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Reign of Chaos is the first story in the Light In The Darkness fanfiction series.


Finally unable to stand the lack of respect the Humans have for her, Cacophony, Incarnate of Chaos, snaps and starts wreaking utter havoc on the planet Earth. Driven by jealousy and rage, she raises natural disasters of all kinds on the planet, leaving trails of destruction in her wake.

Meanwhile, in the Otherealm, on the planet Tekrast, the esteemed Leptirican inventor Cecill had recently developed a Magitek Interdimensional Teleporter, one that would allow for paths between the Otherealm and other dimensions to be created. Inviting the people of Evenwicht to the grand unveiling, an unforeseen accident causes the MIT to go haywire. The resulting energy spike causes the person closest to it - a young Imp by the name of Rinddel - to be teleported away from his home.

By some cosmic coincidence, he ends up being warped to planet Earth. Now his friends must find a way to bring Rinddel back home, while he must find a way to survive the global carnage wrought by Cacophony.


  • Rinddel - A young male Imp who's always been fascinated in the human race, he gets his wish to see them in a way he did not expect.
  • Cacophony the Chaos Incarnate - The Incarnate of Chaos who, after eons of being demonized by the Human race, finally flew into a rage and saw fit to raze the planet Earth. She normally forms a harmonious balance with her "brother", Symphony; however, her anger is so great that she will no longer listen to his reasonings.
  • Symphony the Order Incarnate - The Incarnate of Order who normally forms a harmonious balance with his "sister", Cacophony. However, he finds himself unable to quell her anger and bring her back to her senses.
  • Profesor Cecill - A brilliant inventor responsible for creating the Magitek Interdimensional Teleporter. After the accident sent Rinddel to Earth, he works together with the Imp's friends to find a way to bring him back home.
  • Zage, Schelm and Kobold - Rinddel's three best friends, they team up with Professor Cecill to find a way to bring their friend back home.
  • Grigol -


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