Lilligant is one of the main characters in the Darmanitan Slam series. She first appeared in Darmanitan Slam 2, where she nursed Darumaka back to health after he had become poisoned. Lilligant then formed a large crush on him, and their relationship began. She lives in the Forest area of Pokémon Island.


Lilligant is a very kind Pokémon. In Darmanitan Slam 2, she nursed Darumaka back to health when he was poisoned. This was the start of their relationship. She was very clingy on Darumaka after she had healed him. She is very overprotective. When Darumaka tried to get out from her arms, she embraced him even harder and scolded him for trying to leave.

Lilligant's favorite activities include going outside, dancing, and being with Darumaka.

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