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A Limhatan

The Limhatan are a species in the Boundless Fantendoverse, they're a rather unique looking species being best described as large starfish-like creatures. Despite their unusual appearance they're quite intelligent and one of the more recognizable telepathic species to exist.


Limhatan are an Echinodermic-like species that have an appearance similar to that of the terran Starfish, like the sea-dwelling creatures they have five large limbs with a central core. Their core contains a single eye and a beak that they're able to communicate through. The Limhatan possess innate telekinetic abilities alongside their telepathic ones which allow them to float and move about through the air with ease. Each of their limbs are fairly stout in appearance having rounded tips usually with ridges running along the sides of each limb which appear to separate the species front-half from its back-half, the tips of a Limhatan's arms have a large keratin dome-like structure on the end which possesses some degree of bioluminescence which is used by the species as a form of communication and likely predated their telepathy.

Limhatan's come in a variety of colours although are most commonly Purple in colour with their mid-line ridges being a cream-yellow colour. Some Limhatan are known to be more blue in colour although the extent is never more than a middle-blue tone. A Limhatan's body can also be covered in a speckled pattern which is useful in denoting what region of their homeworld a Limhatan's ancestors originated from as the speckled pattern helps them camouflage with the dense fog and large bulbous flora that grows on their planet, effectively breaking up their outlines making it difficult for their ancestral predators to hunt them.


Limhatan culture is highly advanced with the species having a surprisingly low population in spite of how prevalent they are across the galaxy, this is due to the Limhatan's being considered one of the most extreme K-Selection species known to exist, each individual Limhatan has a strong connection with a sizeable amount of the total Limhatan population as through their youth hundreds of adult Limhatan will care for the young to ensure their experience and knowledge across practically all fields is balanced until the Limhatan comes of age and decides to specialize in a field.

Limhatan's culture is described as very high-class by other species, the low population leads to a high degree of luxury for each individual within the species, one of the older philosophies that has stuck around with the Limhatan society is the Five Branches concept that being that a Limhatan should be proficient in a Science, Art, Sport, History and Hobby. Because of this many of the younger Limhatans (i.e. 300 years or younger) have been known to adopt these skills from other species, often spending long periods of time off-world to gain expertise in skills that the Limhatans never put much interest towards.


As a telepathic and telekinetic species, the Limhatan possess some degree of general psionic abilities, some Limhatan have even been able to see into the near future at times with a strong regiment of meditation. Beyond this the Limhatan are generally not well-equipped for combat, they tend to prefer evasive capabilities thanks to their camouflage as well as thanks to not having bones they can often fit into spaces that other species would be unable to follow them in. Their only physical abilities are the strong, suction-like grip their arms can provide allowing them to suffocate an enemy as well as their beaks, the only rigid part of their bodies being able to quite easily break through harder materials as they were needed to eat the bivalve creatures of their homeworld.

History in the Fantendoverse

The Limhatan are seen all throughout the galaxy, the sheer variety that each individual in the species tends to have from one another makes it such that in spite of their low populations many other species recognize them. Although they're not directly known to have been involved in any major conflicts history does show that they do tend towards more naturalistic species and have joined sides with them as supporters.