Lakitu Cloud

A Lakitu Cloud.

Lakitu Clouds (alternatively known as Lakitu's Clouds) are special cloud items used by Lakitus since Super Mario Bros. They are ridable by any Lakitu, but if a Lakitu's defeated, it is separated. Mario can ride a separate cloud, and so can fly a little, until it disappears.

Some Lakitu Clouds have Spiny Eggs. King Cloud's can spit out Blue Spiny Shells.

Game Appearances

Omega Clouds

As Lakitus appear in New Super Mario Bros. Omega, Lakitu Clouds sure do. It is ridable again when it's rider the Lakitu is defeated.

Special Lakitu Suits were going to be in the game, with a Lakitu Cloud as a part. It was later scrapped for unknown reasons.

Dark Varient

In Super Mario World Wii, Lakitu Clouds reappear, with a new type, the Dark Cloud, obtainable by defeating a Dark Lakitu.

D.I.Y. Special

Players can put Lakitus with their clouds in New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. In a level, when Mario rides a Lakitu Cloud, he can throw Spiny Eggs, just like the Lakitus. The Lakitu Suit, which was going to appear in New Super Mario Bros. Omega, had also the ability to throw special Spiny Eggs.

P-Floatie Racers

The Lakitu Cloud appears as an unlockable vehicle in P-Floatie Racers. It's unlocked once the player unlocks Lakitu. It has good acceleration and handling but it has low speed and weight, the same stats that the Cloud 9 from Mario Kart 7 had.

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