Leelith Nuuda (full name Leelith Corrze Nuuda) is a succubus that comes from the Neithersphere, however lives on Earth as some kind of punishment caused by her clumsiness and bad luck. She seems cursed with bad luck, and as such is homeless and travels from city to city.


Leelith has short orange hair and two black demon horns sticking out from both ends of her head. She has bright red eyes. She shows quite a lot of her shoulders and cleavage with her hoodie, which is cut like a v-neck. She has somewhat tanned skin. She wears torn jean shorts, although according to her, they used to be just long jeans at some point. She wears high heels are actually concealing two tiny daggers that she can pull out. Leelith has no other clothes, often having to patch up her clothes if they get damaged. She often smells like a ashtray.


Leelith is coarse and rather unconcerned with the other people around her. Her bad luck typically results in bad situations around her, causing her to delve into worse and worse living situations. She cannot read, being illiterate. In addition to this, she never admits ignorance on any subject, despite being ignorant of just about everything, and often acts like she knows better than others. In some situations, she will mirror what other people are saying but not actually understand what exactly what she is doing wrong.

She smokes a lot and has low hygiene, usually not smelling good. She also seems to have pica, often drinking paint or eating things she probably shouldn't (like a entire pear, eating from stem to core).



Powers and Abilities

Leelith can leech the life out of people to sustain herself, however she tends to not do this very often, claiming it's tiring for her. She can also form wings and fly, but again, she claims that this is too tiring to do and often travels by bus instead. When asleep, Leelith actually visits other people's dreams as opposed to forming her own.


Rendered NULL

Leelith Nuuda finally makes her debut in Rendered NULL, being depicted as a homeless person that Rachel, Strafe, and Sia converse with while waiting for Bang Crimson. She is promptly ran over by the van when Bang arrives, although she notes that she is okay afterwards due her demon psychology.

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  • Leelith's name is a portmanteau of "Lilith" and "Lee".

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