Armored Ant, who offered their decimated home as a new home base for the guerrilla fighters. Chawan and Rehan offer their aid in hopes of ending the battle prematurely before it damages the crops and structures of the community, although Serenity is impartial but joins out of obligation. They are readily accepted into the Resistance.

The party learns that several missions must be completed in order to subdue the uprising, including reopening the supply lines and repairing damage done to the hive's structure. However, each of these tasks involve doing battle with one of Snapper's generals, including Diver and Backswimmer.

Beezertl Tower MS Sprite

Beezertl operating as a communications tower.

Botfly Emerge MS Sprite

Botfly, soon after emerging from his host.

The first mission is to free the resistance's communications relay, which has been taken over atop the roof of the Witch's Hut. The party are joined by Anty Ant as a new guest and the four individuals board the dragonfly Grounder, who takes them to the rooftop and they repel from him onto the roof. After stealthily working their way through to the relay which is revealed to be a large blue cricket, they are blocked by a seemingly possessed mouse; upon defeating it in battle Botfly, the first of Snapper's generals, emerges from the back of the creature's neck, ready to attack. The party must fight him as well as the boss' "second form", but he is soon defeated thanks to his exoskeleton being weak (from having only just emerged) and the relay is freed.
Beezertl MS Sprite
He tells the group that his name is Beezertl and thanks them before hopping off the roof to find a new location to set up. The fighters return to HQ and Anty drops out of the party to tell the Resistance the good news. Noticing the party's skills in the last mission, Cicada tells them that the supply lines have also been severed, and sends them aboard Grounder to the local store. Here they rendezvous with Drugbust, a beetle already in the building to secure their food supply. He tells you he received a communique that you are to assist him and quickly joins the party as a guest. Again the group employ stealthy tactics, with Drugbust drilling holes in certain structures to provide makeshift ways around the multitude of soldiers guarding the granary. They learn that this cadre of soldiers is under the command of Psyllopsis, the second of Snapper's generals, and also discover that he is in the back, torturing the resistance fighter Fuscus for information. They must quickly get to the central chamber to both save Fuscus and prevent any info from being leaked, but also must be sneaky about it.
Psyllopsis MS Sprite


They arrive just in time but fail to knock out Psyllopsis before he notices them, initiating another boss battle. In battle, Psyllopsis proves to be an agile fighter, hopping around the battlefield and performing Jump strikes that take him from the field of battle for a turn before landing on a foe for physical damage. Drugbust seems to anticipate this however and will defend against the strikes with his cybernetic drill arm, damaging Psyllopsis instead. Eventually the general is defeated and they free Fuscus, although he is too weak to help fight. As they drag Fuscus out of the room to safety, Psyllopsis sends out an alert and his soldiers take notice of the party. They must now fight their way out of the granary, though luckily they are weak. About a quarter of the way through Fuscus asks to take a detour to the sugar water supply; doing so allows him to regain his strength and he finally joins the party as a second guest member. He then tells them that there is a can of insecticide that they could use to take out the rest of the forces and secure the supplies, and so they all move in its direction, facing opposition along the way. As they finally reach the can and prepare to administer its payload, Psyllopsis shows up again, this time flown in by a now-cybernetically enhanced Botfly. The party must fight both generals at once, although Psyllopsis starts the battle at only 3/4 health due to his prior injuries. Once defeated the can is utilized and the resistance team escape aboard Grounder just in time to watch as the forces in the area are all killed by the pesticide. They again return to base, and Fuscus moves on to the triage ward to receive treatment from Aunty and the party decide to get some much-needed rest in some makeshift beds. The game fades out.

After the game fades back in, the party discover that Armored Ant is standing in their sleeping quarters. Once they have all woken up, he announces that Cicada would like to see them in his chambers. He then leads the party to the Queen's Hall. At first, Cicada quips about how this room once held a beautiful Ant Queen, but she has disappeared along with most of her subjects. He mentions how he tries to respect the hive for what it once was, and that he thinks Anty, Aunty, and Armored all appreciate this. He then changes the subject and informs them that he knows that they are villagers, and that he is sure that they have loved ones in the village above. He insures them that he harbors no ill-will towards their people, but informs them that Snapper's forces do not feel the same way. He then proceeds to tell them, "The reason I'm telling you this is..." before pausing for a moment and then turning around to face them directly, "they have stopped your town's water supply. The fountain, the well -- it all originates from a single source, an underground lake. I thank you for your help in the past, but now it appears that we have a mutual reason for stopping Snapper and his goons." He then sends the party on their way to rendezvous with agents already on their way underground.

Following the tunnels leading below the nest, the party meet up with Jewel, a glowworm who is there to light their way with her bioluminescence. She technically joins the party as a guest, but does not fight and instead simply appears above them on the ceiling on the adventure map and behind them in battle. Further up ahead they also meet Mole Cricket, who joins the party as an actual guest member and helps them dig through the substrate in some areas, and during the second one of these digging sessions, they accidentally uncover a large larval creature: Carabid. It immediately attacks and the party must battle it; it falls after a few turns of hard strikes but as the party leaves the room it reawakens and continues pursuit. From here on for a short time the party are forced to try and escape its mandibles, and it will emerge suddenly in several locations and initiate a battle where it needs to be temporarily subdued again. The first two times it is known as "Carabid: Instar 1", but after this it suddenly grows arms and becomes "Carabid: Instar 2". At this point you have to subdue it by chopping off one of its new arms and make your escape as it screams in agony. It is fought again in 2nd Instar but now only with one arm, and it periodically must rest from its serious injury. Next it transforms into "Carabid: Instar 3", growing a pair of legs and regenerating its lost arm. At this point it is faster than before and you have to fight it three times in this state before reaching the water table. At this point the Carabid corners you and begins to pupate towards an adult form. You are told that you must stop it from transforming, and so you must continuously attack it, which cuts down its otherwise regenerating health bar. Eventually Mole Cricket notes a lose pebble above you and you must attack that instead while he keeps the Carabid at bay. Loosening the rock, it falls on the creature and seemingly crushes it; it does not get back up. Assuming the creature has been slain, the party decide to camp.

With the ordeal behind them, they discuss how they are going to continue further in. Deciding to build a raft, and set out to gather what little they can from along the shore. The party separates and the player takes control of Rehan alone, and head north from their current location to find root fibers. While collecting 7 of these root fiber bundles Rehan runs into Fuscus again, and is surprised to see him down here. When asked, he tells him that he is down here on reconnaissance and that another member of the Resistance is down here, too.

Rehan returns to the camp with Fuscus in tow, and finds that the others have gathered all their supplies. They set to build a raft, and once finished a beetle emerges from the waters to everyone's surprise: This is Supercycle, the resident water beetle and expert naval officer of the Resistance. He tells the party to attach their raft to him and he will drag them down the river towards the enemy installment, and they do as told. Along the way they encounter several water-based enemies, such as Water Fleas and Pond Skimmers. They then enter an eddy to stage the final leg of their journey, but before they can recover Supercycle begins spinning in place, obviously alarmed by something. Suddenly a giant water tiger emerges and the crew immediately enter a boss battle against Dytiscus, a sea serpent-like beetle larvae. During the fight the party starts out with both Mole Cricket and Fuscus as their guests, but Fuscus keeps hesitating anytime he would otherwise attack. Realizing Fuscus is no real use to them in the battle, Supercycle steps up and takes his place. Eventually Dytiscus is defeated and with a shriek, sinks below the surface. The party then turn to Fuscus who is silent until prodded. He eventually admits to them that Dytiscus is his son, still in his larval state but who betrayed Fuscus and his wife to join Snapper's cause. The party forgive him and finally move on to reach the Underground Base.

Beaching and then disembarking the raft, Jewel "goes dark" with her bioluminescence and Supercycle informs them of the situation: Three of Snapper's generals are overseeing this project due to the great importance of it to him. He does have good news, though, telling them that the generals are on three different sections of the base and therefore taking them out should be a viable option. These three areas are the Diversion Gate, which allows good water to be diverted into Snapper's headquarters; the Water Mistreatment Plant, which is poisoning water for distribution back to the villagers; and the Hatchery, where an army of mosquitoes is being developed to strike the Resistance. The party think to save the villagers first but overhear that the poison will take a few more days to be ready for deployment; they breathe a sigh of relief and instead choose to go and take care of the Diversion Gate and stop the supply of water to Snapper's forces. To get there, they must dive under the water and Rehan and Chawan both inform Supercycle that they cannot breathe underwater. Supercycle nods and takes them on a short detour to a local water spider's nest to obtain air bubbles to breathe out of. While the water spider is not a member of Snapper's forces, he is also not an ally of the Resistance, and therefore they must wait for the spider to leave before running in and retrieving air bubbles. The two Loranches then don the bubbles like helmets and the party continues on. Mole Cricket, Jewel, and Fuscus stay behind to discreetly take down some of the active patrols in the area and make their later jobs easier. This entire area is underwater and allows the characters to swim about and find their way to the main control room, where they encounter the first of the three generals: Diver. Diver quickly strikes the air bubbles around both Chawan and Rehan, compromising them and giving the two a mere five rounds before their bubbles pop. At this point they have only 3 rounds before running out of oxygen, but during the second of these rounds (and therefore during the 7th round of combat) the party hear from Fuscus who calls out to them to let them know that he is lowering the water levels to help them. This opens a pocket of water at the top of the battle screen and the two Loranches will travel up to the air every fourth turn for the rest of the battle to breathe, thereby not allowing them to act. Luckily, Serenity is a nightmare and therefore doesn't need to breathe and Supercycle is perfectly fine in an aquatic environment. Eventually the party are able to strike Diver down and Fuscus lowers the water level most of the way down so that they can breathe and return to the main control levers. They then divert the water back to the villagers, and by extension, the Resistance as well.

With that the party continues on to the Water Mistreatment Plant. Here they must move through natural hallways, avoiding poisonous waters dripping from above, pooling below, or spraying out of small geysers; they also must avoid a few larger patrols. They finally reach the control room, where they encounter the deadly Boater, whose four arms have been transformed into sharp blades. He strikes four times per round, making him difficult, but eventually he is defeated. The poison valve is then diverted to the Hatchery, but it is discovered that a valve at the Hatchery must also be opened to poison the new army. stuck in the closed position before the party moves on.

Because of this they must travel to the Hatchery as well, where most of the armed forces can be found. Here they must just battle their way through, and they eventually reach the valve and turn it to poison the mosquitoes. The mission is successful and Snapper's new army perishes. Angered, the final of the three generals, Boatman shows his face -- however he emerges to attack the party in a large mech. This causes him to be the hardest of the three generals to defeat, as his entire body is protected by his machine. The mech's cannon also hits hard, but luckily Fuscus, Mole Cricket, and Jewel all rejoin the party for this battle. Every 10 rounds, Jewel will flash her bioluminescence which will blind Boatman and make the battle temporarily easier for the party. Once Boatman's mech is defeated, Boatman finds that he is locked in and unable to escape its smoldering husk. He curses the Rebellion and can do nothing as they flee the area.

Returning to HQ, the party discovers that the Resistance is now stronger than ever before. Cicada insists that they finally have enough troops to stage an attack on Snapper's base, and after a short speech the army moves out to hit their foe's fortress head-on. Cicada personally asks Rehan, Chawan, and Serenity to guard the Goliath Tanks, alongside Armored Ant. The Resistance finds themselves mopping the floor with Snapper's remaining forces but soon the mad click beetle suddenly turns the tides when his enforcer, Anthrax steps out and begins using his annihilator beam integrated into his arm to virtually erase swathes of Resistance troops from existence. Sensing an urgency that they had to take out Snapper while they had a chance, Cicada, Fuscus, Anty, Armored, Mole, Drugbust, and Supercycle all board Grounder and head directly to the base. Using two other Resistance members already aboard Grounder to make a makeshift zip line -- Inchworm and Mealy -- the rest of the group enter the headquarters grounds just in time, as two large wasps (Drone and Hornet) attack Grounder and causing him to crash. Before the infiltration team can react, the wasps turn their attention to the group. Despite being at the beginning, this is the instance with the most amount of guests in your party at one time. However, there are no healers among them, and so they will slowly be whittled down. Cicada insists that they just need to wait for their saboteur, Bee-Host, to show up. After about 16 rounds he will finally appear, and will leap onto Hornet and effectively possess him. At that point Hornet will start attacking Drone, and the two will eventually only attack each other. Once Drone is defeated the battle ends and Bee-Host flies off with Hornet while the rest of the team sneak into the structure.

They must storm the fortress, with the tempo of the music hinting at the urgency. Along the way the roof collapses in one hallway, separating the group into two: Cicada, Anty and Armored Ant, Fuscus and Supercycle; and Rehan, Chawan, Serenity, Drugbust, and Mole. They agree to find a way to meet up again. After a few rooms however the party sees Cicada and his party encountering Boater. He then orders Anty, Fuscus, and Supercycle to continue to the rendezvous while he and Armored Ant prepare to fight the general. Suddenly however Cicada is stopped by severe pain in his body and a moment later something bursts out of his chest, shocking your party and taking Armored's attention away from Boater. Boater than suddenly leaps at Cicada and strikes, decapitating him. The party cry out as he falls to the ground. Armored comes to his senses and attacks Boater, who parries. The two struggle against one another but the party witnesses the object that burst forth from Cicada to grow larger, growing into a tall robot. This machine then fires a cloud of nanobots at Armored Ant while Boater swiftly leaps out of the way. Armored tries to continue to fight but the nanobots harden and Armored Ant is effectively turned into a statue. The two villains continue on, ignoring your party on the other side of the window.

When your party finally make it around to the same location as Cicada's party would have been at, they meet back up with Anty, Fuscus, and Supercycle and the eight soldiers continue towards the top. Mere moments later (five rooms away) they find a large section of the wall has collapsed, leaving them exposed. They start to cross but are easily spotted by enemy soldiers down below who proceed to open fire. Taking cover and seeing no alternative, Anty insists the party dash for the other side while he provides suppressing fire. They comply and make it across but realize that they must leave Anty behind as he is pinned down and taking out Snapper is of greater importance. The party continues on without him.

