Lethal Lava Raceway is the fourth track of the Flower Cup of Mario Kart DS: Tag Team Racing, set in the outskirts of Super Mario 64's Lethal Lava Land. The track has several Mr. Is, many bumpy Bullies, a fire-spitting volcano and yes...LAVA PITS. The course also has many dirt tracks.


The track starts with some dirt-tracks, then followed by a O shaped layout, with a fire-spitting volcano in the centre, causing several Podobobos to come out of it, trying to hit players, who come to them. Then, a big layout with several Mr. Is, shooting blue embers to hit players, like the Podobobos themselves at the volcano. Lastly, a longer layout simlier to the first part of the track (including the dirt-tracks) but now, there are some lots of Bullies, that cause the player to bounce back when hit, trying to cause the player to fall in the lava pit. Then a simple, straight and short layout to back where the starting point was.


  • The volcano in the O layout bit is simlier to the one in Lethal Lava Land in SM64.
  • The first layout bit is the same to Mario Kart: Super Circuit's Bowser Castle 3 first layout, but without the Thwomps.
  • The track is a mix of MK Wii's Grumble Volcano, MKDS' Desert Hills and Tick Tock Clock and MKSS' Bowser Castle 3.
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