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This is a list of all species in the Fantendoverse. Please help expand it.

Species Description Examples Origin
Abyssal Walker Giant beings that harness Abyss, also known as Eldritch energy. They protect and possess powerful dark artifacts. Ovex Xicicle
Ambient Holographic beings that are immune to standard weapons. Coal Algebraic
Amphibios Architecturally skilled bipedal amphibioids. Ainumego
Arbelian Bipedal anuroids that can reproduce asexually and plant themselves underground. Prin Arbelia
Ascarian Bug-like single-sex race with flower like buds on their back that contain toxic stingers as well as a cortex bulb that allows them to absorb brain waves. The Oracle Tuibeitu
Asgardian Odin
Benefactor Scavenging bipedal insectoids. Kest Velaxation
Beorn Endangered tailless bipedal ursoids that can Descend deities. Hugo Logia
Unten Bluzen
Bergerion Sentient hamburgers. Gettysburger Earth
Cat Snowball
Catonean Clawed bipedal desert feloids that can withstand radiation and store it to a certain extent. RIP
Cynocephaly Man-Beast, head of a dog, body of a man although covered in fur, heads are similar to dog breeds. Based on the real-world mythological creature of the same name. Not to be confused with Werewolves which they take offense to. Eunos Dorgo
Doomulus A "race" that is a choice. Doomuli strip the body of it's skin and muscle and put technology over it to host a DOOM system inside the host that carries their conciousness in a frozen, immortal state. While technically all Doomuli have an original species, Doomulus Prime has yet to truly identify as a particular species, perhaps being the only Doomuli to call themselves by this name. Doomulus Prime
Draconian Hama
Dolluhan Doll-like aliens that are very small and can transform their limbs and pop off parts of their body. Communicate in a very simple language. Chiamomo
Doomulus Revise
Greater Mordamorph Bipedal humanoid slime creatures. Jordyn
Evangel Pure creatures that are immune to all diseases. They have strange bodies that they keep under wraps, as it glows vibrantly. They appear to also posses tails. The only example so far has been Liameno, who seems to either be missing limbs or has very tight mechanized armor. Liameno
Friablon Firball Earth
Gesinesan Small blocky aliens capable of manipulating hardlight structures. Retron
Ghost Undead beings that take varying forms in the afterlife, and can reproduce to create Ghostborns. Smile
Jajin Tailless bipedal demon-human hybrids that can produce quick-setting webbing, warp to Hell, and breathe in lava. Doomulus Bind Judex
Koshak Bipedal feloids with rubber skin. Nicknamed "demon cat". Veniz
Human Bipedal great apes. Appear to originate on multiple planets such as Earth, Zeon, and Huxxabu- it is unknown if humans originated from Earth in the New Fantendoverse. Nycho Invalidez
Leah Needlenam
Rachel Harel
Sakeena Kamel
Homo Cakien Humans with special traits. They vary from having stalks for legs, having multiple eyes (potatoes), being tear-inducing (onions), and stuff like that. Basically, to simplify: humans with traits that are related to foodstuff. Bubbly G. Bonappeti
Homo Nintendonus
(Mushroom Humans)
Bipedal great apes that are generally shorter than their branched evolution of Homo Sapiens. Derived from a world known as "Mushroom World", Homo Nintendonus are generally higher jumpers and can take on power-ups. King Plumber "Mushroom World"
Kittuman Bipedal great apes with hair-covered pointed ears sticking out of the tops of their heads. Mindy Starlane
Krazenite Diminutive hyena-like aliens that can rapidly evolve their body structure.
KRST Advanced humans over billions of years that take on a crystallized form. Do not exist in present day, have only been seen in the very far future.
Krexxon Bipedal octopoids. Relena
Doomulus Xyne
Lemerran Human-like species with powers that come from their blue star. Corporal Cobalt
Lillius Plant-based humanoid organisms with rapid regenerative properties. Raune
Loxelere Beings that usually come in round shapes such as circles or ovals with triangular shaped legs and floating, disembodied hands. Their eyes are black with white pupils and they are born with wings on the backs of their heads, making them capable of flight if taught how. Pickpocket
Lucent Bipedal humanoids powered by gems. Watermelon Tourmaline Bahia
Magma Sentinel Sentient molten rock creatures. Birnstone
Bermuda Triangle
Metalmin Metal creations from a forge- not robots, closer to golems in terms of function. Alpha and Omega Hevenix
Missyntile Bipedal reptiles that are a common sight among the Doomuli ranks. Doomulus Grime
Doomulus Rise
Ronnie Pepper
MP Delusions False Beorns that are an advanced, evolving version of Terran Beorns that are completely mindless and fairly feral.
Muviel Musically inclined aliens with black sphere heads attached to a skeletal-appearing organ that can have various metal rods inserted into it to act as limbs. These rods use the wind to create harmonious sound. Doomulus Rhapsody
Namicean Crustacean humanoids that can hide and surf across sand. Have big claws. Doomulus Saline
Narobi-Tron AIs that can transfer their consciousness into screens. They can also emerge as writhing hard-light worms. Queen Pixella