Snapper MS Sprite

Snapper, insane leader of the insect coup

Eventually the party reach the uppermost chamber of the fortress and encounter Snapper himself. He chuckles at their efforts and taunts them, asking if they even can muster the strength remaining inside of them to take him down. Fuscus calls out for vengeance over his son and leaps at Snapper, only to be swiftly knocked aside. Snapper calls him a fool and explains that surviving an encounter with a bug zapper greatly ramped up his speed. He then clicks, knocking the party down and sending him flying backwards into an open vault door. Before the party can recover he shuts it and locks himself in. Supercycle then leaps on the giant dial and begins rapidly spinning to try and unlock the vault. But while he does this, the party hear loud thuds and realize they are footsteps. Anthrax casually steps into the room and prepares to kill Supercycle with his Erasure Cannon. The party immediately set to stopping him, starting another boss battle. Anthrax has heavy defense and takes a while to whittle down; the party also must interrupt him every time he begins charging his Erasure Cannon or else he will either wipe out a party member or take aim and kill Supercycle himself; if Supercycle is killed it's Game Over. Eventually the party realize that his weapon is both his strength and his weakness, and hitting it multiple times before it closes when attempting to fire it will cause him critical damage. As he is defeated his Erasure Cannon falls apart as the crystal energy source implodes. The resulting shock wave knocks Anthrax unconscious and the party witnesses the implosion being the origin of heal/save points. They take the opportunity to heal up (and save if you prefer to do so) from this and Supercycle successfully dials in the correct code for the vault and open it. They find Snapper inside just sort of sitting around.

Another boss battle ensues as the party engages him next. He is incredibly fast for this point in the game and can stun the whole party with his Click attack. After about 12 turns of fighting the party realize that in actuality, only half of Snapper possesses heightened speed, as the other side of his body attacks at a normal pace. They can then use the option to slow his left side down to bring him to a more manageable speed for a while. Ultimately he is defeated and collapses to the floor. Despite the injuries he has sustained he continues to possess enough strength to laugh the attack off, calling the party fools as they have won the battle but not the war. He tells them that he has already sold the Ant colony to a scientist and that they will never be found now. He then passes out.

The game cuts to later that same day, with Snapper in stocks. Drugbust and Supercycle stand behind Mole as he announces to the Resistance Army that Snapper's forces have retreated and things will now finally go back to normal. He then turns and thanks the Loranches for their aid in this time of crisis and promises to live in harmony with the good people of Denkigama, and to do everything they can to protect the town's crops from then on.

With the feud now ended, the party must find a way to apologize to the witch and get back to normal size.

Explosive Deal

The Bomb 1 MS Sprite

Barry Blaszcowicz, the traveling bomb salesman.

After only a few days of these tasks, a commotion in the town square causes the party to investigate. As it turns out, a traveling salesman has just arrived: His name is Barry Blaszcowicz from the metropolis of Analogue City on the other side of the mountains, and he sells explosive devices for the "betterment of society". He states has come to Denki-gama in an attempt to peddle his wares, insisting that the use of his bombs could effectively quintuple productivity with little to no side effects other than "the sudden flash of pretty colors and the great feeling in your chest of a job well done". He tells the townsfolk that bombs could not only be used to quickly blast earth to till fallow ground and make it usable again but also could be used to quickly stun fish for easy and quick capture. A life of enjoyment could be theirs by simply purchasing his devices.

The townsfolk are a bit uneasy about this aspect, as they rely on these industries to feed their families and simply survive. Undaunted, Blaszcowicz offers to perform a simple demonstration of his bombs' awesome power. He sets up both a farming and fishing test up to go off at the same time, again attempting to show how quickly all of their hard work could be done in a matter of hours, allowing them to kick back and relax for the rest of the day. However, seemingly in his excitement he somehow managed to mess up both demonstrations, and the farmland is converted into pock-filled ruts (though sure, still tilled) and the waters leave a large number of dead, not stunned, fish - far too many for the village to eat and not have anything go to waste. Angered at this disrespect, the elder chastises him and explains that the farmland would be unusable in its current state and that the fish population would take years to return to their normal levels. Although Blaszcowicz tries to defend his actions, he stammers and chokes. The townsfolk drive him out of town and try to begin rebuilding.

Later that very same night however the salesman returns to the town under cover of darkness. Revealing himself to be a maniacal, vengeful soul, he quietly plants bombs all throughout the township. He detonates one early to wake the town, and reveals to them the situation they are now under. Most citizens are too scared to do anything about this, but the party and a few others actively seek out the bombs before it is too late. Unfortunately, although they are able to gather all of the devices successfully, nobody has any idea how to actually disarm a bomb. Fearing their town is still going to be leveled, one individual notices that they are all blinking and that they are remote detonation bombs, and not time bombs as initially assumed. The party rush through town to find the salesman and stop the threat at its source, but find that he has set up a small encampment outside of town. They confront him and try to get the remote device from him but he then reveals he is more than he seems, and that he has spent much of his life training in fencing. He then proceeds to parry many of the party's attacks, only failing to parry critical strikes until he tires, at which point he is unable to defend himself. He languishes that he shouldn't have put off training, and this weakness becomes his downfall. Defeated, he leaves the detonation device behind and flees with his life towards the foothills. The party decide that it is better for them to stop him now than to wait in town for his inevitable return. They pursue their foe.

Chapter 2: Vista Foothills

The party chase after Barry Blaszcowicz, and find themselves in the Vista Foothills which surround the secluded town of Denki-gama. However, they lose his trail.

Forest of the Forsaken

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Snake in the Grass

Chaos on Mt. Krumbel

Although they had lost his trail for a short period and become lost in the woods, the party eventually locate their target, Barry Blaszcowicz, along Mt. Krumbel. Here Blaszcowicz has run into a local construction company, and using his power of words has convinced them to consider using his bombs to help carve the path towards societal progress. Although the party try and warn the construction workers that Blaszcowicz has no good intentions, the workers laugh in the party's face, chocking their tale up to "kid fancy". When the party continues to insist, they are escorted off the premises, being told that they are causing a commotion and that detonation will be under way that afternoon.

The party is then forced to sneak around the construction site and stay out of sight while trying to reveal evidence of Blaszowicz's mania. They eventually find evidence in Blaszowicz's Journal, which they bring to the Supervisor. Unfortunately the detonation has already begun and even the supervisor cannot stop it now. The party watches anxiously as the wall of granite is detonated, and are shocked along with everyone else when the blast proves to be too intense, causing an earthquake that damages the construction equipment and buries the camp in rubble. When everybody comes to, the Supervisor has been gravely injured and can no longer speak up for the party. Confusion temporarily worms its way through the camp's ranks until Blaszowicz convinces them that there is likely a treasure trove of jewels buried below and that they will all be filthy stinking rich. Greed overtakes them and a survey team is hastily put together to delve into the depths. The party is again escorted off-site and a guard is posted who prevents their re-entry.

Disheartened but not wanting to leave without bringing Blaszowicz to justice, they prepare a camp on a nearby ridge overlooking the demolition site. In the middle of the night the team is awakened by the screams and howls of frightened and injured men. Quickly steeling themselves they rush the camp again, only to find everybody there dead and monsters running amok. Blaszowicz however has survived by hiding in the watch tower along with the guard, and dons a bomb suit upon seeing the party. He declares the site as lost and insists the guard follow him into the caverns; when he does not, Blaszowicz locks him in the tower with a bomb, which detonates and kills the man. Blaszowicz flees down into the mountain tunnel system.

...and the Lords of the Underworld

Entering the caverns under Mt. Krumbel, the party begin their search for Blaszowicz, fighting off numbers of Night Goblins and various aggressive fauna that has been disturbed by the detonation. Although they quickly locate and corner their fleeing foe, they are interrupted from exacting vengeance when the floor collapses beneath their feet, sending the party and the bombs salesman plummeting to the levels below. Stirring after an indeterminate time unconscious, the party witnesses some of the local rocks appear to shuffle, and then watch helplessly as the salesman is dragged slowly away from them. The party then black outs again, only to wake again hours later in a cell built out of stalactites and stalagmites.

Prince Azrael MS Sprite

Prince Azrael of the Drow.

Looking around, they soon discover that they are in a makeshift prison, and are surrounded by various others of differing races: Prince Azrael the Drow, Skarsnik the Night Goblin, Wrigglepriest Angurwrithem the Matoda and his daughter Aerayt, and of course, Blaszowicz. Although Angurwrithem is too deeply entranced in his own religious prayers and Skarsnik is certainly a devious fiend, Aerayt is curious towards conversing with your kind. The elven prince is in seemingly more dire straits however—he is desperately trying to escape his cell in order to save his father, the King of the Drow, from being executed by their captors, the Dwarves. Azrael, in his desperation, informs the party that they should not be fooled by outward appearances, and that the Drow are a benevolent race, and that the Matoda are harmless as all they care about is the worship of the soil and giant worms; he states that his species are only imprisoned because they sit on a large gem vein as the seat of their throne that the Dwarves wish to consume, being lithovores, and that the Matoda are only imprisoned because the Dwarves have allied with the Kobolds, which predate upon their kind. Azrael then admits that the Night Goblins are fiendish, but in order for them all to escape death's door they would have to ally with Skarsnik out of necessity. Over the course of a few days, the party and the other prisoners work towards an escape, eventually pulling it off 5 days after the party was imprisoned. The party have a few options that will affect later portions of the game:
  • They can either help Angurwrithem summon the giant Rockborer Worms which will make him appreciate them later on but cause his daughter to greatly dislike them, or refuse to aid him, causing his ire towards the party but Aerayt's alliance. This will affect an entire subchapter later on.
  • When the prison break finally occurs, the party must make the choice to either release Blaszowicz from his cell as well to give him a fighting chance but that the alliance of convenience was over immediately following, or refuse to release him and leave him to his fate. Either way he will find a way out to be encountered later on, but it will change his following dialog during a later encounter with him.

In the end, all of the prisoners make their escape, but the King is slain before the party and Azrael can get to him. Distraught, he escapes with the party to his kingdom, where he offers them sanctuary.

Azrael broods over the course of the following day, but invites the party to witness his coronation as the new King of the Drow. With a heavy heart he openly thanks the party for their part in his escape, and after the ceremony he brings them to his throne for a private conversation. Here, he informs the party that despite the recent events, his people did not possess the strength to fight against the combined might of the Dwarf-Kobold Coalition. He asks our heroes if they would be willing to help strengthen the might of the Drow to better protect their citizens. This involves small raids against both the Kobold village and the Dwarf stronghold, building a wall to prevent possible raids by Night Goblins from deeper in the caverns, and finally finding out how to tame the local, super aggressive Biloids into a warmount for the Drow people. Once these tasks are finished, the party is then offered a chance to help the Drow make a push against the Dwarf Stronghold. They agree and storm the base they recently escaped from, ultimately bringing it down. Azrael then thanks them for their aid, and asks if there is anything he can do for them. They inform him that they are still seeking the Bomb Salesman, and he sends his scouts out, who come back later on to inform the party which direction to focus their search. Although the group are offered permanent sanctuary within the Drow territory, they respectfully decline and move on their way with Azrael's apparent blessing.

After much searching in the dark, the party find Blaszowicz again, who has gotten himself cornered. Though they ask him to surrender he refuses and attacks. Nearly defeated, he pulls out his largest bomb yet, one that he can barely even hold without collapsing. He cries out that this is Game Over but the party succeeds in knocking him unconscious before he can work up the strength to heave the giant bomb at them. Crushed under the bomb he is unable to flee as the bomb's fuse runs low. The party however are able to hide deeper in the caverns, and the explosion causes the tunnels to begin to cave in. Luckily for the party, this detonation has opened another path through the mountain (and also appears to have killed Blaszowicz as well). Feeling their job is done but unable to directly return to Denkigama, the party make their way down the mountainside towards the awaiting Analogue City.

On the way down the other side of the mountain range the party crosses a beautiful vista, where they see a mysterious individual clad in black and blue staring out across the expanse, apparently enjoying the view in solemn contemplation. If spoken to, he quips but otherwise pays you and your party little attention. The party can also take in the view, which will show the surrounding area as a panning image. Once finished, they may continue on at their leisure. Monsters in this area are not particularly strong or in great numbers and so the party should have little to worry about until they make it into town.

Chapter 3: Analogue City

Hostage Situation

Arriving in the sprawling Analogue City, the party are in awe as none of them have seen a real city before. Analogue City is a settlement built and maintained by the Loranche, vibrantly-haired, magically-inclined near-humans, utilizing a mysterious power source known as "psychocite". Before long, they come across a homeless vagrant named Reynold Deponijia who asks them for a hand-out; whether they say yes or no to him, he explains to the party that in order to buy anything in the town, they are going to need a pscyhotronic currency card which they could obtain simply by opening a bank account, and so they travel to a nearby one to set themselves up.

The bank at this time is empty and they can immediately speak to a teller about opening an account; she asks where they work and they tell her they do not. She then informs them that they need a job to get an account, and so they must leave the bank and seek out an occupation. If the party returns to Deponijia, he will suggest that maybe one of the science research & development companies may be able to help them out, and marks them on the party's city map. They eventually discover that a eugenics scientist is looking for assistants, and gladly lets them be employed by him when he learns of their desire to have a bank account. The party are then able to return to the bank to open an account.

Upon opening the door they realize the line is fairly line and they are forced to stand in it and wait. Within a few minutes, two intimidating looking individuals crash through the door and window respectively, announcing that the bank is being robbed. One of these two robbers, Mothball, flutters into the civilian line and begins taking their personal items while the other, Mobster Moth, moves to the teller windows and demands the safe be opened. Everyone involved is panicked with the exception of the robbers themselves... and the party. Not about to stand aside and watch this happen, they step forward and challenge Mothball, and he prepares to fight them. In battle he throws old-style grenades, and proves that he is immune to any Earth-based attacks due to his powered flight capability. Despite these he is soundly defeated. Though injured, his partner Mobster Moth distracts the party by firing upon them and Mothball manages to escape with the money, though not without leaving a trail behind.

Not about to leave the bank empty-handed however, the party then tries to open a bank account despite the events that had just unfolded. Flustered but thankful, they immediately honor their request and even waive the normal fee. The party then quickly discuss that the bombs Mothball used were suspiciously similar to those used by Barry Blazcowicz and choose to follow the trail of money, hoping to find the source of this problem.

The trail leads them halfway across the city before it suddenly ends—at the gate leading into the basement of to the local power company headquarters. Unable to proceed further, the gang are forced to abandon their chase and bide their time.

Among Thieves

They return to the Eugenics building instead, figuring that as a scientist, their new benefactor might be able to shed some light on the situation. He does, and states that the company is run by a group of reprehensible old men which support a bomb manufacturing company as one of its many, many subsidiaries. The doctor expresses annoyance that all that these "old fogies" care about is money; the doctor says that they ought to be seeking the betterment of Diakatan instead of simply lining their pockets. He then sends them on a couple of fetch quests, collecting animals during which the party learn rumors of a local thieves guild. Thinking that the two robbers might be members and that finding them may lead them to solving the root of their problem with Blazcowicz, they decide that they need to figure out how to join this "guild".

