The Litle P and Sandslash Comic is a comic based off of the Litle P and Sandslash Series' original form. IT includes scrapped characters and stories in it. However, the creator has stated that any inside jokes will be "explained" by various means, such as adding dialogue. The comic will features issues that were previously stories, one example is Litle P and the Egg. The series will also incorporate arcs focused on Sandslash. It will also feature characters from the series's sister series, the Team Pokepals Adventures, which have not been featured on Fantendo.

The comic will be started after Max2 has time, probably around the holidays. The first issue, however, has been released early.


Welcome to Castle Street

The first arc, Cleffa has gone missing! This arc serves more to explain some of the things that the Fantendo series has left out or barely mentioned.


Will be updated as more characters are introduced. This contains characters up to Issue 2.

  • Litle P - Playful and kind, Litle P loves fun. He has been friends with the princess since they have been babies.
  • Sandslash - Litle P's older brother. He cares for his brother but it constantly annoyed by him. He is a fairly good carpenter.
  • Jiggy - Litle P's older sister. She has an above average IQ, but she's a bit antisocial. She loves her brother but is annoyed by his antics.
  • Princess Cleffa - Heir to the throne. She's a bit childish, and a little gluttonous, but she has the best interests for everybody.
  • Venonat - the Princess' advisor and friend. He always cares for her safety, even if it is an annoyance to everyone else.
  • Team Pokepals - A novice Rescue Team. They are incompetant, but stand up for what's right.
    • Pikachu - The leader of Team Pokepals, by default. He is the more levelheaded of the three.
    • Kricketot - The smart member of the group, his brains make up for his lack of physical power.
    • Bidoof - Bidoof is clumsy and weak, but still an important part of the team. His friendliness even in the face of danger is his weak point.
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