Lapis Pikmin
A Lapis Pikmin
Immunity Water, 0.5x Blunt Force
Class Pikmin
Element(s) Rock, Water
Ability/ies Dye Pikmin, Boat

Lapis Pikmin are a special kind of Pikmin. They are seen as a variant to Rock Pikmin, although are not immune to blunt forces but rather water. While not immune to blunt forces, they have a unique half-immunity to said blunt forces, which will only half their health instead of killing them outright. They have two unique abilities, the first of which allows them to dye any color of Pikmin into Blue Pikmin through their pigment (of which they drop when damaged) and act as a boat for other Pikmin and the Captain when near a river.


Their appearance is similar to that of the Rock Pikmin in that it appears to be mostly made out of a stone as opposed to a vegetable-like surface. More specifically, they appear to be mostly made of lapis lazulli. They have octagonal shape and feature a blue and yellow flower as their bud. They have black feet and hands. Their eyes are displaced to the right side of their head.


Lapis Pikmin are immune to water and can float on it without trouble. They also have a unique half immunity to blunt forces, only losing half of their health as opposed to dying on impact. When they get hurt, they leave behind pigment that can be used on any Pikmin to turn them into Blue Pikmin. A single Lapis Pikmin can convert up to 15 Pikmin to Blue Pikmin when finally exhausted of all of it's health, but this number can be extended further with Heart Pikmin.

Lapis Pikmin can float on their back and act as a boat for Pikmin and the Captain, able to contain a total of ten passengers on top of them. They also protect the Pikmin on top of them, sustaining half of the damage they would normally take.


A Lapis Pikmin can only be obtained by tossing a Rock Pikmin into a Lapis Lazulli Candypop Bud. However, the Lapis Lazulli Candypop Bud can only convert three Rock Pikmin into Lapis Pikmin before withering away.




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