Lego Batman 3 Nintendo and DC Unite
The Wii U boxart
Developer(s) Travellers Tales
Publisher(s) Warner bros Interactive, Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, Nintendo Prima,
Genre(s) Action, Open world
Release Date(s) June 2014
Mode(s) 1 to 4 player Co-op online and offline
Age Rating(s) E10
Media Included Wii U disc, 3DS cartridge, NP cartridge
Lego Batman 3 is an action open world game developed by TT Games and is an istallment in the Lego franchise.Like it's predacessor, the game includes an open world, voice acting and also has characters outside of the Batman characters. This time added to the DC characters are Nintendo characters. It will realease in June 2014.


Spoiler Alert

After Gotham is cleaned up by Batman and the Justice League, they decide to hang around for a while. Meanwhile, the Joker and Lex Luthor was put in Arkham Asylum. Braniac had discoverd an alternate Earth on the other side. It consists of Nintendo locations.He goes there and makes a deal with the Nintendo villains. They help him take over Earth, and he helps them take over the Nintendo world. He then brakes the villains, including the villains fought by discovering them in Lego Batman 2, out of Arkham Asylum. Batman and the Justice League have to team up with Nintendo heroes to take Braniac and the Nintendo villains down.


The game plays like Lego Batman 2 with some changes. Each character has an attack, a ranged attack, a weapon and a specific skill exclusive to that character. Changes has also been made to the open world. At a certain point, the player can enter the Nintendo world from Gotham City. The terminals return. The player still activates them to show a villain in that area where they are hiding, spawns vehicles, shows them a map and new to the series, buy new skills and powers using studs for the characters. There are 60 levels, each ending in a boss fight. Boss fights have been changed. When players encounter a boss, they have to beat them down. then they go to their strongest state(For example, Bowser would become Giga Bowser). The player will have to attack using a Shadow of the Collauses boss system. Once their defeated in the open world, you buy them, then they are arrested.Heroes(that you don't unlock during the story) can be bought by doing a side quest, saving them or helping them defeat a villain. Side quests you do are no longer helping a ccitizen or finding gold bricks. Their are hero and villain side quests. The hero side quests include stopping a robbery, stopping a gang war,defeating villains or rescuing citizens.Villain side quests include taking part in a robbery, starting a gang war and causing panic. For the first time in a Lego game, their is 4 player and online Co-op.


DC characters

Batman: Batarang,suits

Robin: Batarang, Acrobatics, suits

Superman: Super Strength, Laser eyes, Freeze Breath, Flight, invincebillity, X-ray vision

Green Lantern: Shoot Green Energy, Construct unique green objects out of green legos, flight

Cyborg: Magnetic, shoot energy out of his cannon, super strength

Wonder Woman: Invincebillity, Super strength, Tiara Ring, Lasso of Truth

The Flash: Super Speed, can rebuild black deconstructed legos

Martian Manhunter: invincebillity, flight, X-ray vision, telekinesis, invisibillity, manipulating enemies

Hawkman: Super strength, Flight, Use of any weapon

Aquaman: Super strength, Swim in deep waters, trident, shoots water out of trident

Green Arrow: Bow and Arrow, Sword, martial arts

Firestorm: Build unique fire objects out of atomic legos, super strength, flight,

Deadman: Flight, invisibillity, posses enemies, Black and White Lantern rings bring back defeated enemies that does whatever he tells them to do.

Atom: can shrink in size

Booster Gold: Flight, Wrist blasters, super strength, force field, X-ray vision

Rocket Red: Flight, Super Strength, invulnerabillity, Energy blasts,Mecha Empathy can control computers and machines

Augest General in Iron: super strength, Staff that can slice through any metal

Shade, the changing man: Flight, Shpeshifting

Mera: aquakenisis, flight, super strength

Element Girl: Can transform her body into any element

Vixen: flight, super strength, can swim in deep water, super speed, wall climbing, Venom spit, Body armor, can go through fire and ice.

Fire: pyrokenisis, walk through fire.

