Legend of Zelda: Termina's Path is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, by Hemu and Leo5978.


Termina's Path gameplay is the same as Twilight Princess, but will feature multi-player co-op, and multiple storylines.


Image Name Description Abilities Fairy Partner
LinkTP Link Link is a Hylian warrior, clad in green with a large arsenal of weapons that he can use, but he mainly uses his sword. Bow, Sword, Bomb, Shield Navi
Princess Zelda Zelda Zelda is the hylian princess, she has lots of bows and other weapons, but mostly uses the bow. Bow, Rapier, Energy Ball, Flaming Sword Fairy Queen(Link's Awakening)
SkullKid Skull Kid Skull Kid was once a brave Hylian warrior, named Link, who got lost within the woods and was turned into a Skull Kid.

Flute, Slingshot, Sword, Shield, memes

Saria Saria Saria, sage of the forest, was once the girlfriend of the Link that became the Skull Kid, Saria gave her sage powers to Fado and left to find Link. Ocarina, Deku Stick, Slingshot, Shield Xerna
Kafei Kafei Kafei, in actuality Kafei II, is the son of Kafei and Anju. Kafei is a thief, and is rivaled by Sakonova. Pendant of Memories(secretely a dagger), Sun Mask(Chakram), Keaton Claw, Keaton Knife Tatl
Great Tingle Tingle Tingle, the son of the swamp photographer, is known for his famous "TINGLE TINGLE KOOLOO LIMPAH" saying, also claims he's a fairy. Tingle Bomb, Sword, Shield, Halberd Pinkle
DekuScrub Dekel Dekel, the son of the Deku Butler, betrayed the Deku Royalty of the Southern Swamp and became Skull Kid's assistant, but was killed by Skull Kid. After Majora's Mask was returned, Dekel was brought back to life. Deku Nut, Slingshot, Deku Stick, Deku Sword Ciela
Mikaut Mikau the Second Mikau, the Guitarist of the Indi-Go's, died heroically while trying to save Lulu's eggs. After the Majora's Mask was returned, Mikau was brought back to life. Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric-Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar Neri
Darmani Darmani the Third Darmani, the Hero of the Gorons, died heroically while trying to get Snowhead out of winter. After Majora's Mask was returned, Darmani was brought back to life. Goron Bracelet, Bomb, Powder Keg, Drums Leaf
Rebecca black Rebecca Black Black, Came to termina for a major concert, but only 3 people showed up, 2 looking for the bathroom, the other a homeless terminan who lived there. Her singing ended up killing the two going to the bathroom, and the homeless terminan moved out. She then went on an enormous rampage and wants to kill the terminans. Voice, Microphone, Auto-tune, Cereal Bowl Patrice Williams
Justin bieber Justin Bieber Bieber, also came to termina for a concert, to join Black, but Black was already on the rampage, so he decided to join her. Voice, Microphone, Chains, Midget(Shawty) Usher
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