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Lichess Molybdenum (also known as just Lichess or Madame Muerte) is a self-proclaimed "goddess of death" that travels with The Haded, her servant bound to her every whim. Lichess Molybdenum is a night elf from Huxxabu and has Abyssal powers that allows her to split pieces of undead beings and attach them to the living, blurring the lines of both life and death. Her dominating presence makes her a powerful figure among the dead, despite not being dead herself. She is the leader of Team Draugr and was intended to debut in the G3 Supercard tournament storyline. She was created by Exotoro (tbc) as the leader of a team that heavily uses the Spirit Universe lore in a interesting way, but also created to be a dark parallel of Asuna.

Lichess Molybdenum is a powerful figure among the dead, despite being very much alive due to her Abyssal being used to surgically pluck at the undead for pieces to implant in the living as a means of control. She calls herself a "goddess of death" due to her ability to control the dead/undead and bend them to her whim. Her power comes from the powerful spirit known as Glámr, which she is looking for a direct host that can take full advantage of the power they provide.


Lichess Molybdenum is a white skinned night elf with short pointed ears. She has blank white eyes with green eye makeup. She has platinum white hair that goes down past her shoulders but is cut short enough to not hit the waist area. She has green sharp nails. She wears a skimpy outfit that is fairly revealing, featuring several ribbons strapped across her body, with a green one resembling a pentagram across her chest. She wears puffy detached sleeve cuffs around her upper arms and high leather boots. This gives her a dominating look.

To her side at all times is Glámr, a spirit that appears in the shape of a burning green skull with flames coming out the back and out the eye sockets.


Lichess Molybdenum has a very playful and dominating personality, seeing herself as a goddess of death (although she is not actually close to a deity in terms of power) and controlling those she sees fit with her powers. Her attacking style is actually fairly impersonal, hardly landing physical blows on her opponent in favor of sending out the spirit Glámr to attack or dealing projectile damage with her emerald colored Abyssal. She has a cold heart, only seeing her servants as tools to attack for her or to serve her in other means that are for her benefit almost exclusively.

Her power is also not really her own. Her Abyssal stems from a lack of life from Glámr, and she directly controls Glámr and uses their power for her own needs. This leads to an overconfidence in abilities that aren't even her's to begin with. While she is rather cold, she does so in a playful way. She seems to find those who attempt to impress her or carry attraction to her as rather entertaining- she mostly strings people along to convert them into her undead army.

She is genuinely attracted to power though- as such she sticks with Glámr out of somewhat out of a infatuation with them. This isn't really expressed openly, but it is part of her goal to find a suitable host for Glámr to express what she believes is romantic feelings for them but also a powerful servant that they can order around. She is also fairly intelligent, able to spot schemes to stop her a mile away and puts a stop to them in a inconspicuous way.

She also seems to have a hobby for motorcycling, owning a motorcycle and often showing up to events on one. She also appears to like strawberries and roses, using the thorns of a rose as a skewer to eat strawberries off.


G3 Supercard

Powers and Abilities

Lichess Molybdenum has emerald colored Abyssal that is sourced from a lack of life around her. The more undead or corpses around her, the more powerful she becomes. She uses the Abyssal to control Glámr, a powerful spirit that remains as a floating skull, implied to have been part of a even stronger spirit but was disconnected from the rest of their body that remains in a vacuum seal. She can use the Abyssal to a surgical precision, able to cut off pieces from Glámr and then insert them into dead bodies with very specific conditions.

Specific Powers


  • Emerald Abyssal - Lichess Molybdenum is able to use a emerald-colored Abyssal that derives it's energy from an absence of life. The more corpses or undead around her, the stronger she becomes.
    • Emerald Scalpel - The Lichess is able to precision cut into the skin of living beings as well as segment parts of the soul and attach them to bodies under very specific conditions.
    • Emerald Blade - A large version of Emerald Scalpel that is less precise, allowing her to cut into opponents or cut buildings in half.
    • Emerald Darkness - The Lichess creates a bubble of Abyssal that blinds opponents and ensnares around their head. It becomes smaller over time before popping, dealing heavy damage and leaving the opponent in a dazed state but does not launch.
    • Spirit Strings - The Lichess is able to remotely control spirits with her Abyssal power, able to attack their otherwise intangible bodies. She can only seemingly control one spirit at a time- but by splitting a spirit into pieces, she can use them to control undead vessels.
  • Wrestling Moves - The Lichess, if out of options, can still resort to attacking with wrestling moves.
    • Old School - The Lichess twists the arm of the opponent and gets a lock on their arm. She slowly proceeds to climb a pillar or turnbuckle, with the arm still in position and walks on the top rope holding her opponent’s hand. She then jumps from the top rope and slam her opponents hand to the ground thereby creating an opportunity to pick on the injured arm for her later offences. This move is a knockdown move.
    • Hell's Gate - The Lichess holds her legs high against the opponent’s upper back. She then slips one foot in front of her opponent’s head and under their chin. She proceeds to lock her hands behind the opponent’s head and choke them by pressing her shin against the opponent’s neck.
    • Tombstone Pile Driver - The Lichess lifts her opponent and turns them upside down before dropping them head first onto the canvas in a sitting or kneeling position. Deals damage around the neck area of the opponent.


  • Glámr Control - The Lichess is able to control Glámr with her Abyssal, and anyone that has a piece of Glámr inside of them. She is able to shoot them forward, make them come back to her, or stop at their current position and attack.
  • Burial by Ash - Glámr sends out a wave of black ash at opponents that blinds or confuses them and can follow it up with a flame attack to deal more damage.
  • Green Flame - Glámr fires off a green fireball that deals moderate damage, with even more damage done if Glámr performs Burial by Ash first.
  • Green Spinner - Glámr creates a ring of fire around them that can deal combo damage when sent in a charge attack.



It is implied Lichess Molybdenum knows Tobura and her forces. They seem to have a friendly relationship although have seperate goals.



  • "Molybdenum" is a chemical that can turn fire green. Since her powers are represented through green fire in most scenarios and she also converts the undead with these abilities- hence turning their fires green- the name is very fitting.
  • Her design takes inspiration from Lady Death, a Marvel comics character, but her wrestling moves and undead background are inspired by The Undertaker from the WWE.
  • She can be considered the dark version of Asuna.
    • She is powerful but her power isn't exactly her own- either deriving it from dead people or literally not involving her in the fights as much as possible.
    • She has demonic motifs as opposed to angelic motifs.
    • She uses Abyssal instead of Aura.
    • She is based off a male gimmick wrestler as opposed to Asuna's female wrestler.