A lot of the names are prototypes, so bear with me.

Light In The Darkness is a work of fiction created by Ryushusupercat (tbc).

It revolves around a young Imp by the name of Rinddel. He lives in the floating city of Evenwicht, which is located on the planet Tekrast. Tekrast is located in the Otherealm, a fantastic dimension that is not unlike our own universe.

The people worship numerous deities known as Incarnates.

Known Characters


Stories in the Series

Light In The Darkness: Reign of Chaos

Finally unable to stand the lack of respect the Humans have for her, Cacophony snaps and starts wreaking utter havoc on Earth, not too long after Rinddel is accidentally sent there. He'll need Symphony's help if he's to have any chance of confronting the Chaos Incarnate and surviving.

Light In The Darkness: Rising Void

Being rewritten.


  • Symphony and Cacophony can be thought of as the two sides of Mother Nature; the peaceful side and the violent side.
  • Rinddel's prototype name was Zage. That name was later given to the main hero's best friend.
  • Evenwicht is Dutch for "balance".

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