Lochladies are mermaid-like creatures that first appeared in Super Mario Odyssey. They reside in the Lake Lamode region of the Lake Kingdom. They often wear blue, red and white dresses and their hair has the same color as their dress. They also wear green coral headresses and golden bracelets.

Lochladies are known for being professionals at designing dresses, with their most famous dress being the Lochlady Dress.

In Super Mario Odyssey, there is a famous trio of Lochladies known as the Style Sisters. They will reward you with items (the most common item being a Power Moon) if you talk to them while wearing the clothing they want to see.


The Broodal Story

The Lochladies appear in The Broodal Story as common enemies. In this game, they do everything in their power to stop the Broodals from taking the Lochlady Dress.


Normal Lochladies

Notable Members

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