Little Cyubon is a game for the Blizzard X that is supposed to be released late 2016.The game is a 2D platformer and follows Cyubon,an extraterrestrial cat that was shrunken and must make his way back to home to save his town.This game,even though a 2D platformer,has 3D Hubs.



Cyubon is the main protagonist of the game and is shrunken by King Ash,leader of the Magma Sentinels and banished to Toy World.Cyubon is a blue cat-like creature and is part of the Felien species,which is the ancestor of the cats we know.


Cyubits is Cyubon's brother and the main helper of Cyubon in this game,he is banished to Toy World with his brother aswell and accompanies him in some levels,like his brother he is part of the Felien species.

King Ash

King Ash is the leader of the Magma Sentinels and the main antagonist of the game.He is angered at the Felien species because long ago they locked away most of the Magma Sentinel's best fighters,including Ash's dad.

King Ash,in the molten flesh.


  • Credit to Exotoro for the King Ash art.
  • Credit to Randomfrog for supporting the idea and helping me
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