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'Lava Path'
The Series' Logo.
Developer(s) Hammer Egg House, Inc.
Locky's Productions
Futurastic Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Arcade
Spinoff(s) Lava Path: Heroes Side
First Game Mario Chase
Most Recent Game Lava Path: Flight Fight

The Series' Emblem

The Lava Path series is a video game series created by MarioGameChampion (tbc) through Hammer Egg House, Inc. It is a series of sandbox games about a Blargg accomplishing different tasks through his adventures in Dinosaur Land, though the first game is an arcade game. The second game and the ones after it feature a new protagonist known as Lava-Bob. It is greatly supported by the Blargg Fan Club.


Logo/Name Summary System Release Date(s)
Mario Chase In this arcade game which takes place during Super Mario World, you are a Blargg on a mission to defeat Mario. You will chase him through levels while fighting obstacles and grabbing items. You can clear levels quicker for high scores, and you only have 1 life. Arcade Machine 25px-Flag of USA.png - January 26, 1991
Lava Path 64 The first sandbox game in the series. The game features Lava-Bob on a mission to escape Mario. Nintendo 64 Currently Unknown
Lava Path Quest
Remake: Lava Path Quest HD
An RPG in the series. It features Lava-Bob's experiences before Mario attacked Vanilla Dome. It explains how Lava-Bob left the Nether Cave. GameBoy Advance
Remake: Wii U
Currently Unknown
Lava World The sequel to Lava Path 64. Little is known about this game so far, but it is known it takes place before Super Mario Galaxy 2. Nintendo GameCube Currently Unknown
Lava Path: Hero's Side An actual flash game. It is very similar to to the first game in the series, but you control Mario. The game has been created by Locky's Productions. PC Worldwide - TBA 2013
Blargg Squad Deluxe: Do-it-Yourself! A D.I.Y action game in which you create your own lava heroes to solve various tasks. Nintendo 3DS Currently Unknown
Lava Path: Flight Fight A game created by Samtendo09 (tbc) for Series Swap Day 5. It features a new sidescrolling gameplay and features Lava-Bob and two spirits on a quest to stop the evil Froozard from freezing the rest of the world's lava. Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
Fantendo Funfair Attraction: Mario's Volcano Chase A competitive attraction in Fantendo Funfair. It is very similar to Mario Chase in Nintendo Land, and features Miis dressed as Blarggs trying to get a Mii dressed as Mario. However, rather than a time limit, Mario must reach the Giant Gate. NintenTouch, Wii U, Pro Gamer Worldwide - TBA


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