Night Elves Pale elf eared humanoids that have a nocturnal schedule. They are able to live for thousands of years. They are an off-shoot of the yet to be seen Elf race. Lichess Molybdenum
Niogrendral Species that live in hot environments that feature various offshoots that add scales, slippery sweat, additional limbs, and can vary wildly in appearance and height from member to member, although always have a consistent cane design. Odd and Edd Hevenix
Oceanian Ocean elementals who can shift their bodies between the different stages of the water cycle.

Teardrop Seaside
Doomulus Samurai

Omnis Human-like species, distinguishable by greater genetic diversity, stronger immune systems, slower aging, and elemental magical abilities


Peiamit Human-like species that was mostly annihilated due to a cataclysmic event on Lyma. Main distinction are claw-like digits, visible spinal protrusions and them possessing a third lung. Kairos L'atm
Pokémon Parent species to hundreds of species of elemental creatures, some of which are directly related by Evolution. In the New Fantendoverse, all Pokemon share elements of DNA that means they are all, in some way, distantly related. In the New Fantendoverse, all Pokemon are able to speak and possess intelligence. They seem to be rather common across the universe as a whole, and have been established as a normal part of Earth life well before aliens began appearing. Jake Skett
Pouchet Bipedal humanoids with large memories. Pesh The World
Potion Frog
Räv Bipedal vulpoids that are weak to electricity.

Doomulus Domine

Reylomon Bipedal jungle ursoids that can change their limb size. Reyloma
Robot Autonomous machines. Cura
Rottean Dormouse-like humanoids with heightened hearing.
Shrimp Decapod crustaceans. Skimp Earth
Siandrall Tall, multi-tailed bipedal creatures. Brix
Siren Bipedal humanoids. Forget-Me-Not
Snail Shelled gastropods. Snaily Joe Earth
Solgan Corundum Solga
Sparkling Fenrir
Spectralite Diminutive, four-limbed entities resembling ghosts.
Squiddlyperson Humanoid underwater dwelling race with tentacles on their body, usually around the waist. Allows them to swim with great strides. They also have elongated, squirming fingers that act more tentacle-like. Hoolene Salanderson
Teddy Bear Bowie
Teganite Large, ancient aliens that are able to be infused with gemstones at birth, giving properties to their bodies to change their powerset. They feature malleable tentacles instead of traditional arms and can shrink and grow in size depending on the situation. Zingotta
Temptock Human-like species with mechanical enhancements that originates from a previous iteration of the universe, only one exists.
Terran Derived species of human. Fera Terra
Terran Beorn Derived species of Beorn. These Beorns are artificial creations via Spewage and while may resemble Beorns, lack the Descension ability that Beorns are so prized for. Fenne
The Silent One
Underground of Earth
Top 10 Deities created by The Threat. These creations do not have a particular species name, so in many cases organizations like uHive that specialize in cloning them will make one up. The Threat's Top 10 vary in intelligence and powers, but they all have demi-god status which allows them to use User Crystals. Makara
Vampire Derived species of human. There are different categories of vampire which range in how they got their powers or what family line they belong to, but The Tiffts are easily the most powerful, biggest and influential. Like Doomuli, it is possible to be another species and then become a vampire. Rubelline Tifft Earth
Vesperian Bat-like humanoids that can use their wings to create gusts of wind and at one point in their evolutionary cycle, fly. Aura is needed for their best functionality to shine through. Kiva Glaive Zeon
Vineborne Creatures born from the vine-like snakes that wrap around the Yggdrasil of Alfheim. They are similar to the Doomuli in that they use the skeletons of other creatures. They lack mouths and can come in many varieties. Ricina Crownvetch Alfheim
Vulkonian Large humanoid entities with a rough, spiked epidermis. Gargan
Zeonian Human Derived species of human. Zeonian Humans generally have darker skin and harder skin. They also have evolved tonsils that serve a better function against fighting disease. Dongorio
Zezunian Bipedal creatures that can print Plastisteel through their antennae and use their smooth bellies to surf across water. They have a monarchy system on their home planet.