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Lane is a character created by CrakaboLazy4090. She made her debut in KillGames.


Lane is a dark-skinned woman with black spiky hair. Part of her hair are dyed dark red. She wears a black sleeveless jacket, a jet black bikini, glasses and a pair of headhones. She also wears black shoulder armor and two black gauntlets. Massive red scars cover her left eye, and much of her body, with one scar near her chest being in the shape of a pentagram. In KillGames 2, she wears a new outfit. She now wears a witch's hat with a demon horn on it. She now wears a rather, revealing outfit, but keeps her leather jacket and boots. She sports spiked collars on her shoulders and wrists.



A rockstar living in Neo York City, Lane is an occulist, using a spellbook she always carries around to summon and make deals with demons, having made contract with every Avatar of Hell (with the exception of Soul). One day, she made contact with Redge, helping him escape, though the resulting release of energy caused her to gain massive red scars across her body. She wants to change people's views on demons, hoping to show how they are not to be feared, but seen as people. She joins the KillGames in order to send out her message to everyone in Neo York City.


In KillGames, she appears as a secondary protagonist in Redge's story. She acts as a voice of reason, keeping Redge from killing everyone he comes across. She wants to protect Redge and Yuki at all costs, getting on the verge of tears when Yuki almost falls out of a hellish abyss. During Chapter 1, she finds Yuki, and decides to help her get out of the KillGames. For the rest of the story, she tries to protect her as much as possible. She fights against Misery in Chapter 2, she faces off against Misery, and in Chapter 3, she helps Redge fight against her and Colt. 

In Chapter 4, Yuki gets kidnapped by Zmei, and she and Redge chase after them. When facing against a giant robot, she helps Redge, alongside Misery and Colt, take it down. In Chapter 5, she helps protect Redge from a group of demons.

In the Final Story, she congratulates Redge when he wins in his story, and helps him up when he loses in Storm's story. She participates in the final battle against Mutant Soul. In the end, she is seen alongside the eight survivors, standing outside of the stadium and watching the sun rise. After game's ending, it is implied that she and Redge adopt Yuki.


Lane is fun-loving, rambunctious and has a dark sense of humor. She absolutely loves demons to the point of obsession, believing that the species shouldn't be hated by humans, and should be treated like normal people. Despite getting her powers of demons, she wants to use these powers to help humanity, and is caring to her friends, especially Redge and Yuki.


Lane's most powerful ability is her ability to summon demons. Utilizing a powerful spellbook which she carries around her, she can summon the avatars of Hell and have them lend them her power, granting her the ability to utilize Hell energy into her attacks. Specifically, she forms the Hell energy into her guitar to use the guitar as a battle-axe.


Canon Appearences


Lane appears as a playable character in KillGames.

Non-Canon Appearences


A costume based off of Lane is available for the Berzerker for players who have a save file of KillGames on their device. The female variant of the costume gives the Berzerker a very similar appearence to Lane, and the male variant, though also possessing the jacket and armor, replaces the bikini with black pants.. The costume also comes with Abaddon as a weapon, though the weapon is a reskin of the Bloodbringer in-game.

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Lane appears as a playable character in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! on the Blue Faction. She is (as of right now) the only KillGames rep. Her stats are mostly balanced with a spike in strength, which is her largest stat. Her special move is Devil's Gym, an attack similar to Devil's Archive allowing her to summon one of five dodgeballs each taking after traits from the Seven Deadly Sins.


Official Art

Fan Art


  • Lane is the last character created for the base roster.
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