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SSB Mario Series.png Lava Bubble
Lava Bubble SMR.png
A Lava Bubble from Super Mario Run.
Species Fireball
First appearance SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario Bros. 1, NES, 1985
Latest appearance SSB Mario Series.png Mario Golf: Super Rush, Switch, 2021

Lava Bubbles, also known as Podoboos, are fireball creatures in the Super Mario series, that usually appear in castles as obstacles. Their main method of attacking is jumping out of the lava pools. They can be defeated with iceballs.

Rarely, in some games, they appear playable.

While they are often depicted as round spheres of fire with three short tails, Lava Bubbles also used to look like flames with eyes, resembling the head of a Fire Snake.

Fanon appearances

Koopa Kart DS

Lava Bubbles appear as items in Koopa Kart DS. When thrown, they act the same as Bob-ombs do in the Mario Kart series. They reappear in the rest of the Koopa Kart Series after the DS version with the same function.

Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey

Lava Bubbles once again appear in Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey; in fact, this is their first appearance as a playable character, as additional players are able to control the enemies using Tricky. When controlled, the players can choose when to make them jump, and make them jump at a certain angle, trying to hit Mario. If a Lava Bubble lands on land instead of back into the lava, they will dissolve and be gone. Besides this, Lava Bubbles only jump straight up.

Super Mario Finale

Lava Bubbles return in Super Mario Finale. As in past entries, they can jump straight up or diagonally. Additionally, they gain the ability to jump vertically up walls of lava. Mario also gains the ability to jump on top of and ride Lava Bubbles after using a Silver Star and a Fire Flower, allowing him to access new areas using Lava Bubbles. This can also be achieved in some rooms by freezing the Lava Bubble in place with an iceball from the Penguin Suit.

Mushroom War

Podoboos appear in numerous castles throughout the world map in this massively multiplayer online action platformer published by Lunatic Entertainment, where they act as they normally do; however they will not pop up if the only players nearby are aligned with the castle's affiliation (example: if in a Dark Kingdom-aligned castle, they will leap out of the lava if a Mushroom Kingdom- or Beanbean-aligned player passes by, but if the only player(s) around are Dark Kingdom-aligned, they will remain passive). They can be destroyed via a Super Star, Gold Flower, Hammer Suit, Penguin Suit, or an Ice Flower power-up.

Big Podoboos, Black Podoboos, Blue Podoboos, Embers, Fireballs, Lava Ghosts, Phantom Embers, Poison Bubbles, Pyrospheres, and Zigzag Podoboos also appear throughout the game.

Super Mario: Bomblock's Revenge

Podoboos appear in castles and lava-filled regions of the game, again produced by Lunatic Entertainment. Because the game is set in the Bob-Omb Kingdom, they are considered especially dangerous, and often can inadvertently set explosive charges set up throughout levels and cause them to detonate, which can either injure or kill Mario and Luigi outright from the blast or leave them without a platform to stand on, leading again to their demise. Bob-Ombs of all types appear to fear them.

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

Lava Bubbles appear as NPCs. In the Bowser’s Castle Court Lava Bubbles rain from the sky but disappear on impact to the court if it hits a player it will knock them down.

St. Clair Publications

  • Lava Bubbles have appeared in all of The Pubs' Super NES showings, functioning the same as they did in 2D Mario games.
  • Lava Bubbles appear in Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe, replacing the burning Cheep Cheeps seen in Corona Mountain.
  • Lava Bubbles appear in Koopa Troopa.
  • Lava Bubbles appear in Super Smash Stadium, as a stage hazard on Bowser's Castle.
  • New Super Life in FCHS 64 Advance Deluxe features Lava Bubbles in the level remakes seen in Retro World that had Lava Bubbles on them in the original version.
  • Lava Bubbles were occasionally seen on The World of Nintendo.
  • In Mario Kart: Ancient Circuit, Lava Bubbles were originally seen only in Bowser's Castle and GBA Battle Course 2. However, later DLC packs added Luncheon Kingdom to Battle Mode, and GBA Bowser Castle 4.



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