Their benefactor turns them over to his beautiful colleague, a young female doctor. She informs them that her last boyfriend was in fact a member of the Thieves Guild before his arrest, at which point she broke ties with him. She tells the party that she learned of how to get the Guild's attention: To simply steal a object of some significance. She then informs the party that she actually is currently doing research in Fungal Studies, in an attempt to better understand the incredibly poisonous Fungiferous Forest to help prevent it from spreading globally. As such, she suggests that they can kill two birds with one stone by stealing the Luminrod specimen from a rival laboratory which she tells them is heavily rumored to be in the pockets of the foe they are currently in pursuit of.

Casimiro Cabral MS Sprite

Casimiro Cabral, the heartthrob smuggler.

The party is then told to go downstairs and have passes created to make them appear as VIPs for a tour of this rival group. Following this they travel via monorail to this other lab and join a tour group. They learn the basics of the fungal biome, including the dangers of breathing the air within it, the ecosystem, methods—albeit flawed—to survive for temporarily in the forest, and some information on the local sapients, the Shrumites and the Goblins. At this point the party has an opportunity to slip away, and after some initial free entry into some areas due to their VIP passes, they must soon participate in a stealth minigame to sneak past security and into actual laboratories themselves. Here they find the Luminrod Specimen, but before taking it they are stopped by a man named Casimiro Cabral, who tells them that he is also there for the specimen. A miniboss battle ensues, and once the party has defeated him he hits them with a taser, stunning them long enough for him to make his escape with the specimen tucked under his arm. However, the loud noise that his rocket pack makes alerts security to his presence, and they chase after Cabral. This gives the party the perfect opportunity to slip away unnoticed. During their escape they come across the security pursuing Cabral a few times, and the final time they watch as security dog piles on him, causing him to drop the specimen - seeing an opportunity again the party claims the Luminrod Specimen as their own and flee. Immediately after this Cabral uses his rocket pack to blast his foes off of him and seeing that the specimen has disappeared he cries out in frustration before leaving as well.

The party make it out of the labs but find the monorail shut down due to the security breach. They instead follow beneath it, using its shadow to lead them back to the labs of their benefactor. Along the way they are forced to fight a number of aggressive homeless people and muggers as well as some monsters. About halfway home, the party are stopped by a small band of teenage bikers on their psychocycles, who pester and tease them, obviously acting tough. Before the encounter can get too out of hand however, one member speaks up and stops the others, apparently their ring leader. He then spits on the sidewalk and orders you to keep walking. Eventually they make it back and hand over the Luminrod Specimen to the lady doctor. She thanks them and tells them that she has already heard about the robbery, stating that the party should probably go find a place to rest. They then travel to a hotel located downtown, and they are woken up in the middle of the night by a mysterious individual. He tells them that he has heard of their actions and that he is impressed at how successful they were in escaping without alerting the security to their own presence, using the foolish smuggler Cabral as a patsy. He tells them that their presence has been requested and gives them information on how and where to meet them. He then tells them to get some rest and leaves.

The party do as they are told, and the following night they travel through the undercity until they come across dead end alleyway. Before they can leave they accidentally activate a hidden panel which causes the wall to slide open, revealing a secret passageway. Entering it they find that the alleyway continues onward into a maze; upon finding their way through the come across the end of the strange alleyway, with an unmarked door in front of them. Knocking on the door they are greeted and allowed to enter, where they discover the Thieves Guild of Analogue City. Here they are surrounded by a number of the local thieves: the Humans Adelaide Cooper, Burpina Smellyfootini, Captain Steinbach, Carnivorous Moth, Cedric Black, Fartham and Pukerheim Smellyfootini, and Vincenzo Boiardi; the Mutants Lava, Magma, and Pencil Neck; the Elves Elyssia, Puupria, and Gwagg; and the Mohms Hogman and Booboy (yeah, he needs a name change). They are told that to join the Thieves Guild there are initiation rites, which consists of a significant mission. They are told that if they wish to join the Guild, they must travel to one of the coastal caers and steal back a lost item. The party accepts and prepares to leave the metropolis.

Taking Care of Caer Draer

As part of their initiation rites into Analogue City's infamous Thieves Guild, the party is tasked with obtaining a lost magical item from within the walls of Caer Draer, a decimated walled fortress along the coastline of this nation, Mainland. Draer had been lost to the great lich Mordecai's forces some years earlier and it now remained in disrepair with a massive number of Goblins inhabiting it.

The item in question is none other than Fort Commander Reginald Bingbong's Eternal Flask, a magical artifact that never runs out of booze. While the fort commander was now long dead, the flask would fetch a great price amongst Analogue City's higher-ups, assuming of course the thieves did not wish to simply keep it for themselves.

The party must then leave Analogue City for the first time since their arrival there, traveling across the Melodic Prairie, where the local grass-equivalents, the flutegrass, sing softly in the perpetual breeze rolling softly in from the coast. Several creatures can be fought out here in the prairie to raise character levels, although it will prove mostly unnecessary once inside Caer Draer itself, where no random battles occur. Even so, a smart player will seek random encounters until they come across a Squawklegger, a deer-like bird-equivalent that will drop the Squawklegger Meat item; the first one dropped will become a Key Item instead of a regular one and cannot be used normally.

Arriving at the dilapidated husk of the backside of Draer, the party can hear the ruckus of what is likely thousands of Goblins partying inside. Not wishing to enter an early grave, they choose to bed down and attempt entry after nightfall. They will cook the Squawklegger Meat key item over the fire to turn it into a Squawklegger Steak, and the players can cook other food into new varieties as usual during this time as well; special scenes may also occur around the campfire depending upon whom is currently in the party, including certain characters elaborating more on their own backstories and others potentially discussing possible entries into the fortress with most of them getting shot down for various reasons.

By nightfall, the party packs up their camp and returns to the walls of Draer. A small window has been made from knocked out bricks in the wall. The player can choose to squeeze one character in at a time, but must avoid the patrols along the outer perimeter; characters already inside the fort are unable to participate in any battle against guards. Instead, the player can enter through a gate, where the Goblin guard has fallen asleep. However, there are also two Gobblas - a Goblins' answer to hound dogs - at the gate as well. These Gobblas will grumble at you and will attack if you get too close, but a wise player who has collected the Squawklegger Steak item can hand it over here to the Gobblas, who will then be too busy fighting over the steak to pay you anymore attention, and you can then sneak past. The player can perform a coup de grâce on the Goblin Guard for extra items, though no experience will be rewarded in doing so.

Once inside Caer Draer and unique to this mission, all fighting in the fort is optional as another stealth minigame occurs; this time the game focuses on trying to make it through the area without battling any of the Goblins - however attacking any in a fashion that does not kill them in the first attack or should the player fail any part of the stealth and is noticed, the entire fort will be alerted to their presence and the party will be forced into numerous, nearly non-stop battles with multitudes of Goblins until either 100 Goblins have been slain, they successfully hide, the party leave the fort either with or without the artifact. Though the Goblins are weak here, their numbers alone are seriously dangerous as they will wear your endurance down over time. The player's best bet is to locate a hiding place and wait for the area's "ruckus gauge" to diminish back to zero, at which point the Goblins will stop looking for the player's characters and return to their previous activities. Obviously for this point in the game, this is a poor choice to make. A few scenes will also be missed should you fail to continue being stealthy, including being able to listen to the Goblins in the dilapidated church worshiping their master, a being they refer to as "Mordecai".

Goorjian MS Sprite

Goorjian the Hiccup

As the player sneaks through the town they can eavesdrop both purposefully and inadvertently upon various Goblins, some of which reveals hints to where Fort Commander Reginald Bingbong's Eternal Flask is located (others include lore and simple jokes). The player will eventually find the Eternal Flask in the possession of the fort's "master of drinkemonies", Goorjian the Hiccup. The player has a few options on the table for how to deal with this situation:

  1. Wait for a slightly-extended period of time while hiding in the shadows, until Goorjian drinks himself into a coma and all other nearby Goblins also leave or pass out. At this point your party can sneak up and play a minigame where you can pick his pocket while trying not to wake him.
  2. You can again wait for him to pass out and perform a coup de grâce. However, while this will get the player the Eternal Flask quicker, he will return later in the game, still alive and looking for vengeance for his forcefully-gained sobriety.
  3. You can simply attack the local Goblins, and fight in a mid-boss battle with Goorjian and a few Goblins (which will be replaced every time one is slain). Afterwards, the other Goblins will begin to chase after the characters, forcing them to race out of the fort before they are killed.

With the Eternal Flask stolen, the party leave the fort as stealthily as they came and prepare to return to Analogue City's undercity and into the Thieves Guild.

An Unexpected Detour

However, upon leaving the decimated coastal fort and beginning the journey home, the party find themselves stopped abruptly by a massive herd of Drinkers, a species of migratory animal that travels between watering holes. Although these herds may count anywhere between 50 and 5,000,000 individuals, it seems like you might be looking at one of the larger sized herds. Groaning in frustration you are forced to take a detour to get back to the sprawling metropolis.

Interestingly on the journey back, the road way itself seems to be safe from random encounters, but walking off this path you can battle monsters and level up. Although there are no Save Points in this area, there are rest stops occasionally where you can refill your HP/MP and take a little breather. At some of these stops you can meet various NPCs and complete some sidequests or minigames: For instance, at the third rest stop you can meet with Dexter Hackman, an avid beekeeping enthusiast, who is out looking to capture some new bee species for his hive collection. You may help him by trying to net some out in the nearby flower fields, although certain species are aggressive and will attack you if disturbed without successfully catching it -- these bees only do 1 HP of damage each strike, however. Other insects can also be captured during this, and Dexter will provide you with an unlimited supply of jars to carry them in. This allows you to complete your bestiary and collecting them this early will make a later bug-hunting quest easier; after the end of this chapter, Dexter will no longer appear in this field. Completing this side quest will also alter Dexter's dialog with your party in a later encounter. Although completely optional, if the player goes to a back corner of the field, a unique bee will be encountered, but it will dodge any attempt to capture it and fly in for a stinging strike, initiating a battle sequence. They discover this bee to be a cybernetically enhanced Drone from Denkigama, now known as Drone 2.0. Now far smaller than the party he is incredibly hard to hit, although 1 successful strike will take him down. Should the party fail to land a successful hit after 20 rounds, another insect will leap into the fray -- the party will be surprised to learn that Cicada is somehow still alive. Unlike the party he can deal direct damage to Drone 2.0, although he will not defeat him in a single hit. Drone will eventually be defeated again and the party can talk with Cicada. Cicada, now calling himself Cicada II, explains that he has had his head attached to a life support rocket and expresses how neat it is that should he ever fall in combat again, his head can launch from his body to return to headquarters. He then wishes the party good luck. The party can then capture Drone 2.0 for their bestiary collection, permanently trapping him in a jar for the rest of the game (much to his chagrin).

In one location you will run across a band of thieves looting an overturned and abandoned cart; to avoid them you simply have to walk off the path and keep the bushes lining the side of the road between you and them, otherwise they will attempt to mug you. If you choose to confront them or are seen, your party will reveal that they recognize these highwaymen, who will remove their hoods to reveal that they are in fact the Smellyfootini family: Fartham and his two children, Pukerheim and Burpina. They will chuckle and state that they will not show mercy to you even if you are possible recruits into the Guild, as you have not officially become members yet. They will then take up arms and you will be forced into a miniboss battle against the troupe. Although they will not kill you should you lose the fight with them, they will steal every item in your inventory, including your Key Items such as the Eternal Flask and your current equipment. Should this be the case you will need to follow the dirt path they scurry down and then explore a fairly large but relatively safe area to find their shack and wait for them to leave again to steal your items back.

Eventually you come across a town, where you may rest and save your progress if you like. The town is relatively low-key and does not seem to be important to the game at large, and while its citizens have interesting things to say, you eventually will want to leave. Even so, some suspicious activities seem to be hinted at around the area: One example is several people possessing explosives for otherwise no reason, and another being a makeshift surgical shop where the doctor states that he recently had a patient that was missing limbs that he had to aid. However upon trying to leave town, you are stopped by a familiar face: Barry Blaszcowicz. He announces his disdain for the party and reveals that he suffered grievous injuries after his battle with you, now possessing cybernetic enhancements replacing a lost arm and leg. He chuckles and informs the party that his mortal wounds are a blessing in disguise as now he has the strength to get his revenge upon you, and that Mahahoppaloppakettle must be drunk and smiling upon him to douse him with such luck as to have them show up virtually in his lap. Another boss battle against him ensues and he is once again defeated. Angered, he attempts to pursue to party but his damaged implants short circuit and knock him out. The townsfolk, having seen the fight, tells the party that they will take care of the bomb salesman by throwing him in their jail. Satisfied, the party continue on.

Eventually they reach Analogue City and return to the Thieves Guild, where they give the Guild the Eternal Flask. Greatly pleased with your process, your party are welcomed as full-fledged members of the guild.

The Case of the Pilfered Painting

Now inducted into the Thieves Guild, the party can and should talk to the NPCs therein. While again not every member of the Guild is currently there, each one that is (Adelaide Cooper, Booboy, Carnivorous Moth, Cedric Black, Elyssia Azuregaze, Gwagg Bloodriver, Hogman, Lava & Magma, and Vincenzo Boiardi) will speak to the party openly, some being happy to have you among them and others appearing rather stand-offish. As the party turns to leave and return to the city proper, they will find themselves stopped by Adelaide just outside the door. She will reveal that she respects your party's talents, and then will state that she is a thief with honor. As such, she will reveal to them one of her contacts, a wealthy nobleman living in the high-class district. She tells them that he has asked her to put feelers out to find talented individuals to help him with some business, and since she cannot possibly do all of the missions he requests on her own, she figures your party might want to benefit as well. She also mentions it will put your name out there among the Thieves and really help build a reputation with them quickly. The party accepts and she will lead them to his condominium via slipping off quickly and then standing along the paths that will lead them in the right direction; as such they must keep an eye out for her as she will usually stand in the shadows.

When the party reaches the high-class residential district, Adelaide ducks down the first alley they come across and when the party follows her, they find her retrieving clothing from a duffel bag. She informs the party to put them on to appear upper-class and not out of place in the area, and that the group can then travel freely together. Once dressed they continue into the district and various members of the party reveal their fascination with the levels of technology in the area, greater than even the tech found in the surrounding districts. Adelaide leads them to a well-dressed manservant named Luciano, who then escorts them to a small, hovering panel. The crew board this and it floats up into the sky and straight towards the nobleman's penthouse suite.

Cyor Tec MS Sprite

Nobleman Cyor Tec enjoys some expensive wine.

