Legend's Wake
Developer(s) VictoryStar (tbc)
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii Logo
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan March 10, 2011
25px-Flag of USA May 2, 2011
25px-Flag of Europe May 22, 2011
25px-Flag of Australia May 22, 2011
Mode(s) Single player
Age Rating(s) E10+Rating

Legend's Wake is a 3D action role-playing game developed by VictoryStar. It is the first game of the Legend's Wake series. It takes place in a world inhabited only by Pokémon. It is the first game in the franchise to have three-dimensional, combat-style battles.


As the player progresses through the story, their party (or team) gets bigger. Once the party gets a new member, he or she becomes playable. Before entering the level, players can only send out three characters—with one being the player character and the other two being AI-controlled. Each character can jump, move around, attack, and use moves. While exploring the level, enemy encounters will occur, and they happen in real-time. The player character and his/her allies then have to fight the group, then are allowed to move on. During an enemy battle, characters are restricted by a barrier that surrounds the area. The barrier disappears once the encounter is over.

While choosing the allies, the player must give them Roles, or a special title that determines what they do. There are three types of Roles: Soldier, Specialist, and Healer. Soldiers mainly use standard attacks and combos. Specialists mainly use moves and will often use PP-restoring items. Healers will use items when his or her party members get low on HP, get a status condition, or get low on PP. Players that like to use items own their own should give their allies the Soldier Role.

Characters fight by using standard attacks and moves. Moves are stronger than standard attacks, but run on Power Points (or PP). Once a move's PP is depleted, it cannot be used anymore until a PP-restoring item is used. Just like in the regular Pokémon games, characters can level up and learn new moves. In fact, each character learns moves at the same level they would in the main series games. Each character can only hold four moves. However, moves can be switched in and out at will when outside a level. Moves can be upgraded in power, and can even obtain special attributes. Characters can also learn TMs, but they are not stored in their move memory if they're replaced by a new move. Players are able to save movesets and give them names.

In levels, characters are able to get items. They appear as Poké Balls lying on the ground, and when they're picked up, they open, revealing the item. Items are classified as being either medicine, battle items, or held items. Some items (specifically medicine and battle items) can be bought in shops, while others (held items) can be found in levels.

When enemies are defeated, they drop HP orbs and money. Defeating an enemy also grants points that add to the player's score on the level. Points can be used as currency to upgrade party members' moves.

After defeating a boss and completing the level, a number of side missions are unlocked for that level. They usually consist of small tasks that the party must complete, such as finding a lost item or defeating a certain enemy.

The characters earn EVs, just like in the main series Pokémon games. However, each stat can get 252 EVs, with a total of 1,260 EVs that can go into each character. There are no IVs in the game. Characters can still have natures, which function just the same as natures in the main series games. With the absence of a Speed stat, many natures have been taken out.



Name Description How to Unlock
Type Fighting
Riolu is the newest member of the heroic group known as the Guardians. He must learn to use his skills on this highly personal journey. He's the main protagonist of the game. Playable from the start
Piplup Dream
Type Water
Klip is a Piplup Skyler and the Guardians meet during their quest. He's carefree and doesn't take things too seriously. This is a coping mechanism he developed after his home was destroyed by darkness.
Type Grass
A calm, rational Pokémon. She has an elegant style in both her moves and her standard attacks. She is one of the speedier members of the Guardians. She is the love interest of Skyler.
Type Psychic Type Fighting
Draven has been a part of the Guardians longer than the rest of the team. He actually sees potential in Riolu and guides him to be a better warrior. He attacks with agility and finesse.
Type Grass
Jett is the second newest member of the Guardians and was recruited a short time before Riolu was. He executes fast-paced attacks that utilize the leaves on his arms.
Type Electric
Ryker masterfully uses Electric-type moves, both physical and special. His standard attacks are great, too. He tends to enjoy bullying Riolu around.
Excadrill Dream
Type Ground Type Steel
This Excadrill fights with precision and ferocity. If he—or any other character—knows Dig, he must require good aim. He loves to eat and has the highest HP out of all the characters.
Type Fire Type Fighting
Axel is one of the powerhouses of the team. He angers quickly and can seem kind of mindless. He has good standard attacks, but his moves will take practice to master.
Type Normal Type Flying
Beretta is the eye-in-the-sky of the Guardians. She's strong enough to even carry a big Pokémon. During gameplay, though, she has limits to how high she can fly.
Type Dragon
Drax is a Pokémon of few words. He prefers to speak with actions instead of his voice. He is strong and has simple yet powerful standard attacks, and his small wings give him a floaty jump.
Type Normal
This Pokémon becomes the medic of the Guardians. She is weak offensively, but she has by far the most HP out of the playable characters. Almost all of her moves have to do with healing.
Blastoise Dream
Type Water
Blaster can learn many types of projectile-style moves. His real name is unknown. He has strong Defense and Sp. Def. He is slow and has poor dodging capabilities.
Type Dark Type Ice
Many think that Ronan is insane. He says strange things, has a wacky sense of humor, manipulates others, and is ruthless against enemies.
Type Bug Type Flying
Asher shares a fierce rivalry with Draven. He will willingly work with him, however. His moves and standard attacks deal good damage.
Type Normal
Naomi provides a good amount of comic relief for the game. Her love of tricks is well-used when playing as her or using her as an ally.