Ice: Flight, super strength, Ice projectiles, can create ice platforms to move from one area to another, can walk through chilly parts

Godiva: can use her hair in battles

Zatanna: Use magic, Sonic voice

Azrael: Wrsit flame swords, can walk through fire

Shazzam: Super strength, flight, super speed, summon lightning

nightwing: Acrobatics, Wing-dings, Escrima sticks

Steel: Super strength, flight,Mallet that can blow away walls

Blue Beetle: Flight, Super strength and suit can create weapons and gadgets like cannons, swords, grappling hooks, and duel energy blades

Etrigan: Hellfire, super strength, energy blasts, super speed

The Joker: Machine Gun, Joybuzzer,open joker boxes, immunity to toxins

The Riddler: ? staff, hyponotis, opens riddler boxes

Bane: Super Strength

Clayface: Super strength, shape shifting

Deadshot: Sniper Rifle, can shoot enemies from a rooftop

Black Mask: Duel pistols, Mind control

Firefly: Flight, flamethrower, grenade launcher

Harley Quinn: Acrobatics, Hammer

Hush: Duel pistols

Killer Croc: Super strength, immunity to toxins, claws and teeth

Killer Moth: Flight, cocoon gun,

Charaxes Killer Moth:Flight, sharp claws and acid spit

Mad Hatter: Mind control

Man-Bat: Flight, super strength, sonic scream

Mr Freeze: Super strength, can walk through cold areas, Freeze Gun

Owlman: Cause confusion

The Peinguin: Umbrella machine gun, Umbrella glide and peinguin bombs

Poison Ivy: Immunity to toxins, control plant life

Ra's Al Ghul: Scimatars, throwing star, super strength

Red Hood: Duel pistols, Sniper, knife,

General Zod: Same as Superman

Brainiac: Flight, super strength, Force field and shrinking ray

Lex Luthor: Deconstructinator

Black Manta: Laser Eyes, Super Strength, Wrist gauntlets, torpedos

King Shark: super strength, claws, teeth

Captain Boomerang: Boomerang

Sinestro: Shoot yellow energy, flight

Zara: Pyrokenesis, Can walk through fire

Nintendo Characters

Mario: Firball, Hammer, Fludd

Luigi: Poltergeist 3000, Hammer, Fireball

Link: Master Sword, Bow, Boomerang, Hyleain sheild

Samus: Arm cannon. Shoots may types of shots.

Lyn: Sword

Erika: sword

Issac: Manipulate the Earth's natural elements

Donkey Kong: Super Strength

Diddy kong: Flight, Peanut Gun

Ness: PK magic including fire, flash, lightning and magnetic froce field

Kirby: Abillity to copy any characters, enemies or bosses powers

Meta Knight: Flight, Sword

Prince Fluff: Can use yarn to shapeshift and unravel(in this game, pull apart) enemies.

Captain Falcon: Laser gun, falcon punch

Ike: Ragnell(can damge invincebal characters)

Micaiah: Light Magic

Sothe: Knife,

Starfy: Star spin, Swim in deep waters

Fox McCloud: Blaster, reflector,Sniper and grenade

Krystal: Staff

Toad: Super Strength, Super Speed

Yoshi: Throw Eggs

Little Mac: Star punch can break through glass

Wario: Super Strength

Ice climbers: Mallets, Ice powers

Olimar: Can send pikmin to do certain things

Ballon Man: Can float on balloons

Lucario: Can use Aura to shoot energy and sence invissible enemies.

Pit: Flight, Bow and Arrow, Bow blades

Saki Amamiya: Cannon Sword

Bowser: Fire Breath, Claws, super strength

Bowser Jr.: Super Strength, Paintbrush(can destroy or create objects)

Shadow Mario: Paintbrush

Ganondorf: Dark energy, Sword

Black Knight: Invincebillity, Alondite(can cut through anything)

King Hippo: Super Strength

Shake King: Super Strength, lightning

King K. Rool: crown toss

Kaptain K. Rool: Kannon, invivsibillity

Baron K. Roolstein: Flight, energy blasts

King Krusha K. Rool: Shockwaves, boomerang gloves, super strength

Ridley: claws, flight, blade tail, fire breath

Medusas: Dark Magic

Wolf O'Donnel: Claws, Blaster, reflector

Eggplant Wizard: Turns enemies into eggplants

King Ashnard: Wyvern mount, flight, sword

Ogura: Magic

Saturos: sword, fire magic

King Dedede: Hammer, flight,

Masked Dedede: Hammer, flight, missles,

Kamek: Flight, magic energy blasts

Tiki Tong: hypnotis

Samurai Goroh: Sword

Yin-Yarn: Turn enemies into yarn

Oiram Repus: Flight, swim in deep water

Mashtooth: Sword, lightning attacks, force field

Orion Tsang: Laser whip, force field, energy balls, torpedos

Smithy: Hammer, tank head, mask head, magic head, treasure box head

General Scales: Double bladed hook, golden sword



Same as Lego Batman 2

Wario Bike

Blue Falcon


Wario Car


Same as Lego Batman 2


Air vehicles

Same as Lego Batman 2



Cheep Cheep Blimp



Falcon Flyer

Hocotate Ship

Koopa Clown Car

S.S. Dolphin

Funky Barrel

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