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Lego Dimensions 2 is the sequel to Lego Dimensions released in ??/??/?? on the Xbox 1, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac, and the Lux Lite.


It's been a few years ever since the Multiverse was threaten by Vortech, and it seems that everything has gone back to normal. However, things are about to get ugly. The villain known as Von Nebula (of Hero Factory fame) has gotten his hands on the strongest foundation element: The Building Brick of Life. With it, he can create whatever he wants. He plans to use it to merge a large chunk of the Multiverse together to create his own empire, where the scum over at Hero factory can never bother him or try and thwart him.

There is hope, however. X-PO, former assistant of Vortech and now multiversal traveler, gets word of Nebula's plan and assembles a group of 6 heroes across the multiverse: The Incredible Hulk, Chase McCain, Benny the Space Man, Robocop, Anakin Skywalker, and Lloyd Garmadon. Together, they must close dimensional rifts opening in other universes and find and take out Von Nebula once and for all.

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In Lego Dimensions 2, much like 1, you have a very large roster of playable characters to choose from or buy from your local Gamestop or Toy Store. Every character from the first game returns, plus a bunch of new ones. Each character has there own unique abilities and powers, an all of them are usefull within levels in order to find secrets and bonuses. To see the characters movesets, click here.

Returning Characters
Batman W. Woman Cyborg Joker Harley Superman Aquaman
Bane Supergirl Arrow Wildstyle Emmet Bad Cop Benny
Unikitty Gandalf Gollum Legolas Gimli Marty Doc Brown
Chell Homer Bart Krusty Owen ACU Troop Scooby
Shaggy Laval Eris Cragger Witch The Doctor Cyberman
Kai Cole Jay Cole Nya Sensei Wu Lloyd
Stay Puff Ghostbusters Slimer Abby Yates Gamer Finn Jake
Marceline Lumpy Space Ethan Harry Potter Granger Voldemort Baracas
Newt Tina Sonic Gizmo Stripe E.T Robin
Batgirl Lego Batman M. Knight Goonies Sloth Chase Blossom
Bubbles Buttercup Beast Boy Raven Starfire Beetlejuice Vortech
New Characters (Year 1)
Spiderman Cap. America Iron-Man The Hulk Dr. Doom M.O.D.O.K Woody
Buzz Zurg Spongebob Patrick Mega Man Mickey Donald
Aladdin Peter Pan Shrek Predator Xenomorph Anakin Asoka
Yoda Darth Maul Boba Fett Mordecai Rigby Rick Red Bird
Chuck King Pig Terminator Robocop Sherlock Jonny Th. Tracer
Reaper Red Ranger Alpha P. Stormer W. Furno V. Nebula Custom
New Characters (Year 2)
Banjo Mumbo Ben 10 Vilgax Gwen Gen. Rex I. Jones
Yakko Wakko Dot Incredible ElastiGirl Violet Dash
Dipper Bill Cipher Goku Vegeta Piccolo Freiza TMNT
Shredder Space Cop Squidman Kranxx Clutch P. Spawn Wall-E
EVE S. Mayham Steven U. Pearl Garnet Hawkodile Dr. Fox
Puppycorn Bomberman Hellboy The Ed's Courage J. Bravo Dexter
New Characters (Year 3)
Peashoot Crazy Dave Zomboss Megaman X Zero Star-Lord Gamora
Drax Rocket Racc. Groot Thanos Neo Mr. Smith Aang
Katara Zuko Willy Wonka Charlie B. He-Man Skeletor She-Ra
Conker Battletoads Scrooge H/D/Lewie Fred F. Barney R. Bam Bam
Steve? Villager Shovel K. Shield K. Zim Gir Slappy
R.L. Stine Archie Jughead Dick Dastar Muttley X-PO Zach


Location Description
Story Mode Stages (7/25)

Beginning of an adventure

X-PO's Hideout

After X-PO has finally rounded up the 6 heroes he needs, he has them practice their teamwork by rebuilding the gateway. This level teaches you how to play the game and what each of the main 6 heroes can do and how they can solve puzzles.

  • Boss Battle: N/A

Take A.I.M to Please

New York City

The first rift has been located in New York City, famously home to the Avengers and Spider-Man. At the moment, everything is less then marvelous: A.I.M has teamed with H.Y.D.R.A to unleash Fin Fang Foom onto the city. Stop them and close the rift as well.

  • Boss Battle: Red Skull, Fin Fang Foom

Playdate with Destiny

Andy's Room


  • Boss Battle: Zurg's Spaceship

The Tides of Battle

Bikini Bottom


  • Boss Battle: Man-Ray, Dirty Bubble, Dr. Doom

No Place like Gnome

The Mystery Shack


  • Boss Battle: Gnome Monster

Arabian Knights of the Republic

Alladin World


  • Boss Battle: Jafar, Darth Vader

Hunter and the Prey

A Spaceship


  • Boss Battle: Alien/Predator Hybrid


The Death Star


  • Boss Battle: Von Nebula (1st Time)

The Cavalry is Here

The Future


  • Boss Battle: Widowmaker, Doomfist

Elemetry, My Dear Watson

London, 1930


  • Boss Battle: Taskmaster
Level Pack Stages (6/15)

Super Fighting Robot



  • Boss Battle: Robot Masters, Yellow Devil, Dr. Wily
  • Character: Megaman

Operation: Termination

The Future

After the Dimensional Crisis, Terminator has had enough of Skynet and decides to storm the base and take out the centeral intelligence once and for all. It'll be tricky, though: it's swarming with Skynet bots, not to mention John Connor was captured.

  • Boss Battle: T-1000, Skynet Computer
  • Character: The Terminator

Save the Town (And Mr. Krabs)

Shell City


  • Boss Battle: "Cyclops"
  • Character: Spongebob

It's Hero Time

Mt. Rushmore


  • Boss Battle: Vilgax
  • Character: Ben 10

Dipper's Untold Adventure

Mystery Shack


  • Boss Battle: Mr. Whatshisface
  • Character: Dipper Pines/Maple Pines

Goodnight, Everybody!

The Warner Movie Lot


  • Boss Battle: Ralph, Pinkie & Brain
  • Character: Yakko, Wakko, Dot



Hub Worlds


Red Bricks




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