Krunch is a kremling who first appeared in the Nintendo 64 racing game Diddy Kong Racing, where he was originally spying on Diddy Kong, however he ended up helping Diddy and his friends defeat Wizpig. Krunch then returned in the DS remake performing the same role.

Krunch then appeared twice on the Nintendo Wii in the racing game Donkey Kong Racing where he was one of the only Diddy Kong Racing characters not to be part of the others category, and Mario Rugby League where he played on a football team with his Diddy Kong Racing co-stars (minus Dixie, Tiny, Conker, Tiptup and Banjo).

Donkey Kong Racing

Krunch makes a return in the Wii racing game Donkey Kong Racing. His moves in land battles are punches and tail whacks. He is part of the Kremling section.

NRL Player

Krunch is a player on the Diddy Kong Racers team on the multiplayer Wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is a strong character with average speed and skill. His special skill is to use a red magnet which brings the ball to him, as long as he is near the player with the ball.

Tennis Player

Krunch appears on the DK Wilds team in Mario Test Tennis.


  • The Kritters in Donkey Kong 64 appear to be based off Krunch.
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