Lomo, the Nintendo Ruler is a game that can be played on the Wii U & Nintendo 3DS family. It is the first game to be stored in a figure rather than on a disk. You just need to tap the Lomo Game Activator (which can be switched to Amiibo by turning the base, just like the Donkey Kong & Bowser Skylanders Superchargers figures) to start the game. There are no controllers required! The set is bundled in a Lomo Pack, which includes:

  • Lomo Pack carring case
  • Lomo Game Activator
  • Delivery Box
  • Voice Mic
  • Castle Camera
  • Lomo Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL (to take Lomo wherever you go!)


You can see what Lomo is doing live in his cloud castle, talk to him wth the Voice Mic, have him see you with the Castle Camera, send items to him with the Magic Box, & the Lomo Pack includes a Lomo Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL in a Lomo pack carrying case to take Lomo on the go!

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