Upon arrival, they are greeted by Cyor Tec, wealthy philanthropist and nobleman last in the line of once-great Tec family. He leads them on a short tour of his home, where most of the objects that ought to be on display are seen to be barren. When asked about it, he reveals that this was why he has brought you to his home: He seeks various artifacts that once belonged to him and his ancestors, and that he feels once again belong in Tec Family hands. He compliments Adelaide, telling the party that many of the objects that are currently on display were items that she has already procured for him. He then leads them back to the den and informs the party that the first artifact that he is looking to recover is a priceless painting of the first Tec, a woman whose beauty and grace were so renowned that others have craved possessing the portrait. He then reveals that the thief is none other than the president and CEO of Stenner City Electric Company—the party's rival and the company that Blaszcowicz appears to have been working for. The party agrees and he tells them to please hurry. They do so and Luciano takes them back down to the streets below, where the party and Adelaide all return to the alley and retrieve their original clothes from the duffel bag left there. The two then go separate ways when she reveals she has a mission of her own to pull off, but she wishes them luck on theirs.

The group are then left to their own devices on returning to the business district, although the easiest route is to simply take the monorail there. They return to the Stenner Electric Company building and start looking for a way inside, but they fail to find one. The scene fades to nightfall, with the party members still trying to find a way inside. They are in luck when the mail room attendant, Louhen Rehale, shows up and they strike a deal with him for a roundabout way to enter the structure. Louhen explains to them that he has recently become disenfranchised with his employer after his good suggestion ideas were stolen by the company heads and he was banished to the mail room forever to keep him quiet about it. Once inside, they must sneak through all 50 levels of the building; most levels can be ignored completely although items may be found strewn about them. The party eventually reach the upper floors and come across the CEO's office, but find it guarded by a grand total of five guards. They must distract these guards before slipping into the office, where the painting is said to be located.

Upon entering the office they realize the extravagance that went into building this area, proving how much money these heads are earning and wasting when he finds a reception desk and a long, almost blindingly white hallway that actually leads to the office chamber, itself. They enter this final room but are shocked when they find that the CEO has been assassinated; investigating the body reveals that the body is "still warm, but not breathing" and that the blood is still very much wet, revealing the assassination to have happened within the last few minutes. Deep claw marks can be found all over his body, as well. Although nervous as to the nature of what they have come across, they decide it is best to steal the portrait anyhow, as this would most certainly be the best moment in which to do so. With that they walk up behind the dead CEO and find a secret panel. Pulling this reveals a room behind him which they enter, finding the painting. They prepare to take it off the wall but are encountered by a mysterious individual who calls himself Raccoon. He first announces his disgust for the heroes, believing them to have killed the CEO, and ignores their pleas of innocence. Instead he gives the party an ultimatum: hand over the painting or face the consequences. When they refuse, a boss battle activates. Raccoon is extremely agile and hitting him with any attack is going to be particularly difficult; luckily his HP suffers to balance this out. The party eventually defeat him but he uses small stun pellets to incapacitate them and makes off with the painting anyway, forcing them give pursuit.

Raccoon proves to be a master of parkour, and easily outmaneuvers the party. In fact, if it were not for the fact that he enjoys the chase he would lose them quite quickly. Instead he leads them up onto the rooftops and leaps across several before coming to a dead end. He appears to have his back to the wall and waits for your party to catch up, at which point he gives a humblebrag speech and congratulates the party for catching him... right before stepping back off the roof and plummeting to the ground below. The party rushes to the edge to see where he has gone but he has already disappeared. They realize that they will have to find out who the masked man really was if they ever hope to get the portrait back.

This leads to an investigative subplot, where the party can reveal clues about all Human and Loranche characters found in Analogue City thus far to try and figure out who the culprit is. Monstrous characters such as Mothball and Mobster Moth are automatically excluded because they are obviously not the guilty party in this case. Luckily, the game is nice to the player and allows the various characters to be investigated in any order—this allows a player to either get lucky and find the culprit early or if they have beaten the game before and already know who they are looking for, they can cut the subplot short. Eventually the party will enter the Undercity on their quest to locate their foe and will meet up with the four bikers again, this time hanging out outside of the local, albeit dilapidated, school. The bikers seem wholly uninterested in the party's investigation and they all part ways, leaving the party to find them all one at a time to continue with their investigation.

Although three of them are revealed to be guilty of other crimes but not this one in particular, they eventually will go to Michael Procyon's house and upon exploring it, find a covered image on the wall. Removing the makeshift curtain they discover that it is the portrait—Michael Procyon is Raccoon. He soon arrives and they are forced to fight and incapacitate him to take the painting before fleeing. He then jumps on his psychocycle and gives chase, and the party must once more participate in a minigame: This time they are riding in the back of a freight truck to escape Procyon, and must wheel out various items to try and get away from him. Four buttons coincide with four different items that all react differently when thrown, and each time the items make contact with Procyon's cycle he is knocked back some distance—the harder it is to hit him with an item (due to the object's bouncing along the road) the further it pushes him back. The goal is to push him off the screen to successfully escape.

Once they get away they must leap from the freighter to avoid being caught, which will drop their HP temporarily but significantly. Luckily there will be no random battles here and you will be fine. The party return to Cyor Tec and hand him the painting (which they have somehow succeeded in keeping undamaged). He is very pleased to see this and gives the party a chunk of money before sending them on their way, telling them that he will keep in contact.

The party returns to the business district where they are confronted by a battered and bruised Michael, who seems to have crashed as his bike has also been damaged and is smoking heavily as well as coughing and sputtering. Before he can prepare to battle the party again however a dart shoots out and strikes him in the neck, knocking him out. The party is left surprised while a mysterious figure leaps down from the rafters and kidnaps Procyon, leaping back into the sky. The party, dumbfounded as to what just happened are unsure what to do and ultimately decide to return to his makeshift gang and let them know the circumstances in case they can reveal who the kidnapper may be. Returning to the Undercity the find the remaining bikers and inform them as to what has just occurred, telling them that not only is their friend a cat burglar but also that he has just been kidnapped. However the three bikers simply laugh at them and blow them off, afterwards ignoring them. With nothing else to do about it, the party simply leave.

The Case of the Absconded Armor

The next time the party decides to rest (there are a few hints that they should in this section so that the player won't just wander around aimlessly forever), they will wake up to find Adelaide Cooper in their room, telling them to get dressed and come with her. The scene will fade to them once again donning high class outfits in the alleyway and hiding the duffel bag, and then again fade to show them stepping onto Luciano's elevating panel. They are taken back up to Cyor Tec's penthouse, and he requests that Adelaide retrieve for him the Glass Rose; however, he states he has a different mission for your party. He tells them that he has recently discovered that one of his family's heirloom armor sets from the dark ages has been found in this very city -- it is now on display at the local downtown club in the back rooms. He then sends the party on their way to retrieve it for him.

The scene again fades to the party removing their outfits and placing them in the bag, and then discuss how they will get into the club. They try to get in normally but find themselves blocked by two bouncers at the door, who tell them that their clothes suck and that they are not on the list anyways. To solve this, the party must sneak into a nearby clothing store and steal clothing suitable for raving, leaving them feeling ridiculous. They return to the club but while still in the alley on the side of the building, they devise a plan on how to get their names on the list: The player must select two members of the group who are not in the immediate party, and the current party then goes and stands in line. Rehan separates from the rest of the group and waits for the signal: The two characters selected by the player will begin to fight each other, causing the crowd to watch them and the bouncers to go and try to break up the fight. During this distraction Rehan runs up to the checklist and writes the party's names down, also thinking quickly and adding VIP status as well. He then returns to line just in time as the bouncers knock out the two fighters and one of them drags them both off; the other returns to the line to keep it moving. The line moves steadily and before long your party are at the front of the line. The bouncer halts you and mentions that you look familiar but after a long pause he shrugs and checks his list. He is surprised to find your names thereon but lets you in anyways.

Once inside, the party can participate in a few activities such as dancing and drinking, as well as a few gambling games similar to blackjack, roulette, and a slot machine. A mysterious figure in a trenchcoat and wide-brimmed hat stands at the back of the room and will not speak to the party. When they grow tired of being on the main floor the party can go an enter the VIP backstage area, where they can explore various rooms to look for the armor in question. They find a display room but the door is locked, and go back to see if they can find a key in the other rooms. In the process they will accidentally eavesdrop onto a conversation between two individuals: By peeping through the key hole in the door these two are revealed to be the club's owner, Vincenzo Boiardi, Tony Pasta, and the mysterious figure from earlier. Listening in they realize that this is a mob meeting and Boiardi insists that the mysterious figure take off his hat and stay awhile. He feels obliged and removes it, revealing himself to be none other than Mobster Moth. They discuss a new benefactor who will see to it that they will all become very rich and influential men far beyond even their wildest dreams if they simply begin working together. Finally they finish the briefing and prepare to leave through the same door Rehan is peering through, and so the party must all hide before they emerge. Once the three gangsters have left, the party can enter the office where they will find the key in the desk drawer. With this, they return to the display room and open the lock.

Inside they find the suit of armor Tec had been talking about. Seeing no other way around it the party decide to each dawn a piece of the armor. As they go to leave however they are stopped by a strange bubbling, hissing sound. Suddenly the walls to their left and right suddenly melt and in step both Magma and Lava. They are surprised to see you there and insist you hand over the armor as they want some "good rep with the man, too". The party are left in their first forced pincer attack battle, being surrounded and thereby significantly lowering defense. Both Magma and Lava use fire- and earth-based attacks and strike hard but luckily the battle prematurely ends after five rounds when the sprinkler system goes off, setting off the fire alarm and dousing both villains. They immediately admit defeat, and also admit to having not taking sprinkler systems into their plan. Stating that there would really have been no way that they could have succeeded at this mission now that they think about it, they offer to help the party get the artifact out of the building by using the heavy steam now rising off their bodies to block cameras from seeing their escape. The party agrees and the two villains follow them; however they do not join as guest party members as the sprinkler systems prevent their abilities from being used. Nearing the exit they are suddenly stopped by the same two bouncers from before. Lava and Molten tell the others to keep going while they hold them off and the party departs, the doors closing behind them. They can hear muffled strikes for a while although eventually it suddenly goes dead quiet if they stick around long enough. Either way, the party must return to the "dressing room alley" but along the way the two bouncers periodically show up and they must hide themselves from view or risk being caught. Each area has a different set of places to hide, with the final hiding spot being in a homeless man's shopping cart. Not finding them once in here causes the bouncers to give up and return to the club, and the party thank the vagrant who introduces himself as Redric Refuse. The party continue on and soon reach the alley, but upon preparing the duffel bag they realize that the armor actually makes them too big to fit in their high class suits. Instead they must sneak past the citizens, remaining in the shadows until nobody is looking to proceed. Eventually they will reach Luciano again and he will take them up to the penthouse where they can relinquish the armor. Again, Tec exudes a grateful demeanor. The party can find the Glass Rose on display already at this point, indicating that Adelaide has already finished her mission, as well.

The Mad Doctor

A Tale of Two Townships

The incident with the doctor has made city-wide coverage, and with botched bank heist, the theft of the priceless armor and the immediate disappearance of the two bouncers at the club, the mob have begun to piece two and two together as your party were seen during all three incidents. A scene shows both Magma and Lava tied up and being beaten for information. The party realizes that they are in trouble when they wake up in their hotel room to a raucous downstairs after a night's rest. When someone screams "FIRE!!" they quickly leap out of bed and depart through the window, only to find several foes waiting for them. The party fight back but are unable to win against so many enemies, and once the whole party has been wiped out, it appears to be Game Over, as the screen begins to go through its usual scene if the player has perished. However this is interrupted when a pair come to the rescue. The party pass out soon afterwards.

They awaken in a much nicer location, and are soon visited by a familiar face: That of Louhen Rehale, though now he wears a suit instead of a simple white shirt. He starts off chuckling and telling them that it turns out being CEO of an influential company has its perks. He then states that he was glad his men arrived in time to save you. He then catches the party up on the circumstances: First he tells them how he has climbed the corporate ladder in the vacuum caused by the president of his company's untimely murder, and how he now seeks to run the company as a benefactor for the world at large. He then tells them how the mob figured out about the party's involvement in disrupting their schemes and that they are none too happy and now seek to "take care of" them all once and for all; he mentions that his position has afforded him a great deal of power but that not even his power can keep the mob off of them as the mob may seem small in number but that their influence is greater than his own by leaps and bounds. Although he saved them from certain death and nursed them back to health using top-of-the-line rejuvenation baths, he states matter-of-factly that it will not be long before the mob knows they survived the encounter and that the best course of action for them would to be to lay low for a while in the countryside. Certain members of the party (such as Serenity) will protest this if in the immediate party, but ultimately the party realize they have little choice and agree to an offer to sneak them out of the city.

The game fades to a scene of them standing with Louhen and his two loyal subjects who helped save the party, a pair of wild-haired Loranches named Moraan and Wreip, when a stage coach pulls up, hooked to a pair of Dragostaboogles. Louhen wishes them good luck and the party thank the two subjects for their help. They then drop onto their stomach and crawl under the coach, slipping into a hidden compartment beneath. Once they are on the three Loranches step back and the coach departs. The scene fades a few times to show a progression of a long ride to the countryside, and eventually it stops at a farm where a farmer pays the coach and begins unloading the cargo. The driver disembarks and signals for the party to emerge, at which point he tells them that this is their stop, and good luck to them. Not long after he turns around and departs. The farm owner introduces himself as Tro Sturnbatch and tells them that they are welcome but that they will need to pull their weight around the farm as the risk is just too great for him to let you stay there without some way of paying him back. Rehan and Chawan show enthusiasm for this, stating that they have had plenty of experience in farming matters in their hometown of Denkigama. Hearing that name catches Tro's attention and he tells the party that he actually has a family staying on his property that just moved from Denkigama, and that they might know each other. He then points them off in the right direction and lets them go meet their former neighbors.

As it turns out these neighbors are Reno and his children, 10-year-old Somarinoa and 8-year-old Mint. Both Reno and Somarinoa express excitement for seeing other Denkigamans -- Reno just to be reminded of home, and Somarinoa because the group had "saved" him before their departure; Mint on the other hand is less than enthusiastic.

Hard Reset

Chapter 4: Romero Town

Roads Run Amok

It's A Zoo Out There

A Bunch of Psychopaths

Solution Temporary

Undeath Row

With the defeat of The Solution, the Solutionaries thank the party for their help and offer to take them out of the town in an armored vehicle, though they state that it will be dangerous as most of the undead can be found in that area but that it seems to be the only way left out of town. The party have little choice but to accept this offer and they help prepare to head downtown. A convoy leaves and successfully pushes past a horde of zombies, but upon nearing the local prison they are stopped by the sheer numbers of zombies crowding the streets. Finding themselves trapped they must crawl out of a panel in the roof and discover that they can leap across the prison buses in the area to the prison itself in hopes of regrouping. The party does so one at a time and are followed by two of the Solutionaries as well, but they are all shocked when explosions crack the armored vehicles windows open and they are invaded. Screams are heard and the survivors use the distraction to get into the prison more safely. Once inside they discuss what could have caused the explosions and openly wonder if other survivors may have attacked them.

