Living it Up in New Tendo City
Creator(s) Dennis Muldrew
Broadcaster(s) Netflix
Genre(s) Slice-of-Life

'Living it Up in 'New Tendo City is an upcoming Japanese-American animated television series created by Dennis Muldrew (tbc). The series is intended to be a fresh take on Nintendo within a sitcom format. The series is to premier in 2020 on Netflix, on which it is exclusive to.

Premise & Development

Set in the fictional New Tendo City, the series focuses on the many residents of the metropolis as they deal with typical life issues such as groceries, traffic, and humorous escapades such as chase scenes, and date nights gone wrong. The series is intended to be in good taste, and Muldrew has stated that he didn't want to detract from the personalities that made the many Nintendo characters enjoyed by their fans.

The show takes on a blend of both sitcom format, along with hints of slapstick. The show also showcases some sexual content, and innuendos mainly due to being a slice-of-life comedy aimed at adults. Muldrew, has also stated that this was intentional, as he mentioned that his love of sitcoms such as Friends, Mad About You, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, The Drew Carey Show , and Rules of Engagement were inspirations behind the series, down to even the setting being a New York like area.

Muldrew has also stated that he wanted to utilize lesser used and developed Nintendo characters in the series such as Princess Daisy, Waluigi, Lily Flyer, Ayumi Tachibana, and Stanley. He also mentioned that well-known characters such as Link, and Samus Aran would receive development such as speaking roles due to the reimagnings.


The series opening theme song is an orchestrated remix of the opening theme song from the 2001 fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Melee.

As the intro begins, it starts out with a shot of an Earth-like planet, and proceeds to zoom into the ocean of an unknown nation, followed by a shot of a large city. The first shot zooms into Mayor Pauline's office as she discusses something with Isabelle. The other shots then zoom into various scenes such as Mario, Luigi, and Princia Ramode making food in the cafe, Peach and Daisy baking cakes, The Kong Family opening DK Pass, Palutena sitting in her hot spring, Ashley Robbins playing guitar in a coffee shop, Dribble and Spitz racing PJ in their taxis while Captain Falcon and Jody Summer follow them in their police cars, and a sped-up montage of the Nintendo characters doing their regular jobs. The shot zooms out as the sun sets in the West, while the moon starts rising. The logo then appears as the city lights start coming on.


The Stories of New Tendo City/Characters


Location Description

A small yet quaint Italian cafe owned by the stars of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the Rosato Brothers, Mario and Luigi. The brothers serve New Tendo-style pizzas, lasagna, gnocchi, espresso, Italian sodas, and more Italian dishes! Their famous cannoli are made from a secret recipe, and the Tiramisu is made by their wives who happen to run the Royal Bakery nearby! This place is a personal favorite of Spring Man, who orders the pizza here frequently! Employees of the Rosato Brothers include Princia Ramode, Sami, Andy, and most recently Kumatora. Very popular spot for the citizens of New Tendo City. Rival to Chef Kirby's Shake Shack across the street.
New Tendo High School A public high school that many of the teenagers in New Tendo City attend for classes. Students such as Kumatora, Ness, Lucas, Claus, Paula, Goombario, Bowser Jr., and Pit attend school here. Staff such as Jessica Robbins, Wrinkly Kong, and Pyrron are teachers here at the school.
Chef Kirby's Shake Shack
DK Pass
New Tendo Public Library
Midna's Twlight Zone
Black Shadow's Chocolates
Ridley's Legal Advice
Tropical Grocery
Tachibana Dojo
Tachibana Detective Agency


Episodes of the series are posted on Deveientart, and will be linked when published or planned out.

