Lerson Grayn is the leader of Raven Industries VineVille branch in Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack. He is the main villain of the game.


Lerson treats all below him like scum, which is everyone. Because of this and his lack of effort means that he has little friends, and says money is his life. He is very spiteful and is unpredictable and can get quite insane and unstable when on a roll, and craves success.


Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack

He announces the opening of Raven's branch to the press as a company that makes electrical goods. He asks for employees to make parts, which are really for making Raven Drones. Highly ranked Raven officials check on his progress, as they trust him deeply. At the end of the game, Lerson is convicted in prision for Violating Human rights. And for murder attempt of the kidnapped Nicholas Steel and slave labour.

Ella-Metals Racing

Lerson has broke out of prision and is striving back to his old job for revenge. He is a playable character.

Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets

He is a unlockable character and a villain in Story Mode.


Lerson has the look of trouble and disturbance on his face, his black slightly spiky ruffled hair is slowly turning grey, to match his suit. He has black trousers with thin vertically striped white lines and shoes.


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