Lienzo's artwork in Opaque View: Morning Light.
Full Name Lienzo
Current Age 17-20 (assumed)
Gender Male
Location Monochrom
Class Sidekick
Main Weapon(s) Graffiti spray
Vulnerable To Darkness, fire.
First Appearance Opaque View: Morning Light

Lienzo is one of the protagonists of the Opaque View series. He debuted in the Nintendo DS game Opaque View: Morning Light, being somewhat of an assistant to Arcois.


Lienzo is a very quiet and shy character. He always looks somewhat disturbed and has been subject to bullying, mostly because of his colourful appearance and being different. As so, he wears camouflage clothes, mostly for not being seen by people.

He speaks in a alien language, but can speak some short phrases with his only friend, Arcois. He mostly shows no feelings, but sometimes, after doing a graffiti, he breaks a smile, since spraying is his way of expressing.


Lienzo has yellowy-white skin, and wears camo clothes.


Opaque View

Opaque View: Morning Light

For more info about this character's techniques, look here.

In the first game, Lienzo is a playable character. He has three cans of spray paint of the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Opaque can be used to break walls and go through them. The way to do so is by using his red spray, burning the wall.

All of his graffiti can make combinations.


  • Lienzo was originally going to be called Leonzo, to make him seem more male, but at the end he was called Lienzo, meaning Canvas in Spanish.