Krystal is a Magikoopa in Super Paper Bros.. Her quest is to please her master, Bowser. She follows and agrees with Bowser all the time.


Krystal is a female Magikoopa. She is dressed in purple robes, and wears a pair of glasses, but is later replaced by contacts. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.


Spell Check

Krystal launches a spell on an enemy causing them to either (attack each othre) or deals 4 damage.

  • 0 FP
  • Intial

Healing Spell

Casts a spell that heals the party by 10 HP.

  • 4 FP
  • Inital

Illusion Spell

Makes three fakes appear and attacks the enemy, the enemy has no chance of knowing who the real one is.

  • 2 FP
  • Super Rank

Cosmic Spell

Causes a massive explosion, immediatly killing all enmies, if lucky (doesn't work against bosses)

  • 5 FP
  • Ultra Rank