Supporting Cast

Entei Dream King Entei
The rightful ruler of Pokéworld. After defeating his betraying royal sorceress Sheeva, he began training Gala Pokémon to become warriors in a group known as "the Guardians." Once the leader of this group, he knows how to bring out strengths.

Zoroark Dream Sheeva
A sorceress who once served King Entei. She became power-hungry and boosted her magic abilities. She tried swallowing Pokéworld in darkness, but the king and the first generation of Guardians stopped her. She has risen again...

Conkeldurr Dream Conks
Conks runs a dojo in castle town that helps Pokémon hone their skills. He is good friends with King Entei and makes sure his dojo fits the training regimen.

Audino Dream Marie
An Audino who runs recovery facilities that the party can go to to heal. It does not cost any money to use her facilities.

Cinccino Dream Scavie
A Cinccino who runs item shops for the party. She mostly sells medicine and battle items. If she is encountered during gameplay, she may give away a valuable item.


Items are objects that the player can pick up. They have many different uses, like restoring HP, weakening supereffective attacks, or raising stats. Items can also be sold, bought, and swapped in shops.

Image Name Description
Dream Potion Sprite Potion Restores 25% HP
Dream Super Potion Sprite Super Potion Restores 50% HP
Dream Hyper Potion Sprite Hyper Potion Restores 75% HP
Dream Max Potion Sprite Max Potion Restores 100% HP
Dream Antidote Sprite Antidote Cures poisoning
Dream Burn Heal Sprite Burn Heal Cures burning
Dream Ice Heal Sprite Ice Heal Cures freezing
Dream Full Heal Sprite Full Heal Cures any status ailment
Dream Revive Sprite Revive Restores a fainted party member with 50% HP
Dream Max Revive Sprite Max Revive Restores a fainted party member with 100% HP
Dream Ether Sprite Ether Restores one move's PP by ⅓
Dream Max Ether Sprite Max Ether Completely restores one move's PP
Dream Elixir Sprite Elixir Restores the PP of all moves by ⅓
Dream Max Elixir Sprite Max Elixir Completely restores the PP of all moves
Dream Heal Powder Sprite Heal Powder Cures any status ailment, but makes the user temporarily unable to battle
Dream Energy Powder Sprite Energy Powder Restores 50% HP, but makes the user temporarily unable to battle
Dream Energy Root Sprite Energy Root Restores 75% HP, but makes the user temporarily unable to battle
Dream Revival Herb Sprite Revival Herb Restores a fainted party member with 100% HP, but makes them temporarily unable to battle
Dream HP Up Sprite HP Up Slightly increases maximum HP
Dream Protein Sprite Protein Slightly increases Attack
Dream Iron Sprite Iron Slightly increases Defense
Dream Calcium Sprite Calcium Slightly increases Sp. Atk
Dream Zinc Sprite Zinc Slightly increases Sp. Def
Dream PP Up Sprite PP Up Moderately increases a move's maximum PP
Dream PP Max Sprite PP Max Optimally increases a move's maximum PP
Dream Chilan Berry Sprite Chilan Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's standard attack or Normal-type move
Dream Occa Berry Sprite Occa Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Fire-type move
Dream Passho Berry Sprite Passho Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Water-type move
Dream Wacan Berry Sprite Wacan Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Electric-type move
Dream Rindo Berry Sprite Rindo Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Grass-type move
Dream Yache Berry Sprite Yache Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Ice-type move
Dream Chople Berry Sprite Chople Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Fighting-type move
Dream Kebia Berry Sprite Kebia Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Poison-type move
Dream Shuca Berry Sprite Shuca Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Ground-type move
Dream Coba Berry Sprite Coba Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Flying-type move
Dream Payapa Berry Sprite Payapa Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Psychic-type move
Dream Tanga Berry Sprite Tanga Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Bug-type move
Dream Charti Berry Sprite Charti Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Rock-type move
Dream Kasib Berry Sprite Kasib Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Ghost-type move
Dream Haban Berry Sprite Haban Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Dragon-type move
Dream Colbur Berry Sprite Colbur Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Dark-type move
Dream Babiri Berry Sprite Babiri Berry When held, it weakens an enemy's Steel-type move
Dream Liechi Berry Sprite Liechi Berry When held, it raises Attack when HP falls below 25%
