Lights, Camera, Mario! (Japanese title: カメラのMario! (Mario On Camera!)) is a Mario game, releasing January 14, 2008 in the US, and has released already in Japan. Its console is the DS.


Mario and the gang were playing in the pool, when a helicopter filled with Shy Guys with cameras picked them up and took them to the helicopter. They travel to a movie set. Director Piranha has been expecting them apparently. Bowser, or what appears to be, is sitting drinking a Cola. Mario attacked him, not knowing who he really was. Mario pulls off the costumes head, revealing a scared human. Embaressed, Mario steps back and says "Oh oh,I'm-a Sorry. I.. I-a did not-a see that happen!". Director Piranha explains to Mario that he was brought there to act in a movie. Then, D.P tells Mario that what he did to the person inside the Bowser costume was exactly what he needs to do on camera. Mario says "Let's-a roll!".

This game goes through one level each of the Most popular mario games. For example: There's Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 DS, the first boss from New Super Mario Bros, and the Prehistoric Piranha plant boss from Super Mario Galaxy.

Other stuff about the game

It has been confirmed that there are also other scenes such as "Mario vs. Wario", where Mario fights Wario in an epic battle, the Final scene, of which the real Bowser appears and takes over the movie set! Mario must defeat Bowser & save the day!

If you beat the game, you can direct your own scenes and have the actors do whatever you want!


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