These are a list of Colour Effects in Opaque View: Morning Light.

Artwork Color Power Description
RedOrbOVML Red Acceleration Some people have the desire to be the fastest and as so, ride vehicles. However, with this strange liquid, you can do what they cannot: be the fastest... without a vehicle. Meet this powerful colour, full of passion and adrenaline. With just a step on it, your desire of speed will arise from your heart!
BlueBallOVML Blue Bounce Some kids love bouncing and jumping. Really, they do. Who doesn't, to be honest? This liquid will allow you to bounce as you like... however, be careful not to get a headache, because you may bounce far too high, and basically, well... crash your head. On the roof.
GreenOrbOVML Green Sticky Tell me what the world would be like if you were upside down: would it change if you walked in the roof instead of the floor? Would you be able to excavate to the skies? Well, maybe not, but at least you can experience an incredible feeling of inverse gravity with this little liquid.
OrangeOrbOVML Orange Projectile Even though it isn't the best at painting, this colour makes for the best projectile avaliable in the game. Paint a good amount of your Goo Balls with it, and start beating enemies! Any good player should always have one of these.
PinkOrbOVML Pink Save State N/A
BlackOrbOVML Black Explosive N/A
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