The Solutionaries set up a makeshift headquarters in the abandoned central control room while the better-equipped party continue through the prison to try and find a better way out. Along the way they fight several clusters of undead and discover an prisoner who has survived the jail break named Lacey, and she helps them find evidence of what had happened here including that the jail cells were all opened prior to its being abandoned; they eventually make their way through Solitary Confinement and into Death Row. Here they discover that the "row" has not been opened like the rest of the prison and that they were instead entirely abandoned to their fates. Of the 14 cells they discover a number of inmates who have committed suicide, one who has cannibalized the inmate in the cell next to him but does not appear to have actually become a zombie, a few who have become undead through unspecified circumstances, a gibbering mad man, and three seemingly still sane survivors named Billy Steve, Joseph Coyote, and Jared Pennington Wrightsworth III.

The Antithesis of All We Ever Believed

Chapter 5: Return to Analogue

Hostile Merging


Analogue Riots

Down in the Dumps

Chapter 6: Much Darkness Ahead (Stormhand)

The Spider's Domain (Loren Forest)

Unwelcome Arrival in Stormhand

Bogged Down in Myrebog

Suspicions Arise

Moon Over Lycansylvania

Storming Stormhand (Coup d'état!!)

Chapter 7: Evercold Mountains

For Whom the Bell Voles

Unnamed Snow Elf Subchapter

The Lemming and the Sea

Mordeth's Icy Grip

Chapter 8: Whisper

While trying to locate the mysterious coastal town of Whisper, they are forced to traverse the dangerous mountainous forest region of the Urvonda range. Lost, the party must figure out that the closer they get to town the heavier the mist gets.

Whisper is an old coal mining town that has been mostly abandoned. First they must pass an abandoned car and then the welcome sign. After a pass through an old graveyard the party finally arrive in the city limits.


Captain Sab Mascot MS Sprite

Sabbath in his mascot outfit.

Lucky, they find that the lights are on at a local delicatessen called the Famished Burger. Looking for information and directions around town to complete their tasks, they discover that there is only one employee on-shift at the moment, a young man wearing the deli's mascot named Sabbath. Sabbath is not exactly enthused about wearing a huge burger costume, but he sees opportunity in the party's arrival and confides in them that he hates his job. After expressing his desire to return to the days of a promising future when he was the captain of a local rugby team. He convinces the party to do a trio of menial quests for him.

Each time the party returns to Sabbath, his personality feels colder, more distant. However the party continues to aid him. After bringing him three items, he warns them of an "incoming storm" and flees into the deli. Immediately following this the area suddenly experiences a flash and the entire area transmogrifies into a horrific iteration made of living flesh. The party is shocked to its core despite their experiences with the undead hordes in Romero Town and must take a moment to recover from the experience. Afterwards, seemingly trapped in the deli itself leaves them little choice but to attempt and locate an exit, forcing them to make their way deep into the Otherworldly Deli until ultimately reaching the kitchen.

In the deli's kitchen, the party regroups with Sabbath, now preparing a meal and speaking cryptically. Trying to find a way out of the room, it dawns on them that the meal being prepared before them is made with the remains of the rest of the Famished Burger's staff! Again shocked, Sabbath realizes they have figured it out and acknowledges what the meal is made out of and explains why he killed them as well as how he has been feeding the store's patrons this concoction for some time. The party understandably expresses their displeasure at this news (however, should Serenity be in the party at the time, she will express some minor level of amusement over the situation). This finalizes Sabbath's view over the party and he grows fully detached from reality and, upset, he reveals that he has in fact made a pact with the Gods of Delicious Meats to reclaim his once overflowing potential.

Captain Sab MS Sprite

Sabbath after his transformation into the... strange... Captain Sab.

With this, Sabbath himself suddenly transforms too, taking on a demonic yet strange looking form. He announces that he will only answer to "Captain Sab" from now on before levitating on awkward, boneless wings. He then summons six burgers to guard him in combat and keeps himself resupplied from his "meat stock". Luckily, the party are able to kill him despite his "potential", and Famished Burger returns to its true state. The party discover that it actually has blood smeared everywhere and the entire establishment is dilapidated and far worse for wear. At that exact moment however, a food inspector walks in and cries out in shock at the sight. He recovers quickly however and immediately announces that he is shutting the delicatessen down due to its insurmountable list of health code violations. He then turns to the party and sternly informs them to leave before ushering them out and locking the door behind them.

Finding Alice

Those That Seek Your End

God Eraser

Where Is Your God Now?

Chapter 9: An Ocean Apart (Ley Ocean)

Privateers & Pirates

Washed Ashore

The Underwater World

The Island of Dr. BG

Off the Coasts of Illustra

Chapter 10: Sonna Rainforest

Guerrilla Warfare

Kraven Temple

Epic Trolling

Chapter 11: Bad Luck in the Badlands

A Lost Kingdom

Fungal Jungle

Discovering Myrjlon

With the poisonous miasma of the Fungiferous Forest fading into the distance, the party are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. This does not last, however, and soon they come to a huge, uncrossable wall, as foreboding as it is intimidating, with a giant obsidian fortress just visible on the horizon beyond. This is the Garrison of Noggle, built by Orc laborers and patrolled by Ogres. After some contemplation the party realize that there simply is no other way around—this time, they will have to strike head-on.

They move to the gate and demand entry. In response, one ogre pops his head over the wall and laughs at them. When they insist they be allowed to pass, the Ogre gets frustrated and comes down to meet them face-to-face. This powerful ogre is Axebit Sawtooth and counts as a miniboss battle. Upon defeat, Sawtooth collapses from exhaustion, unable to stand and leaving the front door wide open in the process. The party storm the garrison and must fight several more Ogres, Land Orcs, and Goblins as they work their way through it. Just as they are about to reach the other side however they encounter Noggle himself, another Ogre. Surrounded by his remaining guards, they attack as well but are soundly defeated after a grueling battle. With that, the crew pass through the garrison and finally enter Myrjlon, the homeland of the Orcs and Vordathco Mordecai's seat of power.

This area quickly opens up and can be explored freely, though each path leads through the tribal grounds of several Land Orc tribes, all of which are hostile to the player. These include Clan Greshann, the Bleeding Heart Clan, the Dark Spire Clan, the Hell Shrieker Clan, the Mangled Flesh clan, the Trinity Clan, the War Scar Clan, and the Crimson Fang Clan—the one that Jertrana Ragefever had mentioned earlier. Trying to enter any of these tribes will force the party to sneak around; if they are caught, they will be immediately attacked non-stop by the tribesmen until they leave the clan grounds. This includes the Crimson Fang, much to the party's surprise when they attempt to enter the grounds. The grounds to the Dark Spire are completely inaccessible though; attempting to enter will only lead to them being blocked by a magical barrier.

In Search of Bloodtusk
Dursh MS Sprite


Durosha MS Sprite

Durosha, Dursh's pet sabertooth

However, after a little exploration, the party will find a single Land Orc explorer with a large sabertooth. Surprised to see anything like a human or loranche in Myrjlon he prepares to attack the intruders, but the battle is suddenly interrupted by Blade, who choppers into the middle of the fight. Realizing the loranche supersoldier is the bigger threat, this Orc teams up with the party to battle him. Upon defeat, Blade choppers off once more to regenerate its wounds. Apprehensively thanking the party for the help, he introduces himself as Dursh and his cat as Durosha. He explains that he is seeking his clan chieftain, Grihm Bloodtusk, who disappeared some months prior and had been replaced by sadistic warlock Perenus Darkmoore. The party are surprised to hear that name again, having witnessed his death earlier on, but are even more surprised to learn that Dursh hails from the Crimson Fang Clan. They take this opportunity to agree to help the Orc seek out his chief. He states that he is suspicious of Perenus' rise to power, and the party inform him of their knowledge to his prior corruption. With this knowledge in hand, he suggests that they try and get some information on where Grihm could be located—or if he is even still alive—but indicates that he would not be able to get that close to the new chief, himself and thus the party will need to do it themselves.

To do this, the party must sneak back into the Crimson Fang grounds and avoid being seen. Luckily, Dursh is a clan member and uses this to his advantage to help you out by distracting certain, more difficult groups to bypass. Upon reaching Perenus' tent, they position themselves and overhear him speaking with another individual whose voice they recognize: that of Eon Storm, a death knight they had encountered under the command of Black Death in Romero Town. They learn that Perenus and Eon have allied together and it is brought up that Dursh is acting suspiciously, and whether they should "scramble his brain and send him out into the world like they did with dear old Grihm." Realizing that he is somewhere else in the world now, they return to the outskirts of the clan and meet back up with Dursh.

Dursh is distraught by the news, and is unsure how to proceed in leaving Myrjlon to find their target. It is decided that they will have to go back the long way, and so they proceed to leave Myrjlon and return to the Fungiferous Forest intent on finding Jertrana to help them in their quest. This time however they stumble upon Zebezo, and Somarinoa, excited to see his old friend, chats with him and asks him if he has seen any Land Orcs in the area. Zebezo proceeds to commune with the forest itself and Somarinoa relays that Zebezo said that there are actually two in the area—one that has traveled towards the river and may be difficult to reach, and one that lives in a monastery high on the area's only peak. Curious as to whom this other Orc is, they agree to follow Zebezo to a secret path that will lead to the monastery. This leads to a short mini-game where they have to find a way to reach wherever Zebezo travels to each screen, avoiding traps and avoiding or taking out patrols. Eventually the path is revealed and Somarinoa says goodbye to his friend. The party continues on up the mountain, fighting alpine beasts on their way up the steps until they finally arrive at the monastery. They are greeted warmly but must remove all of their weapons to enter.

The monastery is surprisingly large and filled with many refugees who are stated as having nowhere else to go, who appreciate the solitude that the Fungiferous Forest provides from the outside world. Upon exploring the area however they do not discover the orc in question; when questioning the head monk, he explains that the orc they are looking for is named Daidenar, who has proceeded even deeper into a hidden school of magic below the cliffs. Disheartened that this does not appear to be the orc that they are looking for, they still decide to continue forward with the hopes that one of the magicians can help divulge Grihm's location. They travel by gondola down into a deep cavern which eventually emerges into an impossibly bright and beautiful landscape beneath the earth.

Chapter 12: Big City


Rampant Gang Wars

HEAT Sinks

No Sign of Heroes (Scarfers!!)

Chapter 13: What Goes Down Must Come Up



Chapter 14: Planet Invasion

The Awakening

Gohd Vengeance

Scourge Invasion

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Despite the party's best efforts, the Scourge is still running rampant and with nearly all heroes killed off by the Scarfers, things are beginning to look grim for Big City. It is here that the party decide to contact their old ally, Louhen Rehale. They make their way up to the communications relay and get into contact with him only to discover he already knows about the invasion. He also insists that he is working on a solution to the problem before it progresses any worse and insists that they are already on their way to the city. The heroes breathe a sigh of relief and soon afterwards leave the relay to continue the battle against the space pirates. As they reach the bottom of the trail however they find themselves surrounded by Scourge; their friend at the tower has turned them in in order to save his own skin. They are taken prisoner and they are quickly knocked unconscious, immediately blacking out the screen.

The sound of water dripping in an echoing room leads to the screen fading back in, and revealing the party to be locked into separate prison cells throughout various rooms of the structure they find themselves in -- there are enough cells for every party member you can have gathered thus far, but only those you have obtained will be filled. Luckily, Rehan, Chawan, and Serenity all have cells near to one another. Chawan grumbles about the week that has since gone by and how starved he feels. Rehan devises a plan to escape: as Serenity is a Dream Demon, he insists she abandon her corporeal form and enter the dreams of the guard. She scratches her head and wonders why she hadn't thought of that herself yet, and then immediately proceeds to enter the mind of the guard. He twitches a little at first before entering a sleepwalking state. He shambles over to Chawan's cell and releases him, and then opens Rehan's. The group agree to split up to free more party members more quickly and they do so.

From here, the game will switch between characters every time a group of characters are freed. This is a primarily stealth-oriented section, and each species of space pirate will act differently in their patrol routes. If you are caught then alarms will go off and you will be forced to fight pirates every few steps until you can shut off the security alert at a nearby panel. If you faint in battle, that team will be returned to their cells. They can be freed again by returning to the main room and unlocking their door again; otherwise the game will skip over them during the round robin.

Eventually all characters will be freed and you will be able to escape the detainment block, fighting a large boss along the way. This will send the detainment block crashing back down to the earth, as the party realizes that they have been inside of a flying fortress. They barely escape in time aboard "Ejection Panels"; Serenity decides to keep her host for a while, and thus becomes Zarynity and joins the party as a guest for the time being. On the trip back to the ground the party notice four massive creatures nearing the city. They correctly deduce that these must be the weapons sent by Rehale, but they watch in horror as the creatures begin indiscriminately eradicating Scourge emplacements as well as outright destroying the town itself. Unsure what has caused this unprovoked attack, the party realize that they will need to take these creatures down before the city is destroyed.

To do so, they must find their way up to the creature's faces, which involves some puzzle solving. The four kaijin - Chain-Yang, Destruction, Rubiez, and Star-Yang - can be fought in any order. When fighting either Rubiez or Star-Yang, some potential party members will mention that they feel like they recognize these monsters -- these individuals who mention this will vary depending on who was in your party during earlier chapters.

Once all four kaijin are slain, the party note how their destruction has destroyed large areas of the city but that this is still better than losing the entire settlement. One member of your current party will make the comment, "Boy, they really should fire whoever thought those things looked cool."

Luckily, much of the Scourge's forces have been decimated by these kaijin, but the party decide that they must go and speak with Rehale again to alert him as to his error. While the relay person stands in their way, the current lead party member will punch them out. However, once they turn on the communications tower they only receive static -- for some reason, Rehale is not answering their calls. They eventually give up and decide to try and finish off the Scourge.

Razing of Big City

Chapter 15: Above & Beyond

Terran-Gohd War

With Big City utterly decimated by the attacks of both the Gohd Raiders and the Crux space pirates immediately following, the government sends out a request seeking all of the most powerful citizens across the planet to form an army to travel into space and take the fight to the enemy. With the heroes—and even some villains—of the planet gathered together and sworn to protect the planet, the governments of the world officially declare war upon the Gohd. The governments then reveal that they have been in contact with an alien race known as the Voiasenso, who indicate their disappointment in the actions of the Gohd, and offer a hand in uplifting the species to interstellar capabilities, though they state that they will not be able to help them do battle with their enemies directly. With the Voiasenso's help, battle cruisers are quickly constructed and crewed to capacity. Much to the party's shock and embarrassment, despite being great heroes they are assigned to a scientific vessel called the StarGazer. With everyone assigned, they travel into space to face the Gohd.

