Legend of Zelda: Darkness of Hyrule
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) 3DS, WiiU
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Series Legend of Zelda
Predecessor Legend of Zelda: Triforce
Legend of Zelda: Darkness of Hyrule is an upcoming Spin-Off Sequel to the Legend of Zelda Series. The game is an RPG unlike previous Legend of Zelda games which were Action-Adventure Games, due to Game Freak's involvement in its development it has adopted a concept not dissimilar to Pokemon or Puzzles & Dragons in which the player is able to get their opponents to join their side.


The gameplay is seperated into two forms, Adventuring and Battle. While Adventuring the player controls Link travelling through the game's incarnation of Hyrule completing quests and searching for secrets. The game uses a Top-Down perspective similar to Link between Worlds and the player is able to use items that they've obtained to reach new locations and find secrets.

In battle the player's group (consisting of up to 7 units) engages the enemies in a Turn-Based Battle. Each character has its own set of stats and abilities it learns as it levels up. After a battle, there is a chance that an enemy or two may want to join Link to stop Ganondorf. The player can accept or deny their offer and if the player accepts and also has 7 units in their group than the new recruited unit will go wait at Kakiriko Town where the player can swap between units.


Main Characters

Link - The player and young soldier of Hyrule, Link is a valiant swordsman, well trainer in the use of several weapons. He is destined for greatness but the path ahead of him is a dangerous one filled with dark evils that will try to stop Link at reaching his goal.

Zelda - The Princess of Hyrule, Zelda governs the land and protects the Triforce of Wisdom which has descended down the Royal Bloodline for countless generations. She is a calm individual although is well trained in Magic of all kinds.

Ganondorf - The Vile King, incarnate. It seems that whenever this fearsome individual returns from the grave, a hero clad in green is always there to stop his plans. A hulking individual, Ganondorf is the last Gerudo Male and often abandons his people should they be unable to follow his orders.

Supporting Characters

Impa - Zelda's personal guard and trusted friend, she is an extremely well trained individual in Shadow Magic & Swordplay. Impa has trained her mind to perfect her Shiekah abilities.

Thilg - The Ancient Scholar of Castle Town, Thilg is responsible for keeping track of all historical documents in Hyrule, regarding the Triforce and those who have come to be associated with it. Thilg is Link's guide when it comes to moral choices.

Tauren - A young Kokiri girl who lives deep within the Forbidden Woods, she along with the other Kokiri are playful tricksters who often end up getting travellers in the area lost.

Dwin - The older brother of Tauren and the self-appointed leader of the Kokiri, he is very bossy however means well as he looks out for his sister when something bad happens, he has become distrusting of adults however.

Reif - The current leader of the Gorons, this hulking individual protects his home atop Death Mountain. He is very loyal to his people and is gracious to those who help him, he has a weak spot for Ruby Rocks.

Cei - The Zora Prince, Cei is a very shy individual who often hides whenever a stranger is nearby. Though his parents worry for his sake, he has shown his ability to create wonderous artwork.

Weart - Queen of the Zoras, Weart is a gentle soul often busy thinking about the beauty of her pet fish. She believes that Cei is going through a phase and is just waiting for it to pass.

Hawdos - A trapped spirit, Hawdos chose to embody a lantern and lives within as an eternal flame. He is very wise if at teams forgetful and seems to know a lot about Hyrule from a long time ago.

Pritsi - A Gerudo Guardian, Pritsi was in charge of protecting the fabled Gerudo Eye, a gem that would allow one to access the Temple of Sands. Pritsi lost interest in protecting the eye and one day left to travel on her own.


Hyrule is comprised of many locations from the Deku Forest and Death Mountain to Lake Hylia and the Gerudo Desert. The locations in the game have many enemies that infest them so players must tread carefully.

Places of Interest

Hyrule Field

  • Talon's Ranch
  • Central Great Fairy Fountain
  • Hyrule Farmlands
  • Gaebora Village

Castle Town

  • Marketplace
  • Casino Alley
  • Temple of Time
  • Hylia Library of History
  • Fountain of Twilight
  • Northern Great Fairy Found
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Sealed Temple

Deku Forest

  • Skull Kid Fort
  • Deku Grove
  • Forbidden Woods
  • Kokiri Village
  • Great Deku Tree
  • Garden of Souls
  • Southern Great Fairy Fountain
  • Temple of Nature
  • Vine Cliffs
  • Temple of Wind

