#549 Lilligant
Lilligant's artwork for Pokémon Black and White.
Category Flowering Pokémon
Original Region Unova
National Dex Nr. #549
Unova Dex Nr. #055/085
Generation 5
Pokémon Color Green
Type(s) Grass
Ability/ies Chlorophyll, Own Tempo
(Hidden: Leaf Guard)
Average Height 3'07"
Average Weight 35.9 lbs.
Evolves From Petilil
Evolves Into N/A

Lilligant, known in Japan as ドレディア (Dredear), is a female-only Grass-typed Pokémon. It has evolved from a Petilil after being exposed to a Sun Stone, and is seen as a counterpart to Whimsicott.

Notable Lilligant



Lilligant is based on a variety of flower plants. The name and the curvature of its leafs are based on the lily, but the smell on Lilligant's flower is based on the flowers used in essential oils in aromatherapy, like orange, mandarin, pomelo or carnation flowers. The leafs on its body are based on spearmint and peppermint leafs, which are also used for essential oils.

Lilligant's dress and crown are rather based on women's fasion from 1750 to 1775. Lilligant could also be based on a dancer, as its dress resembles a ball gown and Lilligant being able to learn a lot of Dance moves.

Name Origin

Lilligant is a combination of lily and elegant.

Dredear may be a combination of the words dress, dear, lady and Dianthus.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドレディア
From dress, dear, lady and Dianthus.
French Fragilady From fragile and lady.
German Dressella From dress and bella.


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