La Landlord Larry is a 1987 arcade turned NES classic by Hybrid Co..


You play as Totti, a novice Italian chef running his own Italian restaurant "Totti's" on a busy street. The idea of the game is to keep the area clean from the messiest Landlord and upstairs neighbour Landlord Larry. Larry will throw objects down which will fall and must be caught by Totti. He must then walk through the restaurant and wash his hands and prepare the customers order correctly to earn more money. Once running out of ingredients, he must also cross the busy road to source new goods such as flour from some fields to the left, tomatoes from the grocers to the south-west and cheese from the dairy to the straight down and utensils to the right. Each order has a 30 second time limit alas to how many items were ordered. Which means that apart from the early stages before the ingredients and cleaning are introduced the game has a totally random difficulty.


  • The game was once described as "Frogger and Diner Dash mixed in with heaps of challenge".
  • It is Stelios7 (tbc)'s third NES game after Mr. Chilli and Air Traffic Panic.
  • The grocery is green on the left, dairy is white in the middle and the right is red like the Italian flag.
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