Lemming Moles are subspecies of Monty Moles introduced in Mario 3D World.

Artwork of three Lemming Moles.


Lemming Moles leap out of the dirt like Monty Moles (except on top, instead of the side), usually in groups of 3. Once they leap out, they all run in the same direction, ignoring Mario. Mario can ride on their heads, but if he gets trampled, he will get damaged. If they hit a wall, they will all turn around, but if they reach the edge of the platform, they will leap off (as shown in the image ---->). Mario should jump off before they leap away, or he will be killed.


  • Lemming Moles are based off of the myth that Lemmings commit mass suicide- however, this myth is false.


Mario 3D World

Lemming Moles are introduced in M3DW, along with Ninjiinas.

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