Season 1

Episode Title Description
Kitchen Nightmares The Rosato brothers, Mario and Luigi, begin a war with Chef Kirby across the street during the business lunch rush!
Wendy for Hire Bowser cuts Wendy off from her allowance, so Wendy tries to look for a job.
Are You Having Cake? Mayor Pauline sends Isabelle to fetch her a Red Velvet Cake on Valentine's Day, easier said than done right?
Get Some Rest Bob Charlie and Petey Piranha decided to have a party the night that Ayumi needs to study for a test. Takamaru ain't having it!
Taxi! PJ races Dribble and Spitz across town to see who will get the most fares, with absolutely no concern for the city's residents well-being!
The Last Slice A war begins over the last slice of pizza at the apartment that Lily Flyer, Ashley Robbins, and Princia Ramode share!
Date Night Ayumi Tachibana and Mike Jones go on a date, but Takamaru secretly decides to spy on them, and brings along the unwitting Peach, Daisy, Roy, Krystal, and Detective Pikachu!
The Can Medusa leaves an empty can of Soda in front of Lyndis' house. Do I need to say anymore?
Earth Angel Some fangirls begin thinking that Pit and Dark Pit are destined to be a couple at New Tendo City High School.
Maid Service In order to impress some guests, Luna Ryder "enlists" the help of her fiancee Rick Wheeler, and a regular customer of hers, Ash Ketchum for an event at the Falcon House.
Super Arrow! A masked vigilante begins taking down criminals in New Tendo City, but all is not as it seems!
Battle of the Women! A city-wide music festival turns into a brawl when things go wrong. I thought the Mayor was suppossed to keep things in order! What, she's part of the Brawl too? Oh boy...
Grumpy Old Men Mr. Game & Watch, his husband R.O.B., and their friend Sheriff rant on the children of New Tendo City, and how it was "back in the day".
Soccer, Cruddy Soccer Daisy and Azelea take their sisterly rivalry a bit too far when they start enlisting the residents of New Tendo City for the wildest soccer game the city has ever seen! Officer Jenny and Mayor Pauline are gonna put a stop to this, right? Wait, their part of the teams too?
Basketbrawl The Kong family turns a simple game of basketball into an all-out war.
Simply Smashing Ike and Falco find an old antique in the backyard of the apartment complex, and take it to get evaluated. Meanwhile, Lucina ends up getting the lead role in Camilla's upcoming film after mocking her.
Witch Cold Ashley is in denial about having a cold, and needing to stay in bed, it takes a village to raise a child, but does it take an entire city to tell a teenage witch that she's sick? Seriously, where did those flying elephants come from?
Grounding is my Aesthetic A mysterious man named Boris Anderson begins going around the city, and grounding the residents for dumb and stupid reasons! In response, the citizens of New Tendo City decide to team up to rid them of the terror!
Chain of Pain Waluigi ends up fearing for his life after he rips off the infamous Michael Chain during a poker game. If he beat up Bowser in the Mario Party special on TV, then he can fight off the chain gang, right? Right?!?
Break Time The Rosato Brothers leave the cafe for a 30 minute break, and leave Princia and Sami in charge of things. Luigi tries to convice Mario that the girls won't destory or ruin the cafe while they are gone.
Falcon Punch! Captain Falcon develops a new energy drink, which causes people to go crazy with power. Meanwhile, Mayor Pauline gets into a Twitter fight with Captain Syrup.
Baker's Shadow Black Shadow and Peach take it too far in trying to make the best cake in the city.
Tea Ayumi decides to put a stop to Takamaru's gourmet tea addiction with the help of fellow detective Yuuri Kozakatta.
5-Volt and the District Attorney 5-Volt tries to have a normal private luncheon with Toadsworth, but things don't end smoothly.
Ladies, He's Single Gene attempts to impress every female in the city with his personal charm thanks to advice he took from Brock.
Cucco Got Your Tongue? Link loses his ability to speak, and tries to go through a day at work without talking. Zelda ain't buying it regardless!
Prank Calls Wario decides to prank call people around the world, leading to many people


Episode Title Description
Two mysterious hands begin to pluck various residents for a fighting tournament in another dimension.

The Improv Collection

Episode Title Description
Waddle Dee Gets Drunk Waddle Dee takes a sip from Lance's scotch infused Helix Cola and causes drunken havoc on New Tendo City.
Daisy Commits Arson Daisy decides to take out her anger out on Peach, Waluigi, and the rest of the city with the unwilling help of both Lip and Ash Ketchum's Charizard.
Brash the Bear in Fake News Brash the Bear makes up false news reports about the citizens of New Tendo City without any regard to the chaos that he has created.
Malos' Lament Malos tries to figure out why nobody in New Tendo City is quite fond of him. Perhaps it was allowing Galeem and Dharkon to vaporize everyone that one time?
Goose in Anger Mangement Goose is required by his teacher Pyrron to see the school counselor Cecilia about his issues including women, beating up Lark for pranking him, and other things.
Akari Gets Drunk Akari Hayami drinks her disappointment about finding a man at Telma's and causes late-night havoc on the city.
The Better Idol Diantha ties up Cynthia, Kate Alen, and Mayor Pauline in the closet so that she can host the new episode of The View on New Tendo City herself. However, this leads to a fight between Callie, Marie, and Tsubasa which snowballs into an even greater conflict!
Lance of Newtendolot Lance attempts to avoid Sami's questions after the young MMA fighter shows up to his office, having cut work early due to Mario and Luigi getting into a fight at the restaurant.
A Day in the Life of Commissioner Dedede Commissioner Dedede attempts to do his job for once but ends up blundering at every given turn.
Lark the World Warrior? Lark attempts to join The World Warrior Tournament by fighting Guile and Charlie Nash at the Air Force Base.

Voice Cast


  • The Stories of New Tendo City marks the first time that Daisy's regular voice actress, Deanna Mustard has done voice work for a television series. In addition, it also marks the first time that Mustard voices another character besides Daisy, being Daisy's younger sister in the series, Azalea.
  • New Tendo City marks the first time since 2004 that Jody Summer is voiced by Veronica Taylor. Taylor previously voiced the character in the 4Kids! English dub of F-Zero: GP Legend.
    • Furthermore, Taylor also reprises the role of Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother in the Pokemon anime. Taylor previously voiced both her and Ash until Season 8 of the dubbed Pokemon anime after 4Kids lost the liscense to the Pokemon Company International.
    • Suprisingly, she did not reprise the roles of Ash Ketchum or May for the series. The reason for this is currently unknown.
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