Legend of Zelda: Knight of Courage, or simply Knight of Courage is an adventure game for the 3ds.


For fifty long years, Hyrule has been under control of the Tyrant King Ganondorf. The last hero had long since disappeared, and the denizens of Hyrule wondered if they would be under oppresion forever. Princess Zelda, one of the last surviving members of the royal bloodline, knew Ganondorf was on his way to claim her piece of the Triforce. Impa, her guardian, told Zelda to scatter the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom across the kingdom so Ganondorf could not obtain it. Ganondorf's army approached Hyrule Castle, ready to claim omnipotence. When Ganondorf arrived, he was shocked to find that Zelda did not have the Triforce. Enraged, he managed to petrify her. He was about to attack Impa too, but she managed to escape his wrath. She then headed toward Kakarico Village in secret, because according to prophecy, the next hero of time was going to be a denizen of the village.

Link is an apprentice of his uncle, the blacksmith in town. He's always seen his uncle sell weapons to great soldiers, and Link has always been fascinated with weaponry. Link is sent to the marketplace by his uncle to sell some armor, when he bumps into a mysterious woman. Link is knocked to the ground, so the woman grabs his hand and helps him up. While doing that, she discovers that he has a strange mark on his hand: the Triforce of Courage. The woman takes him with her to a house beyond the marketplace. She introduces herself as Impa, bodyguard of the Princess. She tells Link of the plight of the princess, and reveals to him his calling. Link heads home to his uncle and tells him of his destiny, which his uncle said he knew this day would come. Link's uncle gives him a sword and shield, and sends him on his way.


In each of the main dungeons, Link is to collect one of eight pieces of the Triforce. He encounters fierce bosses and acquires useful weapons on his quest

Dungeon 1: Forsaken Grove -The dungeon is a derelict temple located in the middle of the forest. It's overgrown with plant life to the point where burning foliage away is the only option.

Dungeon 2: Shrine of Flames -This dungeon inside the volcanic caves of Death Mountain. It was once a mineshaft, but lava flows have wiped out any industrial work going on down there.

Dungeon 3: Lakebed Cavern -Under the surface of Lake Hylia, there is an ancient temple. It's filled with Zora technology such as valves, pipes, and devices that can change the water level

Dungeon 4: Phantom Grave -This level is located under the grave of an ancient king. The dungeon is extremely dark as well as ghost enemies, both of which can be defeated by lanterns.

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