Lololo and Lalala
Lololo & Lalala KTD
Lololo and Lalala
Lolo and Lala
GENDER Male (Lololo)
Female (Lalala)
SPECIES Egg Fairies
BIRTHPLACE Castle Lololo
CLASS Ally/Boss/Heroes
SERIES Eggerland, Kirby
Eggerland Mystery (1985)
Veronica Taylor (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!)

Lololo and Lalala are a pair of twins that first featured as heroes of the Eggerland series and later as bosses in the Kirby series.

Physical appearance

Lololo and Lalala are sphere-like creatures. They are round, have tails, and wear rounded white gloves and shoes. The only difference is that Lololo is blue while Lalala is pink, and wears a yellow bow. They have no visible mouths, but are capable of speaking in some games and in the anime. The creatures they were are called Egg Fairies, species native to Planet Popstar who had the power to turn their enemies into eggs and develops box-pushing abilities.

Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic!

Lololo and Lalala are featured as playable characters in Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic!, with Lololo featured in Black Spinach version and Lalala in White Succotash version. They had their Magic Shot moves just like in Eggerland. They are based on their Kirby anime designs.

The Adventures of Lololo!

Lololo and Lalala stars once again as playable characters in their own 3DS game, The Adventures of Lololo!. Here, King Dedede steals Lalala and Lololo is up for the adventure similar to the Mario series of platforms.

Nintendo All-Stars: Superstar Saga

Lololo and Lalala are default playable characters in Nintendo All-Stars: Superstar Saga. In their own story, Princess Peach calls them "round things". Lololo tells her that he and Lalala were Egg Fairies. They are based on their Kirby: Blowout Blast designs.

Star Team Heroes

They are victims of the Kirthar's Snap Finger.


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