Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Revenge
Developer(s) Prime Gaming
Publisher(s) Prime Gaming
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Series Legend of Zelda
Predecessor A Link Between Worlds
Age Rating(s) E 10+ for Everybody Ten and Up

Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Revenge is an action-adventure game from Prime Gaming. It is part of the Legend of Zelda series and is about the return of Ganon. It is for the Wii U and 3DS, and features a large cast of characters.


Ganon has returned and has taken over a kingdom known as Hestra. Link finds out and goes to defeat Ganon, but sees that there is much, much more to it as Ganon has used black magic to summon a gigantic demonic dragon known as the Dark One.


  • Bright Meadows
  • Field of Death
  • Triton Village
  • Pantia City
  • Hestra
  • The Palace of Darkness


  • The Gargantuan Vine - A gigantic, living vine that comes up out of the ground to attack Link in the Bright Meadows
  • Skulltin - A giant ogre wearing a skull helmet and carrying a large mallet made of it's victims bones
  • Anglus - A sinister dragon that shoots balls of fire out of it's mouth
  • The Sitzer - A humongous, venomous snake that will dig tunnels in the ground to avoid and sometimes sneak up on Link
  • Ganon - The main antagonist who has the advantage of black magic
  • The Dark One - A gigantic, otherworldly demonic dragon that shoots of beams of energy from it's huge mouth


  • Tasha the Villager
  • Kitten
  • Mayor Nicholas
  • Johnny the Merchant
  • Ron
  • Princess Elion
  • The Gravedigger
  • Old Man Wilson
  • Ma Peterson
  • Pa Peterson
  • Little Billy Peterson
  • The Happy Mask Salesman (cameo)
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