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Legacy of Freedom is a 3D fighting game in which the fighters do not make physical contact, rather attacking using vehicles known as Spinners. The setting acts as a love letter to futuristic novels such as The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner.


The story follows a group of rebels who go by the name of "The Dynamos" who wish to escape from their domed-in city. The governors of the city say the dome is for their own protection, but the rebels think otherwise. Nobody remembers how they came to the city - if they were born in it or brought there - but come from all walks of live (i.e. pirates, florists and humanoid pandas). Depending on your actions in the story, you may receive one of multiple endings.


Legacy of Freedom is a 3D fighting game. Fighters ride vehicles known as Spinners, though most do not even resemble actual spinners in the slightest, with the exception of training dummies and some enemies. Fighters come equipped with four attacks, an assortment of projectiles and an Overdrive move. Your primary objective is to break your opponent's Spinner.


Story Mode

The main meat of the game. See here.

Dynamo Spin

A basic party mode, or just for when you want to fight and don't feel like going into story mode. Choose a character, an arena and battle it out!

Online Spin

Take on Dynamos from across the world in battle!

Dynamo Training

When you unlock a new character, it is highly recommended that you try them out in Dynamo Training first. In a simple arena, you can dish out attacks on a dummy to test your abilities.

Dynamo Tourney

In Dynamo Tourney mode, you take on various opponents in a series of battles. Once you choose your character, that's it until the end. If you manage to defeat each opponent, you will unlock that character's Bio.

Dynamo Garage

By collecting parts in other modes or buying them in the Dynamo Shop, you can upgrade your Spinners in the Dynamo Garage. Upgrades can change the looks of your Spinner, boost certain aspects, make attacks more powerful, etc.

Dynamo Shop

With the money you get in other modes, you can buy items in the Dynamo Shop. These can be exclusive characters, Spinner parts, Scraps, exclusive areas or alternate palettes.

Dynamo Destruction

In Dynamo Destruction, you can roam freely around the city. Your goal is to wreak havoc on buildings such as police stations and defeat sentries. Many other modes can be discovered through this mode.


This mode is unlocked only after visiting the Sewers in Dynamo Destruction. Danger lurks around every corner in the Sewers. Exploring the Sewers is a high-risk high-reward scenario. It is a giant maze that is easy to get lost in. Not only that, but sentries patrol all around. You can only keep your treasures if you find the entrance, so it's advised not to stray too far.


This mode is unlocked only after visiting the Junkyard in Dynamo Destruction. The Junkyard is a treasure trove if you're lucky enough! You can visit the Junkyard once a day, and every time you do, a surprise will be waiting for you. This could be a Spinner upgrade, coins or a challenge.


Target Practice

In Target Practice mode, your Spinner is incapable of moving. You must simply pivot and aim at targets. Hitting targets nearer to the center will grant you more points, as will hitting them accurately in a short time. As you progress, targets will appear quicker.

Dynamo Race

In Dynamo Race mode, your objective is to reach the end of a set course before your opponent. The course is a set area of Dynamo Destruction mode - an average sized rectangular segment. You can attack your opponents to slow them down, giving Spinners that lack speed a chance. Moves that involve a boost of speed or launching the character across the arena are changed to suit this mode. For example, a move that involves charging at an opponent will now surround you with a damaging field and a move which would normally launch you across the arena now shoots you into the air to avoid attacks.



By completing Dynamo Tourney mode, you unlock a Bio for the character you completed it with. These are short profiles on the characters that contribute nothing to gameplay, but are just fun to look through.

Music Vault

Whenever you discover a new piece of music, check out the Music Vault. Here, you can listen to every song (and voice clip) in the game and unlock some new ones!


In certain modes, there is a chance you will receive a Scrap. These are precious items of all sorts. Some are from the world outside of the city, while others detail the history of this world. Interestingly, some of these can be used as Spinner parts or alternate palettes.

Highlight Reel

The Dynamos are dedicated to improving the skills of their members, and thus invented a Highlight Reel system. In Highlight Reel mode, you can view your best and worst moments from your last few battles. This is designed to help you see where you went wrong and what you can do well.


Character Bio
Calvin Calvin is an eccentric DJ who is idolised as a local celebrity. He hopes, when the time is right, he can influence others to join the Dynamos. In the meantime, he's always up for a party!

Calvin's Spinner is styled after a DJ Booth. His attacks are very flashy and make heavy use of music, records and lights.

Jamie Jamie is a kind and resourceful butcher, who has skills in many other culinary fields. He acts as the chef of the Dynamos and rebels even outside of battle, charging ridiculously high prices to local sentries.

Jamie's Spinner is styled after a small kitchen. His attacks use knives, food and the summoning of animals.

