Fantendo Races is a page designed to list all races/species that live in the Fantendoverse. Please help to make this list complete as fast as possible.

Race/Species Notable Examples Origin
Human Almost all inhabitants of the Fantendoverses Earth
Beorn Read here for a list of all Beorns Zeon
Terran Beorn Read here for a list of all Terran Beorn Earth
Vampire Many people Earth
Zeonian Human Mondo/Mioda, Chief Dongorio, Sarah Auvic Zeon
Koshak Veniz ???
Ht^$ Liameno ???
Räv Über Págos
Zezunian Obena Zezune
Shrimp Skimp the Shrimp Earth
Bergerion Gettysburger Earth
Catoneas Zerita, Zori, RIP Zeon
Siandralls Sia, Siandra, Sion Earth
Narobi-Trons Queen Pixella, The Darkness, Fanti, Sir Spryte Zeon
Asgardian Odin ???
Lemerran Corporal Cobalt ???
Friablon Firball Earth
Reylomon Reylomons Reyloma
Vesperian Kiva Glaive Zeon
Sparkling Volt, Synth, Fenrir of the Flame Chargio
Krexxon Krexxon Krexxak
Missyntile ???
Greater Mordamorph Jordyn ???
Golisopod Chiko Watson, Kenji Ghim Earth
Teddy Bear Lander, Bowie ???
Lucent Watermelon Tourmaline, EONS Bahia
Solgan Corundum Solga
Bladikori ???
Squiddlyperson Hoolene Salanderson
Top 10 Read here for a list of all Top 10 Svarga

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