Death Mountain

  • Kakariko Town
  • Bottom of the Well
  • Eastern Great Fairy Fountain
  • House of Secrets
  • Death Mountain Trail
  • Fiery Passage
  • Goron City
  • Volcanic Passage
  • Temple of Fire
  • Kakariko Graveyard
  • Path of Death
  • Temple of Shadow

Lake Hylia

  • Lab of Biology
  • Fisherman's House
  • Western Great Fairy Fountain
  • Zora Isle
  • Zora's Palace
  • Flooded Tunnel
  • Hidden Lake
  • Temple of Water
  • Frozen Tunnel
  • Ice-Capped River
  • Stormy House
  • Temple of Ice

Gerudo Desert

  • Bridge of Gerudo Valley
  • Sandy Passage
  • Gerudo City
  • Gerudo Palace
  • Lost Great Fairy Fountain
  • Desert of the Lost
  • Temple of Spirit


Many enemies from previous legend of Zelda Titles return in this game. Enemies have varyine tiers which affect how likely the player is to encounter them with respect to the player's level.

Tier Level Enemies
Tier 1 - Level 1-10 Keese, Red Chu Chu, Green Chu Chu, Red Miniblin, Blue Miniblin, Blue Bubble, Red Biri
Tier 2 - Level 11-25 Blue Chu Chu, Withered Deku Baba, Land Octorok, Karkgorokling, Poe, Green Miniblin, Red Helmasaur, Yellow Like Like, Blue Biri
Tier 3 - Level 26-40 Dodongoling, Yellow Chu Chu, Deku Baba, Skullwalltula, River Octorok, Yellow Miniblin, Pink Miniblin, Red Bubble, Ghini, Blue Helmasaur, Maroon Like Like, Black Biri
Tier 4 - Level 41-70 Wallmaster, Floormaster, Bio Deku Baba, Skulltula, Kargorok, Stalchild, Peahat, Gibdo, Morth, Big Green Chu Chu, Red Bari, Armos
Tier 5 - Level 71-90 Dodongo Snake, Boko Baba, Oceanic Octorok, Big Poe, Red Bokoblin, Blue Bokoblin, Stalfos, Green Bubble, Yellow Bubble, Black Helmasaur, White Helmasaur, Blue Bari
Tier 6 - Level 91-110 Big Octo, Wolfos, Helmaroc, Vire, Green Bokoblin, Yellow Bokoblin, Stalfos Knight, Anti-Fairy, Big Ghini, Eyegore, Pol's Voice, Silver Like Like, Redead, Big Red Chu Chu, Big Blue Chu Chu, Big Yellow Chu Chu, Black Bari, Beamos
Tier 7 - Level 111-130 Darknut, Oceanic Big Octo, Reaper Poe, Gleeokling, Pink Bokoblin, Red Moblin, Blue Moblin, Stalfos Lord, Big Peahat, Lizalfos, Wizzrobe, Garo, Armos Knight, Beamos Tower
Tier 8 - Level 131-165 Gohma, Golden Skulltula, White Wolfos, Green Moblin, Yellow Moblin, Nightstalker Eyegore, Redead Knight, Dark Lizalfos, Fire Wizzrobe, Ice Wizzrobe, Mothulaling
Tier 9 - Level 166-180 Dodongo, Helmaroc Lord, Pink Moblin, Stalfos Master, Shadowy Redead, Dinolfos, Dark Wizzrobe, Facade, Mothula, Heatoise
Tier 10 - Level 181-200 Iron Knuckle, Moldorm, Poe Sisters, Dark Dinolfos, Wizzrobe Sorcerer, Garo Master, Lanmola, Rainbow Mothula, Aeralfos, Moldarach, Arrghus, Phantom Ganondorf


Just like any other Zelda Game, there are bosses that Link must face off against to reach his end goal. Bosses will not join Link.

  1. Sertias, the Robotic Guardian
  2. Harkoria, the Lily of Death
  3. Quolon, the Cylconic Falcon
  4. Dargorago, the Monstrous Dodongo
  5. Baro Bora, the Shadow Eater
  6. Torvile, the Foul Island-Turtle
  7. Endrox, the Reflected Terror
  8. Palladius, the Shining Guardian
  9. Darkodos, the Black Knight
  10. Diregohma, the Monsterous Arachnid
  11. Patra, the Gliding Monstrosity
  12. Volvagia, the Lava Dragon
  13. Gleeok, the Undead Dragon
  14. Bilocyte, the Infested Parasite
  15. Trinexx, the Colossal Behemoth
  16. Helmasaur King, the Armoured Menace
  17. Dark Links, the Trials of the Hero
  18. Ganondorf, the King of Evil