Legend of Zelda: Fallen Savior is a steampunk Zelda game for the WiiU set 200 years after Spirit Tracks.


New Hyrule has entered an era of peace. All seemed well until a plague broke out, and several other natural disasters followed. However, Hyrule meets a new savior, Khalad, who claims to be of Ancient Hylian descent. He manages to save the kingdom from the catastrophes that befell them, and was worshiped amongst the people as a savior. However, he believed that the people were ungrateful and undeserving so he proclaimed that he was going to save destroying all those he deemed unclean. (which was pretty much everyone) In short, Khalad went insane and became an extremist who became an extremist who was oblivious to his actions because he became diluted, think everything he did was righteous. He started with the king, whom he believed to be corrupt, as a display of power towards anyone he believed should repent. Princess Zelda called upon Link, a boy in the royal Hylian Army, to rescue her from the castle, as Khalad had locked her in the prison. Link ventures to the castle from his house in the country and escapes with her. However, his victory is short lived, as Khalad appears and kidnaps Zelda. Khalad creates a portal in the throne room of Hyrule Castle, and takes Zelda to a tower in his realm, where he seals her in stone. He seals the entrance to the portal. Link is told to go to the sage Treyan, a descendant of the Lokomo. Treyan tells him that he must find the Eight Crests of Destiny to open the dark portal and save Zelda.


In Fallen Savior, this game uses a mechanic known as Parallel Dungeons. This means that by, say, activating a switch in one dungeon, a passage in another can be opened. The dungeons are extremely large, and the first four can be played simultaneously. The second four can also be played like this. This feature makes the overworld seem much more connected. There are also many mini dungeons and sidequests inside of them. However, there only two dungeons revealed by name, but there are many screenshots.

Dungeon List

First Four Crests

1. Forest Meadow

2. Infernal Mines

3. Unnamed Water Dungeon

4. Unnamed Graveyard Dungeon

Second Four Crests

5. Unnamed Desert Dungeon

6. Unnamed Snow Dungeon

7. Unnamed Wind Dungeon

8. Unnamed Shadow Dungeon

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