Jean The daughter of a genie and a fairy who manipulates fire, Jean was banished to the domed-in city after many rebellious acts and now she hopes to get back at her parents. She is cynical and very much a pessimist; no wonder she was kicked out of her home.

Jean's Spinner is styled after a magic carpet caught aflame. Her attacks use magic and fire and can be very unpredictable.

Tulip Tulip is a florist whose shop - which was passed down through generations - was shut down by the governors of the city when income wasn't up to standard. Though normally a very kind person, Tulip has a short fuse.

Tulip's Spinner is styled after a flower. Her attacks revolve around flowers, vines and other plantlife.

Pyrite Pyrite is a pirate whose ship, crew and treasures were taken by the government. He is a typical pirate who cares only for his own wellbeing and seeks his ship back. He always has time to spare if it involves sharing stories with the Dynamos.

Pyrite's Spinner is styled after a pirate ship. His attacks use typical pirate things such as parrots, swords and hooks.

Pandare Pandare is a mutant panda who once participated in dangerous stunts, and now lives a life in the city zoo, much too boring for his radical tastes. Pandare often uses outdated phrases such as 'radical' and 'gnarly', and is always up for a challenge.

Pandare's Spinner is styled after a bamboo forest. His attacks use daredevil tactics as well as traditional Japanese items such as bamboo.

Alec A hardened war veteran who takes everything seriously. Alec set up the Dynamos after seeing how unfairly the citizens of the city were being treated. Though highly skilled, Alec is uncomfortable with entering the battlefield, for fear of shell shock.

Alec's Spinner is styled after a militaristic tank. His attacks use guns, bombs and other weapons associated with war times.

Marianne Marianne is a teenage girl who joined the Dynamos after having enough of the domestic violence going on in her home at the hands of her father, in hopes that he will see his wrongdoing. Her optimism has not faltered, though deep down she may be in despair. She would prefer to solve things through peaceful means, but accepts that violence is sometimes necessary.

Marianne's Spinner is styled after a green pipe, among all kinds of fungi. Her attacks use aspects from traditional video games (all in pixel forms) such as stars and swords.

Perry Perry is an inventor who is constantly tinkering with robots. He is easily excitable, especially when it comes to robotics or using his inventions practically, regardless of whether they're safe or not.

Perry's Spinner is styled after a typical hovercraft you would see in a sci-fi film. He attacks with his robotic helpers, as well as using the various bells and whistles his Spinner is decked out with.

Katie Katie was a world-class martial artist who now teaches in her dojo. She is cocky and constantly boasting about her fighting ability, which is definitely something worthy of bragging about. Katie is not to be taken lightly under any circumstances.

Katie's Spinner is styled after a small wrestling ring. She attacks with various punches and kicks imbued with energy.

Hecate Hecate is a renowned sorceress who takes her profession very seriously. She worships gods with strange names and prays to them to perform her magical feats. Hecate claims that her gods have foreseen the destruction of the city and joined the Dynamos to avert this crisis.

Hecate's Spinner is a small tornado of purple magic. Her attacks vary greatly, but mostly use elemental magic.


Arena Description
Dynamo Arena A basic, circular arena where the Dynamos go to train. This arena is the standard gimmick-less arena for the most part. However, if the match proves to be too long, the outside will be rimmed with an electric current that will automatically destroy your Spinner.
Junkyard If you're taking part in a Dynamo Junkyard battle, this is the stage you'll be dishing it out on. Of course, that's not to say you can't battle on it in other modes! In the Junkyard, you can maneuver around several piles of scraps.
Main Street In Main Street, you fight in a long stage that is very narrow compared to other stages. The ends are barricaded off and in theory you could break past them, since they're just fences, but where's the fun in that?
Warehouse The Warehouse is a large rectangular arena based in, well, a warehouse. Scattered throughout the map are several large crates stacked upon each other, and conveyor belts which will change direction every so often. The crates will break if attacked enough, though this can be adjusted in the settings.
Sewers Acting as a selection of the map from Sewers mode, the Sewers consist of several small pathways which all link up at one point. While players start at one end of a large corridor, they may want to take one of the side paths to get the advantage over their foe.


  • This game was originally created by Stelios7 (tbc) but was taken over by Hamclub13 (tbc) as part of Abandoned Treasure.
  • Calvin is named after Calvin Harris
  • Pyrite's name is a play off 'pirate' and is a precious mineral commonly referred to as fool's gold
  • Alec is named after the character of the same name from The Kill Order, the prequel to The Maze Runner
  • Marianne is named after gaming icon Mario
    • She also bears some similarities to a character from another IP by Hamclub13, Amelia
  • Perry is named after Peridot from Steven Universe
  • Katie is named after Irish boxer Katie Taylor
  • Hecate is name after the Greek goddess of magic of the same name
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