Litle P
Litle P Art
BIRTHPLACE Castle Street
Mrs. P, Litle P Sr., Sandslash P, Jiggy P
CLASS Child, Student

Litle P is a 7-year old blue-tailed Pichu (Sometimes considered a Shiny Pichu) and one of the titular characters in the Litle P and Sandslash Series.

Probably his most distinguishable feature is his speech impediment, pronouncing the L and R sounds as W's.


Litle is very naive and clueless, but it is often hinted this may just be an act. He also has a very wild nature, which leads him to trouble.

Litle P Cartoon

Litle P is wild and adventurous.

He is also very admiring of those older than him. Sandslash is an example of that. Although the two fight, Litle P feels safe around his brother, and aspires to be like him.

He is a fan of the Super PokeDude Show.


Like most Pichus, he has the ability to create electricity, although he electrocutes himself. When he unleashes electricity in large amounts, like when he uses Thunderpunch, he can knock himself out.

He has also been shown to be very "floaty", as he jumps fairly high and is said to be light. This is somewhat proven, as he is a lightweight in Litle P Kart.


Litle P is very friendly, and, to the annoyance of some, considers almost everybody his friends. There exist some exceptions, however.



Detective P

Detective P is Litle P's Alter-Ego, which he uses to solve mysteries. Usually, these are useless things that most people just make up. According to Sandslash, he rigs up about half of them himself.



A full gallery of all artwork of Litle P.


  • His first name is Marcus, which he considers embarrassing, and "Litle" is actually his middle name. The creator of the series, Max2, has no memory of where his name came from.
    • This makes him the only main character within the Litle P series to have a confirmed full name.
  • He was considered the people's mascot of Fantendo, when Unten was still gaining popularity. But is now ranked as a classic Fantendo character alongside Henry the Moose and PalmMan.
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