Lisa Leyser Female
221 lbs
27 years old Human



FULL NAME Lisa Leyser
BIRTHDAY August 1st
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Good
OCCUPATION(S) Pro-Wrestler (former)


Lisa Leyser is a human ex-Pro-Wrestler and prominent user of the ability Aura, having used it in her wrestling matches which led to her eventual expulsion. She now wanders the world as a warrior, defending her self-bestowed title of "Most powerful Aura user in the universe."


Lisa is a proud and charismatic fighter, having all of the brashness and hamminess someone would expect from a wrestler's persona. Although unlike most wrestlers she seems to just actually be like that. Lisa is generally calm but gets antsy when people disrespect her, her fighting style or Aura as a whole. She enjoys meeting other Aura users, exchanging tips and then beating the crap out of them. She is the self proclaimed "Aura World Champion", which she shows with a custom-made wrestling championship belt.


Lisa is a proficient user of Aura, so adept that she can manipulate the energy in a unique way; using it to shut down nerve endings, locking up joints and generally paralyzing specific parts of her target's body. This ranges from stunning enemies by paralyzing their legs or arms or in more extreme cases even causing organ failure using large amounts of aura precisely striking the organs. She can use an effect similar to the Meijiora she refers to as "Hulking Up", which numbs her own nerve endings and pain receptors to make her more resilent as well as giving her more ranged Aura abilities at the cost of stamina.

Signature Moves

  • Hyperkick: A superkick with her Aura funneled into her foot. This concentrated aura strike can completely shut down the target's pain receptors on a direct hit, and will launch them back considerably. The main risk is that it takes time for the aura to circulate back through the rest of her body afterwards, which can be an opening for her opponent if she misses.
  • Clothesline From Svarga: A lariat charged with Aura. If it connects with the target's head it temporarily nullifies the signals from the eyes to the brain, rendering the target blind for a few seconds. Like the Hyperkick it can leave Lisa vulnerable but is deadly if applied correctly.
  • Kinniku Buster - Lisa grabs her opponent by the ankles, hosting them up so they're upside down with their neck resting on her shoulders and their legs spread. She then jumps up, slamming down in a sitting position and sending a kinetically-charged bolt of aura up through their spine. Nothing fancy here, just pure damage.
  • Petrafiyah - Her finishing move, Lisa swings the opponent up into the hold for a belly-to-belly piledriver, she then jumps up and locks her legs around their head and right arm, locking them into a modified anaconda vice upon landing. This combination strike/submission finisher has been the end of many fights and even a few careers, especially when she's Hulked Up.








  • Lisa is very obviously based off many wrestling tropes including having a unique championship belt (ala Ted Dibiase's Million Dollar Championship or Zack Ryder's Internet Championship.) Being generally hammy and over-the top as well as her Aura transformation being referred to as "Hulking Up", in reference to a similar thing Hulk Hogan did to turn the tide in matches (by blatantly no-selling).
  • Her name was created by Exo, who also inspired the character through an unused art. In reference to this Exo had Lisa's official art be in the same pose.
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