The Legend of Zelda: Return to Termina is a made up game made by KriztianMilanes. It is the sequel to Majoras Mask.


Link was wandering through the lost woods, trying to get back home from his journey at Terminal. In Hyrule, Ganondorf, the evil king, tracked down to a evil power source, that was thought to be drained of evil, in a mysterious world. He noticed it could be used to increase his power to take the Tri Force with ease, and it could not let anyone stop him. So he headed to the woods, following the path, then he came noticed a small boy wearing green clothing, at first he didn't care about him, then Ganondorf took a closer look, and noticed green clothing and a sword, which he thought was similar to the boy he met in Hyrule, also known as the hero of time, Ganondorf also noticed the Tri Force marking on his hand, so then, out a burst of silence, Ganondorf grabbed began chasing link using his horse, while link was using Epona to escape, while shooting light arrows to stop him in his tracks, but link had taken a wrong turn, he fell back into Termina, which caused all his items to scatter across terminal, never to be retrieved for now. Ganondorf headed out to Termina, trying to seek out Link and the evil power source to capture link with power.

What's New

In this game, it will introduce a new transformation mask called the Stal Mask, which lets Link transform in a Stalchild, that can use a bone sword, swing his fists, and communicate with undead monsters to access things. It also allows you to receive the Skull Whistle, which allows call your new friend, the Skull Kid. More new things will be TBA.

Playable Characters

Link, Deku Link, Goron Link, Zora Link, Stal Link, and Skull Kid.


1. Woodfall Ruins

2. Snowhead Ruins

3. Stone Tower Ruins

4. Glumla Temple

5. Freezeburn Mountain Temple

6. Skyshadow Temple

7. Great Bay Ruins

8. Terminian Wasteland Temple

9. 9th Dimension

10. Ganons Tower

Bosses (In respective order)

1. SnapJaws

2. Freezetech

3. Ravatlas

4. Shadlurk

5. Charfire

6. Moldchilo

7. Filtepump

8. Dexterrorous

9. Sneeville

10. Ganon (Majora Mix)

The other sections will be shown soon.

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