Lily (Snively)
Lily in her Lilligant form.
Full Name Liliana Deine Leanne
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Location Forest Village
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Her Nature powers
Ability/ies Able to control nature, uses staffes to heal
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Snively (Game)
Lily is an important heroine in Snively series. She is a young girl living in Forest Village alongside with Snively. She, like Snively, can use nature powers to attack and heal.



Lily is a very respected person in the village, because of her kindness for everyone. She's pretty intelligent, and tries to solve the problems before they will get even bigger. She doesn't like to fight, but she herselfes is pretty good in it.

Her favorites things to do are helping people in the village and sports, mainly tennis. When someone fights, she usually tries to get them to stop and calm down.



Lilligant Form

In the second Snively game, Lily is teleported to the PMD world with Snively and is able to change into a Lilligant when going through a special portal that leads to the planet in which Team Gemstones takes place, she transforms into a Lilligant whenever she visits there.


When in her Lilligant form Lily has blue eyes and light brown hair, she also has all the features that a regular Lilligant would possess.