Dream Ganlon Berry Sprite Ganlon Berry When held, it raises Defense when HP falls below 25%
Dream Petaya Berry Sprite Petaya Berry When held, it raises Sp. Atk when HP falls below 25%
Dream Apicot Berry Sprite Apicot Berry When held, it raises Sp. Def when HP falls below 25%
Dream Nugget Sprite Nugget Can be sold to shops at a high price
Dream Star Piece Sprite Star Piece Can be sold to shops at a high price
Dream Stardust Sprite Stardust Can be sold to shops at a high price
Dream Pearl Sprite Pearl Can be sold to shops at a low price
Dream Big Pearl Sprite Big Pearl Can be sold to shops at a high price
Dream Rare Bone Sprite Rare Bone Can be sold to shops at a high price
Dream TinyMushroom Sprite Tiny Mushroom Can be sold to shops at a low price
Dream X Attack Sprite X Attack Temporarily raises the user's Attack in battle
Dream X Defend Sprite X Defend Temporarily raises the user's Defense in battle
Dream X Special Sprite X Special Temporarily raises the user's Sp. Atk in battle
Dream X Sp. Def Sprite X Sp. Def Temporarily raises the user's Sp. Def in battle
Dream X Accuracy Sprite X Accuracy Temporarily makes all of the user's attacks unblockable in battle
Dream Guard Spec. Sprite Guard Spec. Temporarily prevents stat reduction in battle among all party members
Dream Repel Sprite Repel Slightly lowers the chance of enemy encounters for 400 steps
Dream Super Repel Sprite Super Repel Moderately lowers the chance of enemy encounters for 500 steps
Dream Max Repel Sprite Max Repel Optimally lowers the chance of enemy encounters for 600 steps
Dream Black Flute Sprite Black Flute Lowers enemy encounter rate
Dream White Flute Sprite White Flute Raises enemy encounter rate
Dream Soothe Bell Sprite Soothe Bell Increases the friendliness between party members when held
Dream Cleanse Tag Sprite Cleanse Tag Lowers the rate of encounter with enemies that are weaker than the holder
Dream Lucky Egg Sprite Lucky Egg Increases the amount of Exp. Points earned after defeating an enemy when held
Dream Amulet Coin Sprite Amulet Coin Doubles the amount of money dropped by defeated enemies when held
Dream Shell Bell Sprite Shell Bell After being hit, it restores HP by ⅛ of the damage when held
Dream Expert Belt Sprite Expert Belt When held, it increases the power of supereffective moves
Dream Muscle Band Sprite Muscle Band When held, it increases the power of standard attacks and physical moves
Dream Wise Glasses Sprite Wise Glasses When held, they increases the power of special moves
Dream Scope Lens Sprite Scope Lens When held, it lessens the chance of attacks getting blocked
Dream Wide Lens Sprite Wide Lens When held, it prevents slower attacks from getting blocked
Dream Focus Band Sprite Focus Band When held, it may let the holder endure an attack, leaving them with 1 HP
Dream BrightPowder Sprite BrightPowder When held, it makes it easier to block attacks
Dream Silk Scarf Sprite Silk Scarf Increases the power of standard attacks and Normal-type moves when held
Dream Charcoal Sprite Charcoal Increases the power of Fire-type moves when held
Dream Mystic Water Sprite Mystic Water Increases the power of Water-type moves when held
Dream Magnet Sprite Magnet Increases the power of Electric-type moves when held
Dream Miracle Seed Sprite Miracle Seed Increases the power of Grass-type moves when held
Dream NeverMeltIce Sprite NeverMeltIce Increases the power of Ice-type moves when held
Dream Black Belt Sprite Black Belt Increases the power of Fighting-type moves when held
Dream Poison Barb Sprite Poison Barn Increases the power of Poison-type moves when held
Dream Soft Sand Sprite Soft Sand Increases the power of Ground-type moves when held
Dream Sharp Beak Sprite Sharp Beak Increases the power of Flying-type moves when held
Dream TwistedSpoon Sprite TwistedSpoon Increases the power of Psychic-type moves when held
Dream SilverPowder Sprite SilverPowder Increases the power of Bug-type moves when held
Dream Hard Stone Sprite Hard Stone Increases the power of Rock-type moves when held
Dream Spell Tag Sprite Spell Tag Increases the power of Ghost-type moves when held
Dream Dragon Fang Sprite Dragon Fang Increases the power of Dragon-type moves when held
Dream BlackGlasses Sprite BlackGlasses Increases the power of Dark-type moves when held
Dream Metal Coat Sprite Metal Coat Increases the power of Steel-type moves when held





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  • The game was originally going to have only three playable characters.
  • Skyler was originally going to be a Pikachu.
  • The game was in development hell, as the project was restarted three times.
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