Lisa (MainFrame)
Gender Female
Age 15
Personality Joyful, air-headed
Alignment Hero
Class Archmage
Weapon Rod
Username LucyNova15

Lisa is one of the nine characters of MainFrame to join Zelix on his quest. She wields a Rod in battle, capable of casting very powerful spells with it. Her simple, joyful personality has also led to her falling into traps or other problems.



Lisa's hair is long and brown, hanging down to the general region of her hips before flaring out at the sides. It is neatly parted in the front, easily displaying her bright blue eyes. She is rather short, wearing a simple blue dress with white trim underneat and black-and-red cloak. She wears black shoes and kneehigh socks with red and blue stripes.

Living a very simple life, she accepts everything and anyone as a part of it. Whether they be friend or foe, Lisa can see the good in everyone. She can, however, be too trusting, which can occasionally lead to her falling into a trap or causing other problems.


  • Zelix: She first meets Zelix when he and Beth are leaving town. She comes too their rescue when a massive wasp attacks them, striking it down with a spell before confronting it in battle with them.
  • Beth: These two are very close friends, so close that they are almost sisters. With a close bond, Lisa looks up to Beth, and she is one of the few characters Beth converses with.
  • Alex: Alex often sees Lisa as a sister in need of protection. He and Lisa get along quite well, due to the fact that they are the youngest two in the group.
  • Kristy: The two get along rather well, but Lisa can get on Kristy's nerves at times. The former likes to run around and play, which the latter sometimes finds pointless.
  • Chris: These two have little interaction, but they do on occasion. Lisa tries to pull Chris into her imaginary world of fun and games much of the time.
  • Brian: Viewing the girl as someone sweet and kind, the buff Brian appreciates the joy Lisa brings with her. The two get along well.
  • Serina: Almost like a third member to the group with Lisa and Beth, she enjoys playing with Lisa due to her somewhat hyperactive nature.
  • Azure: Lisa appears to view Azure as almost an uncle of some sort, jumping around him as he tries to meditate and asking for stories of his past.
  • Yuri: Lisa doesn't quite fear Yuri, but at least seems cautious of the scythe-wielding girl. She still, however, tries to be her friend.


Lisa is quick in battle, using a Rod as a catalyst for casting powerful combat spells.


In terms of stats, Beth is very balanced and his stats are the basis for other characters, with slight modifications made. The Base Values apply when Beth is level 0 with no equipment, and they increase with every level by a static amount. While only Zelix, Beth, and Lisa can be obtained at level 0, these base stats still exist for other characters. The End Values are what that stat is at level 100 with no equipment.

Stat Base Value End Value
GPU (Health) 4,000 29,000
RAM (Skill Points) 750 3,325
Raw Power 200 1,700
Skill Power 400 1,900
Physical Defense 75 1,075
Mental Defense 125 1,125
Accuracy 90% 95%
Evasion 4% 6%
Limit Charge 4 sec 2 sec


Attack RAM Element Type

Short Range Long Range

Normal Attacks

Rod Strike 0 Weapon's Bash Strike the target with the rod Run up to the target and swing the rod
Spell Burst 0 Weapon's Slash Create a simple burst of energy on the target that circles around to hit others

Special Attacks

Torch Fire Stab Light rod on fire and stab the target Lift rod to create a flame that burns the target
Flare Wheel Fire Slash Spin-strike the target with a flaming rod Whipe rod in a circle to send out a spiral of fire
Eruption Fire Bash Strike rod against ground to cause a volcanic eruption to hit all targets
Icicle Ice Stab Lift rod to freeze it and thrust  at the target Swing rod to conjure an icicle that freezes the target
Shiver Mist Ice Slash Spin rod over head to spread frozen gales Slash arms outward to send frozen gales at targets
Glacier Ice Stab Strike rod against ground to create massive icicles that spike up beneath targets
Static Thunder Stab Stab the target with the electrically charged rod Hold rod up as lightning strikes and redirect at target
Chain Bolt Thunder Slash Strike the target with rod to create a bolt Raise rod to create a cone of electricity
Tempest Thunder Stab Strike rod against ground to conjure a massive tempest to rain lightning bolts
Shade Dark Slash Swing at the target with dark force Send a black arc of force at the target
Vortex Dark Stab Lift rod as the caster disappears, leaving a vortex of darkness that sucks in targets
Photon Flash Light Bash Lift rod as the caster begins to glow before a burst of white energy reaches out to all targets
Rejuvinate Light --- Tap the character and heal them Shoot a beam of light that heals the character
Restoration Light --- Tap the character and restore their condition Launch of flash of energy that restores the character
Revitalize Light --- Tap the body and revive the character Raise rod to create a shaft that revives the character

Epic Attacks

Judgement N/A Light Stab Lift rod to lead a massive light that shines down and rains beams of light on the targets
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