The party are tasked with about 11 small missions aboard the StarGazer before the crew travel to the deck and overhear the report that all battlecruisers have been destroyed in combat with their foes. The captain quickly orders them off the deck and bewildered, they return to their cabins to ponder what it is that they have just bore witness to. Soon after the party all meet up at one of their cabins, and not long after the captain surprises them by showing up as well. He informs the party that what they heard was true and he now has no choice but to inform the crew that they have lost the war. One of the party asks if there is something that can be done, and he tells them that their lead science officer has informed them that their only course of action is to retrofit the science vessel with weaponry to convert it into a secret weapon of sorts. He is unsure it will work and decides to have a democratic vote on the matter.

The party decides that this the only real course of action, and go through the various minor missions to convince some major players on the ship to vote to retrofit the vessel, with the knowledge that they will then convince others themselves. After convincing everyone, the vote occurs and the ship is then taken to a Voiasenso starbase, where they convert the starship.

The ship then must travel to a Gohd colony world where they battle several more Gohd. They realize that the aliens are too powerful to fight like this, but scientists alert the crew that they have unlocked some of the deepest genes of man, and they reveal the Powertapper, a device that permanently transforms the wielder into a more powerful state by unlocking the DNA of an ancient human ancestor. They perform this on the Tsukino sisters—Shiike, Romiko, and Oki, who then become Guest characters during a number of more quests that take the party and the ship closer and closer to the Gohd homeworld. With the powertapped psininja sisters, the crew successfully defeat the Gohd and they begrudgingly surrender.

Government Sanctioned Sanctuary

Civil Crisis on Ailosis

The Scourge Returns

Harvested in Darkness

Stranded on Vuunega

The Fall of Kalindra

Za Invasion

A Conquest of Galaxies

Desolate Dunes of Falphurrn

What a Mess on Omess

Necrusk Mission

Returning from the mission to Omess, the party report in to command about the existence of the awoken Cthalon. Surprisingly he does not appear particularly interested in this information and quickly tells them that they are to be transferred to the patrol ship Telephus, destined for deep space. Although certain party members will try to pipe up and complain or ask why, they are quickly shot down and sent out immediately.

The game then fades to 3 months later, where the main character wakes up from hypersleep and wanders around the Telephus. He can chat with the rest of the party as well as the regular crew aboard the Telephus, which mostly consists of various space marines -- 22 in total. Here they can meet Adus Lesk and Wrengl for the first time, as well as Xeno Agent Orola. However, nothing will really occur until all party members are chatted with, a number of which will express boredom with the task, with some inferring that they feel they were placed upon this patrol as a way to silence them about Omess. Within mere moments of having that conversation, the Telephus floods with red lights and sirens blare. The party all run to the front of the vessel, where they learn that the ship has intercepted a garbled signal set on repeat. The signal is emanating from the nearby Zessa System but all attempts to translate it so far have failed. The ship's captain fears that it could either be a distress beacon from a ship lost in the area with an encrypted signal to prevent Space Pirate access to its message, or that it is instead a purposefully-faked signal set out by these same potential Space Pirates as a sinister trap to good Samaritans. He states that he cannot just leave it either way, and that it is the crew's duty to go in and check out the signal. He then sets course for the Zessa System, soon arriving above Tozera, the lush moon of the desert planet Tozect. They prepare and set up in the drop seats and land; they are lucky and have no problem with the landing, finding a clear area.

Stepping out onto the planet's surface they begin to set up the base of operations. The captain orders privates first class Lesk and Wrengl as well as Xeno Agent Orola to perform reconnaissance of the outlying regions. The party are also tasked with setting up a perimeter defense, and upon doing so and returning to the base, they state that Lesk, Orola, and Wrengl have yet to return from recon and ask if your party can go in and investigate. You leave but soon find Adus Lesk on an area below them.
Adus Lesk MS Sprite

Adus Lesk in his nanosuit armor.

Before they can call out to him they notice him approaching a critically wounded bounty hunter and watch with surprise as it conveys its nanosuit to Lesk. He then collapses and the party then proceed down and the cliff and make sure that he is alright. Once he is able to walk again they return to camp, only to discover that it is currently under attack! Most of the marines are already slain but with the party and Lesk's help, they are able to push back their mysterious attackers. The party is thanked and Lesk tells them that they have proven themselves, but the marines then move on to bury their dead. Rehan and the others realize that most of their own party members are missing, and when asking about it they are informed that many were dragged off. Lesk chooses to not let the marines know who he actually is, and instead offers to join the party on their mission. With this, Adus joins the party as a guest.

Along the course of this mission, the party quickly find Orola and slowly find their party members one-by-one. Each member will appear in a specific location and so any members of the party that were in your current line up will not appear in their locations. The group discover that the moon has become infested with Necrusk, a species of microscopic parasites that overtake bodies and enhance them to suit their own needs. It is discovered that the Necrusk are using Tozera as a stepping stone towards invading Tozect, which is revealed to be the home planet of the Toryds.

Bounty Hunter Convention

Freedom from Zolacia

Crux of the Problem

List of in-game items

Key Items

  • Dragon Egg
  • Luminrod Specimen
  • Reginald Bingbong's Eternal Flask
  • Succulent Squawklegger Meat
  • Squawklegger Steak

Usable Items

  • Fertility Rose
  • Spawn-B-Gon: Prevents random battles for 50 steps.
  • Wolfsbane: Instantly KO werewolves. Inflict others with Prolonged Death status ailment.

Restorative Items

  • Heavenly Pear: Fully restores HP.

List of playable characters

Character Type Description
Adus Lesk MS Sprite

Adus Lesk

Ranged Fighter Adus Lesk is a space marine-turned-bounty hunter, still actively aiding the UFCL though as a freelance individual. He wears the nanobots of another former bounty hunter, who willed them to him during his own passing.

He joins the party in Chapter 15 when they visit the moon of Tozera, soon after he obtains his nanosuit and after they prove themselves as allies when defending the survivors of the crashed ship, the Telephus. His primary stat is Defense, with his secondary being Accuracy. His specialty is called Nano Shed, which allows him to cure himself of any negative status effect every other round. To do so, the game detects if he has a status ailment, and if so he will automatically shed his nanosuit and replenish it immediately, removing the ailment as the nanobots it was attached to are no longer in use.

Adus' Had Enough ability is called Giger Counter. It puts a 3-turn counter on the battlefield, and after three characters have taken their turns (no matter what their actual ATB charge rate happens to be), Giger will suddenly crash onto the field, attempting to kill Adus. He will switch to his alternate form, roll under Giger, convert back to human form and fire at him. Giger will then charge up and breathe fire but Adus will again duck under Giger, causing the giant Space Dragon to instead immolate all opponents for serious fire damage. Adus will hit Giger with another attack and the dragon will then shriek and flee.

Axel Kolanthe MS Sprite

Axel Kolanthe

Melee Fighter Axel Kolanthe is one of two sworn protectors of Stormhand's prince, Ferdinand Gerreth. Originally hailing from The Badlands, he is a hearty individual. Stoic and proud, he almost never leaves his liege's side and is sworn to protect him no matter the circumstances. When the party initially meet the royal family of Stormhand, Axel seems suspicious of them and says little. When the party run into he, Ferdinand, and Lars later on in the forests, he becomes even more suspicious. However, he lightens up to them after they succeed in preventing the assassination of King Alonsus Gerreth.

He and Lars do not join the party until the Stormhand chapter is nearly completed, at which point Prince Ferdinand is kidnapped by Vordathco Mordecai and they join the party to seek to rescue him. His primary stat is Attack, with his secondary being Defense, making him a great tank for the team. His specialty is called Save the Prince, and is shared with Lars Gamohyle. Should Prince Ferdinand be in the party and enter Critical status, Axel will be immediately cured of all status ailments, healed slightly, and receive Haste.

Axel's Had Enough ability is called Lycanthropy. Although it takes longer to fill the gauge than most other characters, once selected he will transform himself into a Greater Werewolf, eschewing his equipped weapon to attack with his claws; his armor will remain active, however. Axel's already high Attack stat is doubled during this time, and he will remain transformed until the end of combat. Gaining further Had Enoughs during the same battle will result in him using an attack called frenzy, where he attacks five randomly-selected targets.

Balloon Fighter MS Sprite

Balloon Fighter

Melee Fighter Balloon Fighter is a supersoldier who utilizes one of the strangest weapons known - a luke-warm microstar contained within a sphere of durable plastic and mounted to his wrist via a titanium tensile cable - which looks just like a balloon. In combat he will reel back and punch this "balloon", which will transfer and greatly enhance the energy flowing through it and allowing for more damage output.

He joins the party during the Analogue Riots to help quell the chaos, and sticks with them afterwards, seeing them as capable allies. His primary stat is Defense, with his secondary being Speed. His specialty is called HUD Visor, which allows him to scan opponents and add them to the bestiary compendium as well as reveal stats and weaknesses during actual combat.

His Had Enough ability is called Luftballoon. Reeling up for the ultimate strike, he sacrifices the microstar and hits the ground near his opponent so hard that it collapses the star and causes a localized but miniature supernova. This deals serious and critical damage to all opponents on the field, but also will deplete Balloon Fighter's HP to just into the Critical stage. After using this he cannot attack for one turn, and will automatically use this turn to cast "Reinflate", where he creates a new microstar and therefore gets his balloon viable again.

Borde MS Sprite

Borde the Bored Board

Ranged Gunner Borde the Bored Board is an anthropomorphic 2x4 plank. A former gunnery sergeant in General Rabbit's platoon, he was struck by a boredom bomb and has ever since found himself incapable of being enthused by anything at all. His ho-hum, bland personality belays his heroic nature, and he still willingly helps the party while in the Sonna Rainforest chapter. He uses a bazooka in combat.

He joins the party early on in the Sonna Rainforest, under the premise that the party help him find a cure for his boredom. He at first starts out as a uncontrollable guest character, and when the chapter ends and no cure for his boredom is found, he joins the party anyhow as he is "too bored to quit". Notably every time he attacks, he responds textually with a "Yawn..." "Sigh..." "Ho-hum.", "Meh", "Blah", or simply "...", set up to display randomly. His primary stat is Attack, and his secondary is Willpower. His specialty is called Deck Seal, which causes him to only take minimal damage from Water- and Wind-elemental attacks.

His Had Enough ability is called Almost Enthusiasm. He becomes trigger happy and starts firing off his bazooka rounds rapidly, hitting random opponents for a random amount of time. After a maximum of seven strikes however he gets so bored he falls asleep, gaining the Sleep status. While asleep he will regenerate health.

Dire Panther MS Sprite

Dire Panther

Melee Combatant Dire Panther is a very focused vigilante who prowls the concrete jungles of the worlds' major matropolises, dispensing his own brand of heavy-handed, violent justice. The party first see him during the Analogue Riots, although only a few short times where they wander into him taking down criminals before continuing on, paying the party seemingly little mind, although he does acknowledge their presence. A few times they can locate bodies that appear to have been attacked by a man-sized cat, hinting at Dire Panther's presence though he is at these times long gone.

The party again encounter him in Big City when he arrives via hang glider. During the events that occur in Big City, Dire Panther drops in amongst the party and offers his assistance, leading to him joining the team. His primary stat is Accuracy, and his secondary is Speed. His specialty is called Thorn and causes any melee attack dealt to him to deal some damage to the foe, as well.

His Had Enough ability is called Go All Out. Flying into a rage, Dire Panther will leap onto a single foe and will continuously attack until that foe does. He will be otherwise uncontrollable during this period, however. Each strike does his regular level of damage, but he can very quickly whittle down a foe's health. All other characters can resume acting as normal while he continues to do this.

Lucrecia Callahan MS Sprite

Lucrecia Callahan

Ranged Gunner Lucrecia Callahan is a gothic, female survivor of the zombie outbreaks. Though young, she has had to grow up fast as she watched her friends and family perish around her.

She encounters the party in Romero Town, where the undead have all but taken over. Although she is holding her own fairly well at the time, she states that it is only a matter of time before they overcome her if she works alone, and offers to join the party for mutual protection. Her primary stat is Agility, and her secondary is Willpower. Her speciality is called Kill the Dead, which causes her to deal 200% damage to zombies, with an increased chance to deal critical damage to them.

Her Had Enough is called Raw Dog. She begins to rapidly fire her dual handguns, hitting all enemies; each bullet does its own damage, allowing for an increased chance of damage over misses. After unloading both 12-shell clips into her opponents she stops, calmly reloads the weapons, and returns to firing insanely again. Once she has run out of bullets the second time, she steps back and the rest of the battle continues.

Swamp Croc MS Sprite

Swamp Croc

Stealth Combatant Coming soon!
Thoramocka MS Sprite


Melee Combatant Coming soon!

List of boss characters

Character Type Description
47 MS Sprite


One-Time #47 is an albino, serial killing "sockbunny". He appears at the end of the case the party is asked to solve early in the game, where the matron of the bunny farm asks them to help her solve the case of all the bunnies that have been mysteriously dying at night.

With #47 defeated, the matron expresses shock and anguish that it was one of her own bunnies who had committed the atrocious acts. Deeply troubled, she gives the party a Lucky Rabbits Foot accessory and sends them on their way.

Casimiro Cabral MS SpriteAnacon MS Sprite

Casimiro Cabral

Recurring Anacon (formerly Casimiro Cabral) is a Mutate smuggler working for Dr. BadGuy. He first appears in his human form when the party tries to obtain the Luminrod Specimen from the Fungal Studies Lab, and they are forced to fight him. During this battle he uses a technique called "Heartthrob", which charms female characters and prevents them from attacking him; they can still use items on their allies but there is a 60% chance of dropping said item if not tar getting themselves, thereby preventing its benefits. Although he is defeated, he manages to stun the party long enough to make his escape via equipped rocket pack.

He again appears when the player is tasked with stealing back the Dragon Egg, this time having been transformed into a Mutate -- here the party are forced to fight both him and Undetected Unit at the same time. As the three groups are after the egg for their own purposes, Anacon will spend his time between attacking the party and attacking Undetected Unit. He is defeated here as well and fails to obtain the egg.

He appears a few more times during other item-claiming missions, primarily trying to steal samples of creatures for his master's Neogenetics project, but also attempting to stop the characters from finishing the Alchemist's Concoction. The players also can run across him in the jungles, where he is simply minding his own business and is surprised by the party. This is an optional boss fight, where he calls in several other serpent-themed villains to aid him.

Bruiser MS Sprite


Recurring Bruiser (formerly Chaz Roberts) is a Mutate enforcer working for Dr. BadGuy. He initially appears as a member of a motorcycle gang in Analogue City. Although unfriendly here, he is an NPC and not fought in combat. However upon solving The Case of the Pilfered Painting, the party tries to inform the gang that their friend was the thief but has been kidnapped, only to be laughed at. The party later returns to Analogue City only to witness Chaz and his fellow gang members being knocked out and abducted themselves.

