Leon Cobracti
Leon, the sneaky snake thief.
SPECIES Winged Cobra
AGE 18 Years
BIRTHPLACE Savarin Desert
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Good
CLASS Somewhat Hero
So, you two kids are searching for some Halonites? Count me in! I've heard those gems contain great power within.

Leon is a winged cobra that first appears in Kimono as the player's second partner, alongside Ace. He is able to snatch items from enemies that may help the player.


Leon is an hunter green snake with brown stripes, a yellow scaled underside, a "hood" with two black dots on the back, and small, yellow wings. His default clothing is with a red, spotted bandana and golden cape with an icon of a white skull. There are also two other costumes you can put on: Robin Hood, and Team Blackskull.


Leon is a natural-born master of stealth. With a swift swing, he can disappear in a blink of an eye due to his long, thin body. His swift stealth and agility comes from the experience of being a former member from an evil team of bandits known as Team Blackskull. This is seen with one of his alternate costumes of the same name. While now part of the hero leagues, he still uses his ability to steal and a Branch Dagger he held since his bandit days against enemies.

Despite no longer a fully evil bandit, Leon can also act mischievous at times. Has a love for collecting treasures, specifically shiny gems in dungeons. Also enjoys eating barbeque, for some reason. He prefers to work alone, unless another is searching for valuable items, especially gemstones. He has a childish side, not wanting to admit his faults and boasting about his strengths, which are sometimes not true.

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