Bruiser then later appears in his monstrous state when the party reencounters the thief, who has now been transformed into the Mutate known as The Raccoon. He, Perch and Berserk are attempting to bring The Raccoon into custody, and so like the Undetected Unit + Anacon battle, the fight is divided, with The Raccoon attacking both your party and the Mutate trio, but the Mutates only attacking The Raccoon—should they succeed in defeating him they escape with him, removing his chance to become an available party member later. He appears again during this chapter on top of a roof that The Raccoon has been chased to, again with his fellow Mutate trio, but is knocked off the roof by Cruncher, who has shown up for the same reasons, who then disposes of Perch and Berserk as well.

Bruiser appears one final time in another (optional) boss battle after The Raccoon has joined the party, and will not appear otherwise. In this fight he is revealed to have had his spine broken and now wears cybernetic armor to allow him to continue to walk. This drastically increases his defense to nigh-invulnerability unless the armor is short-circuited. Upon his defeat here, he groans and does not get back up. He will remain on the ground groaning until the end of the chapter, and then won't be seen again.

Billy Steve MS Sprite

Billy Steve

Recurring Full name William Stevens, he is an escaped prisoner who is partnered up with The Scavenger. He is first found in the prison in Romero Town, trapped in his cell along death row. The player is afforded the option to let him out by opening the electronic locks or to "let him rot". This will only change what he says to the player upon later meeting, and he canonically escapes whether the party helps him or not.

He is seen a few chapters later in Whisper, where he and The Scavenger have escaped to, only to find themselves trapped in this town as well due to the demonic presence and its magical effects on the town. If the party let them loose, he thanks them for his freedom but will state that he has seen things in Whisper that means he cannot decide if you are real or not, and that the only course of action is to kill you to be sure. Once defeated, he and The Scavenger flee with their lives.

He is fought once more near the end of Whisper's chapter, and states that now it is every man for himself. During this battle he will start out working with The Scavenger, but after a quarter of their total HP is depleted, the two will suddenly turn on each other and only attack one another. Once one of the two has perished, the remaining one will turn their focus back to the party. Once defeated however they will suddenly transform into Flesh Mimic and the true boss battle will begin.

Because of Billy Steve's personality, should the party have any child characters with them on the field, Billy will focus all of his attacks on them so long as they are conscious.

Captain Sab MS Sprite

Captain Sab

One-Time Captain Sab is a strange and mysterious being found in Whisper. Early on in Whisper, the player must enter a local Delicatessen known as the Famished Burger. Here they can do some quests for the deli's mascot wearer, a man named Sabbath, who wears a ridiculous burger costume. He states how much he hates his job and how he used to be the captain of the local rugby team and had expected a promising future.

Although these quests are menial tasks, after arriving at the Famished Burger for the third time, the area suddenly flashes and transforms into a horrible version of the building made out of living flesh. Upon making their way to the kitchen, they discover Sabbath in here, preparing a meal which is soon revealed to be made of the contents of the deli's other employees! Upset with the party's displeasure at having heard this, he insists that he has made a pact with "the god of delicious meats" and suddenly transforms into this demonic—if strange-looking—creature, now known as Captain Sab.

Captain Sab hovers in battle thanks to his wings, and therefore cannot be hit with earth elemental attacks, or any other attack relying on the ground itself being a factor. He also is aided in battle by six Upset Burgers, which he can replace if they are slain. Killing Captain Sab will force the deli to return to its original state, although blood is smeared everywhere and the entire establishment is far worse for wear. Suddenly, a food inspector will come in, cry out in shock and immediately shut the establishment down and kick you out, locking the door behind you.

Chamelouge Flight Suit MS Sprite


Recurring Chamelouge is the de facto ruler of the Iskian Empire, one of the primary interstellar factions within the Scutum–Crux Arm. His faction rivals that of humanity's, the UFCL (short for the United Federation of Celestial Lifeforms).

Chamelouge first appears late in the game, acting as one of the final chapter's four main antagonists, alongside Lord Transpose of the Scourge, Seikrabh of the Crux, and the Chaos Legions as a whole.

Death Hand MS Sprite

Death Hand

Recurring Death Hand is a member of the Oniryu, a clan of ninja assassins who have secretly infiltrated much of the world which rival the mysterious Ninpo no Jagaa, more commonly known as the Jaguar Ninjas. Although a dedicated and talented individual, he desired to rise through the ranks and obsessed over the power to crush his enemies. To this effect he made a pact with an unknown demon, which has possessed his left hand and given his left arm intense strength. It is unknown what the demon wants in return, but Death Hand has become one of the greatest assassins amongst the Oniryu.

He first appears standing at the vista in the Vista Foothills, peering over the edge towards Analogue City. He does not pay the party much attention, quipping but blowing them off at the same time.

He is next only hinted at when the party runs across an assassinated official, though they are unable to link the two together. Later he appears in Whisper, again paying the party little attention and instead focusing on the Ninja Brawlers, even going so far as to sacrifice some of his own minions into lesser demon possession. When the party aids the Brawlers however, he is forced to acknowledge their abilities, but flees instead of attacking them, saving his vengeance for another day.

The party finally are forced to fight him in the Badlands, where he appears suddenly to inform them that their time is up, and that he has been hired by none other than Vordathco Mordecai. He is a difficult battle, being very agile and dodging many attacks but also dealing heavy physical damage with his demonic hand. Luckily the party are aided in combat by Citrus, a demonhunting ninja that they had just allied themselves with.

After his defeat, Death Hand disappears in a puff of smoke, fleeing to lands unknown.

Deform MS Sprite


Recurring Deform is Dr. BadGuy's most loyal lackey. He is first encountered in Analogue City as a homeless vagrant known only by his last name, Deponijia asking for handouts on the street. Although far from easy at this stage in the game, if the player gives him 100,000 dranell before 3/4ths of the way through the chapter, he will excitedly take it to make a life for himself, removing him from the streets and thereby removing Deform from the game as a boss, as well as Black Orchid. Instead he will be revealed to having invested it and becoming a millionaire by several chapters later, becoming a significant ally to the party.

Otherwise, he will appear unimportant until the Mutate Project occurs 3/4ths of the way through the chapter, where the scientist working in Neogenetics will pay him to act as a guinea pig for his first experiment on a human being, leading to the creation of Deform but also inadvertently creating Black Orchid when she sees what the mad doctor has done and flees into a radiation chamber. Deponijia will immediately join the doctor's side, and immediately after the party will walk in on the aftermath. Claiming that the doctor must be stopped, Deform will voluntarily defend his new master, leading to the first battle encounter with him. Although a decent threat, he can be defeated fairly simply and will flee afterwards in pursuit of the doctor.

Later on in the game the party re-encounters the doctor, now referring to himself as Dr. BadGuy. Deform has been modified to his current (main) state by now. He is significantly more difficult, having had an arm replaced with a cybernetic, scissor-like weapon which dealt incredible melee damage. Upon his defeat he immediately transforms into a tougher monster who takes much less damage from melee attacks. Upon his defeat here he will flee.

Throughout the game, he is encountered five more times, each time becoming more and more mutated until he no longer resembles anything human at all, becoming a quadrupedal monstrosity. All in all, he is fought whenever the party physically encounters Dr. BadGuy himself. Interestingly, two of his body parts must be stolen from him to complete the Alchemist's Concoction—his mutagenic blood and tail.

Dr. Cobra MS Sprite 2

Dr. Cobra

Dr. Tarantula MS Sprite

Dr. Tarantula

Jigsaw MS Sprite


One-Time Jigsaw is a villain who reveals himself during the Analogue Riots. Having suffered some industrial accident in the past, Jigsaw lost his leg and now seeks revenge on the company he had worked for, where he can be found and fought.

Jigsaw does more damage than might initially be expected despite only attacking with a punch, a kick, and a head butt. This is because his leg is cybernetic and he uses pistons in it, his arm is equipped with a mechanized stabbing blade, and his helmet has been equipped with a chainsaw blade. Upon his defeat, he is incarcerated and can be seen pacing his cell at the Analogue City Penitentiary. He does not succeed in escaping from here.

Jinpachi Wrung MS Sprite

Jinpachi Wrung

One-Time Jinpachi Wrung is a professional wrestler and former sumo wrestler who serves Count Smackula in his Wrestlevania circuit. He is encountered by the party when they join the circuit in order to defeat and slay Smackula as part of their Vampire Hunter quest.

Wrung is so heavy he is unaffected by any sort of staggering attack, and damage is way less than would normally be done on a smaller opponent. He can stun the player's character by stomping.

After defeat he returns to Count Smackula's side. When the party finally reaches Smackula, he stands beside the vampire, but right before battle backs out, much to everyone's surprise. He reveals that he does not actually care about Smackula and has no qualms about his potential death at your hand. He then walks away and is not seen again.

Lemmingway MS Sprite

King Lemmingway

One-Time King Lemmingway is the ruler of all of Lemmingkind, with even Enditall Lemming having to serve him. Although not villainous when first encountered as simply Lemmingway, it appears that the power bestowed upon him by the Suicidal Crown has gone to his head, quite literally.

King Lemmingway is aided in battle by several of his subjects, including a random collection of Lemmings, Kamikaze Lemmings, and Lemmines, which he can summon again in battle. Which type he summons to replace a defeated unit is randomly chosen from the three types, and as usual Kamikaze Lemmings will drop a Paralemming, which one turn later will turn into a regular Lemming. He is also aided in combat by Enditall Lemming, who states at the beginning of the battle that he doesn't really have much choice in the matter.

A player can end the battle early by targeting his crown and knocking it off. Doing so will cause the crown's effects to stop affecting his brain and he will stop his aggressive behavior, causing the battle to end.

Kiran MS Sprite


One-Time Kiran is a professional wrestler who operates in the Wrestlevania circuit. She is encountered by the party when they join the circuit in order to defeat and slay Smackula as part of their Vampire Hunter quest.

At first, Kiran rides in on a Kirin, which while the refugee reveals is illegal, shrugs and announces "I'll allow it!". This Kirin must be defeated before Kiran herself can be damaged. During battle, the Kirin will stomp and gore your character, while Kiran herself attacks with nunchaku. She can use these to not only deal damage but also stun or disarm you. Her attacks are also significantly hard to avoid, and your character's Evade stat will effectively be halved during this combat.

After her defeat, she comforts her injured Kirin and you are escorted off the stage. She remains in the circuit but is not fought again; talking to her will reveal that she is highly upset with your having hurt her pet.

Lightning MS Sprite


One-Time Lightning is a H.E.A.T. supersoldier encountered once during the party's mission into H.E.A.T. Industries.

Lightning is perhaps the fastest character in the game, and can attack three times every round. His evasion is also high and he absorbs Lightning-elemental attacks. However he is weak to Earth- and Water-based magic, and doing so will either cause Grounding, making him very slow, or Short-Circuiting, which will drop his actions to two per round with them only consisting of thrashing, which can hurt himself, as well.

If the party has Tornado in their party, then the two rivals choose to battle each other alone, changing the aspects of the fight.

Mothball (Armor) MS Sprite


Recurring Mothball is a strange being who is encountered thrice during the course of the game. He uses large grenade-bombs in combat.

Initially he is fought during Chapter 3: Analogue City, where he is attempting to rob a bank alongside Mobster Moth, which the party must enter to open a bank account in order to get a job in town for another job. The chance encounter leads to an explosive boss encounter, where Mothball is revealed to be physically frail though he is immune to Earth-based attacks due to his flight abilities. He is soundly defeated, but makes off with much of the cash.

When the party returns to Analogue City later on after they discover the fate of Romero Town, Mothball confronts them again during the riots, seeking revenge. This time however he has donned armor to protect his frail body and wings, the latter of which were irreparably damaged during their first fateful encounter. He no longer flies due to the heaviness of his armor, but takes little in the way of physical damage; however, he is now weak to both fire and lightning (fire lighting his bombs prematurely and lightning being conducted through his armor). After his defeat he again tries to escape, using one of his bombs to distract or kill the party in the process. However it detonates early and he is severely injured in the process. The party leaves him be, believing him to have perished.

In his final encounter with the party, he appears at the peak of Evercold Glacier, having replaced his missing body parts with cybernetic enhancements and thus allowing him the power of flight once more. He has teamed up once more with Mobster Moth, and has brought Black Witch along with him. However, because of the flash from Mothball's bombs when they explode, Black Witch's duppybats will be distracted for a turn, making the battle easier than it could be. After the battle ends, Mothball collapses onto the glacier and the residual heat from his still-activated hover-wings melts a path through the glacier that allow the party to enter it. His wings eventually deactivate and the party continue on; upon their return however they find him still where they left him, and he is presumed to have perished.

Psyllopsis MS Sprite


One-Time Psyllopsis is a general in Snapper's army of rebellious insects, infesting the entire village of Denkigama.

He appears in Chapter 1 during the War on Bugs subchapter when the party are sent to the drugstore to save fellow Resistance fighter, Fuscus. Psyllopsis is found torturing Fuscus in the back of the store. The party take on Drugbust as a guest and the four heroes fight Psyllopsis. Once defeated he hits an alarm and passes out from his injuries.

At the end of the mission, he reappears with a cybernetically enhanced Botfly and the two try one last time to stop the party from escaping. Now with Fuscus as a guest as well, the party of five have little trouble knocking him out again. He does not reappear, though he is not slain.

Scourgeon MS Sprite


One-Time Scourgeon (formerly Kurt Kutemup) is a Merge Mutant that the party encounters thrice, though only once as a foe.

He first appears in Chapter 3 as Dr. Kutemup, a depressed surgeon roaming the streets of downtown Analogue City whom the party are able to help, via a couple sidequests, get enough confidence to return to his job after his fiance left him. This will cause him to appear in the hospital from then on.

He shows up again later when the party return to Analogue City in Chapter 5, where he and a few others are caught at the very epicenter of a wormhole that opens up. This causes he and the others to physically combine with creatures passing through the wormholes, transforming Dr. Kutemup into a strange, beaked reptilian creature with mangled hands. As with the other Merge Mutants, his aggression is ramped up but he flees the area after seeing his hands.

He returns not too long after, having developed large cutting tools to replace his lost hands after making a deal with Driller, the Technoblin. He attacks the party at the behest of Driller, who the party had recently defeated. After his defeat he is left unconscious on the ground and does not reappear again.

Sekata MS Sprite


Sr. Simm MS Sprite

Sr. Simm

One-Time Sr. Simm is a professional wrestler who operates in the Wrestlevania circuit, though entirely against his will. He is encountered by the party when they join the circuit in order to defeat and slay Smackula as part of their Vampire Hunter quest.

A former wrestling star, he had attempted to retire some years ago only to have a microchip forcibly installed in his head that allows remote control of him. Now under Count Smackula's devious command, he is forced to attack the party's chosen wrestling star. However, in battle he randomly will forget what he is doing and his attacks will fail because of this.

After his defeat, he is not normally encountered again, although an astute observer he can be found in the pantry of Count Smackula, having been placed there like an old broom. He does not respond but is stated as still breathing.

The Bomb MS Sprite

The Bomb

Recurring The Bomb (formerly known by the name "The Human Bomb" and before that, Barry Blaszcowicz) is a former human who enhanced his body so drastically over time that nothing remains of his humanity—not even his personality, which eventually was removed after being too complex to consistently replicate during his repair process.

The Bomb is a major driving factor of the early game chapters, and later on is encountered differently from other bosses in the game.

The party initially encounter him as a fully-human Traveling Bomb Salesman hailing from Analogue City in the quaint farming/fishing town of Denki-gama, where he is attempting to peddle his wares to the inhabitants as a faster, more efficient way to perform their duties by blasting earth to more quickly till fallow ground and to kill more fish quicker. However, during his demonstrations he does more harm than good—leaving massive holes in fields and killing so many fish that it will take years to repopulate—and the populace drive him out of town. Later that same night however he sneaks back in and plants numerous bombs throughout the township, forcing the player to find them all before it is too late. Unfortunately the party has no idea how to disarm a bomb now that they have collected them all, but a blinking light on each indicates that they are in fact armed for remote detonation. They quickly locate the bomb salesman, who suddenly reveals himself to be an expert fencer, parrying the party's blows. They manage to defeat him and stop his destruction of the town, but he escapes leaving the party to give chase.

He is next encountered in Chapter 2, where he is seen attempting to operate a demolition company in the Vista Foothills. He has convinced a number of construction workers to blow up parts of mountains to use the rock as building material. When the party attempt to convince the construction crew of Mr. Blaszcowicz's evil actions in Denki-gama, the workers simply laugh them off, chocking it up to "kid fancies". They detonate Mt. Krumbel, only to discover that Blaszcowicz has packed far too much explosives into the charge, leading to the detonation being strong enough to blast a large hole into the underworld. A survey team is sent in, and hearing screams several hours later while making camp off-site, the party returns to discover that the mountain had been inhabited by numerous dangerous denizens of the deep. Blaszcowicz dons a bomb suit and escapes into the mountain and the party follows, only to eventually corner him. He is stronger than before but once defeated tries to use a really big bomb to stop the party once and for all. The party knock him out first though and the bomb detonates before he can throw it, mortally wounding him but also opening up another opening out through the other side of the mountain.

Despite being from Analogue City, Blaszcowicz is not encountered again until after the party departs from the city, now revealed to have replaced his lost legs and arm with cybernetics. This time he is simply attempting revenge on the party and has no ulterior motive. He is again defeated by the party.

When the party returns to Analogue City in Chapter 5, he us found using the riots as an excuse to blow up more stuff. He has become further enhanced with cybernetics, now featuring his third arm attached to his head, half his face missing, and a bomb strapped to his chest, calling himself The Human Bomb. He is able to parry twice as many attacks before tiring, but is eventually defeated. In anger, he activates the bomb on his chest, blowing himself up and nearly taking the party with him.

He is encountered one final time as a story-driven boss: In Chapter 8 he reappears seeking revenge once more. He no longer has any organic parts to him but explains that his brain was placed into a computer chip and uploaded to this new body. He then attacks, using his three rapiers to parry the party's attacks while the main body counts down to an explosion. The party are able to stop him before he succeeds and he detonates prematurely, only taking himself out in the process.

At this point, he is no longer part of the storyline—however he continues to return every 12 hours of game time from this point forward, and will even interject himself into other battles being fought. During the first of these encounters the party are surprised (barely) at his return and he states that he is built of nanomachines to repair him after each defeat. However, now calling itself simply "The Bomb", it reveals that it found difficulty in repairing the microchip holding Blaszcowicz's personality on it due to the complexities of human consciousness and instead built its own AI based on his personality, leaving him cold and robotic but still intelligent and deviously calculating.

The Raccoon Mutate MS Sprite

The Raccoon

Recurring Coming soon!
The Scavenger MS Sprite

The Scavenger

Recurring Real name Joseph Coyote, he is an escaped prisoner who is partnered up with Billy Steve. He is first found in the prison in Romero Town, trapped in his cell along death row. The player is afforded the option to let him out by opening the electronic locks or to "let him rot". This will only change what he says to the player upon later meeting, and he canonically escapes whether the party helps him or not.

He is seen a few chapters later in Whisper, where he and Billy Steve have escaped to, only to find themselves trapped in this town as well due to the demonic presence and its magical effects on the town. If the party let them loose, he will show some surprise after Billy Steve thanks you for freeing them, responding with "That was you? I didn't need the help but thanks, I guess." However, he expresses his suspicions that you are not who you appear to be and convinces Billy to attack. Once defeated, he and Billy flee with their lives.

He is fought once more near the end of Whisper's chapter, and states that he is famished, and hasn't had a good meal in days, but that you look like a wonderful main course. During this battle he will start out working with Billy Steve, but after a quarter of their total HP is depleted, the two will suddenly turn on each other and only attack one another. Once one of the two has perished, the remaining one will turn their focus back to the party. Once defeated however they will suddenly transform into Flesh Mimic and the true boss battle will begin.

Because of The Scavenger's status as a cannibal, he has an attack called Cannibite which allows him to drain life from his foe. This damage is cumulative and will deal more damage each time he uses it during that combat.

Undetected Unit MS Sprite

Undetected Unit

Recurring Undetected Unit is a master thief who has been enhanced with H.E.A.T. Industries technology. He is first encountered in Chapter 3: Analogue City as his secret identity, the Romanian philanthropist Cyor Tec, who asks the party to help him retrieve certain artifacts that belonged to his family. With no knowledge of his alias, they collect a few items for him, and a long trade quest involves him as well.

However, the party later run into him as Undetected Unit while trying to obtain the Dragon Egg, where they also encounter the Mutate Anacon. The three get into a three-way battle, with Undetected Unit attacking both the party and Anacon randomly. Once defeated, he activates his cloaking device, grabs the egg and steps back just as another villain, Warp, appears and creates a wormhole to another location. Before the party can react, he is gone and so is the egg.

The party never officially figure out that Cyor Tec and Undetected Unit are one and the same.

Fighting him is unique in that the party must time their attacks to occur while he is exposed, as he normally will have a cloaking device activated and preventing him from being hit. The players have about half an ATB gauge's time before he will disappear again after an attack.

Mordecai MS Sprite Yell

Vordathco Mordecai

Recurring Vordathco Mordecai is the greatest lich to have ever lived, having spent a millennia studying all magicks, and staying true to his Althean heritage of magical neogenetic splicing. He rules over the land of Myrjlon, and is the undisputed overlord of the greenskins.

His minions first appear in Chapter 3: Analogue City, when the party are requested to invade Caer Draer, a coastal fort in Analogue City's surrounding kingdom of Mainland, which has become infested with Goblins. Seeking a specific artifact left there, the party must cut their way through hordes of the diminutive creatures and return home. Here, Mordecai is only off-handedly mentioned if the party sneaks by the church undetected, where some of the Goblins are worshiping him as their god. A makeshift statue of him is also located in this church, made out of sticks and a human skull.

His minions again appear in Chapter 6: Much Darkness Ahead, where a coup is staged by Mordecai's former apprentice, Mordeth. During the coup Mordeth succeeds in kidnapping Stormhand's prince, Ferdinand Gerreth, leading directly into the events of Chapter 7: Evercold Glacier. However, Mordeth is discovered to be working on his own in this regard.

Chapter 9: An Ocean Apart also sees some references to Vordathco Mordecai. The player eventually arrives at a small, tropical island off the coast of the continent of Illustria. Soon after they encounter the gibbed body parts of a Land Orc—specifically, Bob, one of Mordecai's now-former slave-guards. Evidence of Mordecai's having recently been on the island lead the party to continue forth to Illustria, leading to the underlying events of Chapter 10: Sonna Rainforest, as the party seeks him out knowing that he is "one of the planets' true evils", and wishing to stop his tyranny. At the end of the chapter they eventually encounter him alongside two other Land Orc slave-guards. This battle is won once both Orcs are defeated and enough damage is done to Mordecai, at which point he states he has had enough and forcibly warps you into the middle of the Badlands, again leading into the next chapter.

During Chapter 11: Bad Luck in the Badlands, the party fight their way through the desert, which is revealed to be the ruined lands of Mordecai's formerly homeland, Zhaylx. Finding their way beyond the desert the party eventually stumble into the severely poisonous Fungiferous Forest, which is inhabited by, among many other things, the Goblins which serve Mordecai. Next, the party finally leave the Fungal Jungle to discover the lands of Myrjlon themselves, where they storm and fight off the mad lich's many genetic horrors to arrive at the obsidian throne of Vordathco, himself. Before he stands to face you, he first thanks you for quelling the "Whisper Uprising", which surprises the party; however he then informs them that he is afraid that their usefulness has come to an abrupt end.

This boss battle against Vordathco Mordecai is considered one of the toughest battles in the game. He relies heavily on magic, which he is extremely adept at, being over twice as potent with it as any other character seen in the game. He also possesses a huge array of spells, including most of those seen in the rest of the game. Guards in the form of Horrorcs will occasionally be summoned as well; while physically strong, they are susceptible to confusion and if they happen to hit Mordecai while confused, he will counter and kill that enemy immediately.

Once Mordecai is finally defeated, he collapses, weakened by the fight. However he begins to restore his own massive mana pool to continue the battle renewed. At the crucial moment, a large horde of Land Orcs burst into the throne room and claim vengeance for Bob, and attack the lich. He is hacked to pieces and seemingly slain.

List of NPCs

Character Type Description
Athaza Parali MS Sprite

Athaza Parali

Chapter Bound Athaza Parali is the guard on duty during the night shift in at Taius Castle, in the kingdom of Stois. Whenever the party walks up to him he will be seen to be stoic and seemingly on guard, but his snoring proves otherwise. Interacting with him will temporarily wake him up although leaving the screen will reset him to asleep.

This plays as a simple joke for most of the Stois subchapter, but near the end when the party returns with the Divine Errant after slaying demons, Parali's nap causes him to fail to notice the demons invading the castle town that night, inadvertently yet directly leading to the chaos that ensues and finishes off the subchapter.

After this subchapter he is not seen again and is believed to have perished in the ensuing attack, although this is neither confirmed or denied.

Dwayne Schrute

Recurring NPC Dwayne Schrute, the Fact-Checker is a recurring NPC who appears in certain locations throughout the game. Speaking to him can reveal what information is false, which can be useful as this game makes use of false rumors - not every tidbit of information you will hear will be correct. He is not friendly and seems like an odd fellow.
Hillary the Model MS Sprite

Hillary the Model

One-Time NPC Hillary is a model found in Chapter 12: Big City. She is posing for a photographer, and only has off-handed dialog.

Kane the Cat

Friend Kane is a housecat and one of Mikey's many friends strewn about the world. He and his father Midnite live together in the big city. Kane wears a white and green colored ribbon around his tail.

Like other members of Mikey's friends, Kane can be located in an area of the game world and is optional. He can be found during the _______ segment of Chapter 5: Return to Analogue City, and will not only fully heal the player's characters as well as let them save their game like all other Friends, he will ______. He will then grant all characters the ability to use the ability Cat Scratch Fever in battle.

Midnite MS Sprite

Midnite the Cat

Friend Midnite is a housecat and one of Mikey's many friends strewn about the world. He and his son Kane live together in the big city. Midnite wears an orange bow instead of a collar.

Like other members of Mikey's friends, Midnite can be located in an area of the game world and is optional. He can be found during the Among Thieves segment of Chapter 3: Analogue City, and will not only fully heal the player's characters as well as let them save their game like all other Friends, he will then provide ample clues to where to find all of the items one needs to complete the chapter, marking them on your map. He will then grant all characters the ability to use the ability Shadow Meld in battle.

Polar Bear MS SpritePumpkin Patch MS Sprite

Pumpkin Patch

Friend Pumpkin Patch is the alias of Bear Klaus, a polar bear and one of Mikey's many friends strewn about the world. He can be found in Evercold Glacier. He appears twice during the chapter; the first time he looks like a regular polar bear (and the only one in the game at that), but the second time he can be met as his superhero persona, Pumpkin Patch, wearing jack-o-lantern pajamas that looks like a giant version of a baby's Halloween costume. During this second time he tries to keep his identity a secret by insisting that you've never met him before.

Like other members of Mikey's friends, Pumpkin Patch can be located in an area of the game world and is optional. At first he can be found during the "To Whom The Bell Voles" segment of Chapter 7: Evercold Mountain, and then again in the "Mordeth's Icy Grip" subchapter in the same chapter.

In both appearances he will fully heal the player's characters as well as let them save their game like all other Friends, and he will provide ample clues to where to find all of the items one needs to complete the chapter, marking them on your map. Finding him the first time will grant all characters the ability to use one technique in battle and finding him the second time will grant another.

Walli Dzidullidorf MS Sprite

Walli Dzidullidorf

Party Guest Private First Class Walli Dzidullidorf is a UFCL space marine stationed aboard the UNAS Righteous Course alongside Captain Alynn Slater and Corporal Syler Korsse. He has a stocky build and carries around dual cold fusion pistols.

He temporarily joins the party during Chapter 15 during the Ryol Transmission subchapter. However, he chooses to abandon the party in the engine room in an attempt to restart the ship's reactor core, ultimately sacrificing his own life.

Lasting for such a short period of time in the party, his stats are relatively average across the board. His specialty is Core Restart, which simply allows him to interact with the failed reactor core.

Dzidullidorf's Had Enough is called Cold Bruisin', which allows him to fire both of his pistols at once in a manner similar to Lucrecia Callahan's Raw Dog ability. However he will keep firing until his guns overheat, dealing significant damage to a foe but also forcing him to be unable to attack for the next round while they cool off.

Woody Treefern MS Sprite IdleWoody Treefern MS Sprite Talk

Woody Treefern

Tutorial Guide Woody Treefern is a intelligent rose hip planted near the crop fields of the farming village of Denkigama. He has an almost obnoxiously sunny personality and tries to be as helpful as possible, especially to newcomers.

He serves as the hint guide during the game's first mission, to till the field and sow the seeds during the Initial Tasks subchapter. When not being talked to, he will simply dance. He returns later during the Weeds of Discontent subchapter, where the Overripe Gargleberry has overtaken the crop field. The giant gargleberry has leeched the nutrients from the area, including from Woody Treefern's local soil, and as such at this point he is withered and weak. He begs the player to defeat the Gargleberry and offers a hint on how to defeat it faster. Upon the demise of the giant weed-fruit, Treefern thanks the player but does not immediately recover. It is assumed that he eventually makes a full recovery.

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